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To-Do Tonight: Hump Day, doggystyle


Snoop Dogg is in town on this Wednesday night and, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist that headline.

Snoop is at Rainbow Ballroom at 8:30 p.m. — and while I personally haven’t really dug an album of his since “Doggystyle,” his classic 1993 debut, he’s got enough of a rep as a West Coast rap legend that there’s sure to be a big crowd.

Nowadays, Snoop is as much a pop culture icon as he is a rap star. He’s had his own reality show, made cameos in movies and on TV. He’s also become the most famous weed-puffer in music since Willie Nelson.

Joining Snoop D-O-Double-G are locals Ray Yung and B. Wash, plus DJ D-Soto. Tickets cost $37 and $47 (VIP). You can still get them online.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Hump Day, doggystyle"

Heather says:

“Hump Day, doggystyle”


Mike Oz says:

Glad to see you pick up new vocab words so quickly.

Heather says:

I’m a fast learner.

agreed says:

Thats so true, Doggystyle was his one hit wonder. Hes another rapper that needs Dre. I think Eminem needs Dre. Eminem gets old fast but with Dre it gives it soul and some good music to listen to and helps you get into his raps. Not that I hate Eminems raps, i just think hes way overrated without Dre.

Snoop has good cameos in other songs but are forgettable. As you can see i cant name one. But ill tell you what. That should be a great concert. I love the guy but Oz is dead on. Hes just a pop culture icon. He jumped the shark a LONG time ago. But i dont dislike the guy at all. Hes like raps version of Shaq. The guy goes around doing it all…coaching football, reality shows….everything but rapping (making albums) lol.

Thats all rappers really do is make albums. They dont tour if you noticed…Too much money violence and egos…..I regret not seeing the Up In Smoke tour 10 years ago. I was like “ahhh theyll be back again” Yeah right. If its not for the above reasons, rappers just flat out suck live cough cough 50 cent cough cough. But snoops cool.

Danielle says:

At 1:30 am everyone was pissed off, booing, and Snoop still had not taken the stage, so I left because I had to work at 8 am today. What a waste of money.

mdub420 says:

i read that Snoop does his set late, so I was expecting him not coming on until after 12. but yeah, he was really testing errbody’s patience lol. all the kids booing, a couple guys running on stage to show their displeasure. but when he finally came on, (i think it was around 1:15 actually) the set was good. He had Daz and Kurupt with him. Warren G came out while they were singing “It Ain No Fun”, and then did Regulators with Snoop doing Nate Dogg’s part. It was great. Got out of there a little after 2am. I’m paying for it today though. My ears are still ringing, and I’m hella tired haha. This is why I can’t handle weekday events. The next day at work is always hard.