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I Hate You, Mike Oz … but I hate Kathy Griffin more

Obligatory backstory: I interviewed Kathy Griffin last month before her comedy show at Saroyan Theatre. The story ran here in The Bee and in our sister paper, The Sacramento Bee, before her show up there.

Fast forward a few weeks and I get a letter in my mailbox here at The Bee that has “PUKE” written on the back.



Never-fail rule: If you get a piece of mail with “PUKE” written on the envelope in Sharpie, its contents will be quite entertaining. This one did not disappoint. I must warn you before you go any further, however, the next picture contains foul language.


I love whenever people write on the newspaper and mail it back to me. It’s one my favorite types of hate mail. What I like even about about this is that the Anonymous Angryparts — I suspect it might be this person, btw — doesn’t think Kathy Griffin’s comedy is worth 38 cents, but does think his/her crass opinion on Kathy Griffin is worth the 44 cents it took to mail this.

Just in case you’re curious, Griffin’s Sacramento show sold out.

Responses to "I Hate You, Mike Oz … but I hate Kathy Griffin more"

Michael says:

My favorite part is that they called Griffin a foul mouth, boring b*tch yet the the writing is peppered with colorful metaphors. Oh irony.

Nat says:

Very entertaining! Personally, not a big Griffin fan either, BUT my favorite thing about this hate mail, is that part of the complaint is that Griffin is foul mouthed, but out of the 22 words written by the author, 13% are “foul” language. Like I said- entertaining!

Ernie says:

Oz, I am impressed at the fact that someone all the way up in Oakland is that mad at you (and Ms. Griffin). It’s like that old saying about teachers: you can never tell where your influence stops.

@dollgina says:

I can’t believe that m$therf$#@er’s foul-mouth!!

ps Crazy people make life FUN!

Carie says:

I attended Kathy’s show here in Fresno (my 2nd time) and would gladly pay another $90 just to see her again! She is awesome and puts on a great show! It would seem that this author doesn’t have a life and should think about getting one!

Carolina says:

Saw Kathy Griffin’s show here in Fresno last month, right up front. Great show, as always! Her humor is edgy and foul, yes, but that’s what her fans like about her. If we want dumbed down jokes, we will go see Larry The Cable Guy. She may rub many people the wrong way, but she has done so much for many charitable causes, especially LGBT. She has also visited the troops. Wondering what this DBag of the Hate Mail has done for anybody lately?? Most likely this is a tea-bagger and/or FoS (Fan of Sarah), as they hate Kathy with a vengeance for making fun of their messiah.

E. Curtis Johnson says:

I’m not a trained mental health expert, but I’ve known lots of certified crazy people. To spin a metaphor – the scribbling on the paper is a sure sign that not on the pens in this person’s desk have ink.

Allison says:

This is CLASSIC. Clicked on the link to see who the offender may be, and they had this to say down the thread:

“…I detest hatemasters, whether they’re left or right inclined.” Nice! Clearly, the author has excused themselves from their own guidelines.

Claire L says:

That’s funny…. well, it would be if the person hadn’t addressed it all in caps, which is the online/writing version of yelling, which means they’re completely unhinged by a celebrity. Which means they have completely lost touch with reality. Which means they are one step away from showing up at the Fresno Bee office wearing adult diapers, carrying a box of Whitman’s samplers, swinging a set of nunchucks, and wearing their “I Love Munro and Bentley” t-shirt.

Killjoy says:

You don’t have to be conservative to hate Kathy Griffin.

While I appreciate all she has done to help LGBT causes, I find KG’s comedy style and her very presence repulsive.

Not everything is a political issue.

gw70 says:

Someone is need of a great big hug…and lots of therapy. Also, stop huffing the blue sharpie, that stuff will mess you up! It will make you send stupid crap to people.

Migz says:

For somebody to write hate mail just confirms that you have made it.

Mike Oz fan25 says:

Wow you can cuss on here? The article is funny regardless, but lets see more curse words on the stories. If i can say, it, you can too! F*** it!

That letter is old school hill-larry -us.

Mike Oz says:

In general you can’t drop f-bombs — primetime tv standards are our standards.
This was sort of a special case, thus the warning before the post-break.

Ugh says:

the day you make the person DIARRHEA you know youve seen it all. some of ur reviews make me quesy but throw up? diarrhea? jeez lady get a grip.

Jeff says:

I love the irony! He had to use his foul “mouth” to refer to Kathy’s foul mouth. Thanks for sharing Mike.