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Jaywalking in Fresno: A Timmy T exposé

A couple weeks back, we talked about how Fresno’s favorite one-hit-wonder Timmy T and his wife Mia Torres have turned into a prolific video-making duo.

For the latest in their “Like It or Lump It” video series, they hit the streets for a hard-hitting look at the pesky jaywalkers of Fresno. Mia even puts her own safety at risk to live like a jaywalker, and as you’ll see, it was an expletive-inducing experience.

While it didn’t happen during this video, Fresno PD did have a recent crackdown on jaywalkers — citing 163 people one day last week.

Responses to "Jaywalking in Fresno: A Timmy T exposé"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Lolololo Fu@%%#^kn idiots! That was Hilaarious!!

Steve says:

I’m confused. Who’s the idiot? The jaywalker? Or FPD for not citing in the problem area?

mdub420 says:

so hot when this fine latina says “phucking idiots” at the end.

jaurique says:

What would have made this video better??? I think an interview with that police officer about what they are doing to stop jaywalking in the area. then show him the video of people crossing the street while he sat there.

chase sanborn says:

Serious Golden Globe, er, Globes potential.

John Douglas says:

Great Video!.I’m a Fresno resident and am sick of coming close to hitting someone with my car everyday because they don’t obey simple laws.I pay my taxes that pay for those damn “Jaywalking” signs that aren’t enforced, I pay car Insurance, Smog Checks, Car tags and high Gas prices.Why should people like us get tickets for the luxury of driving.The Cops need to give tickets to pedestrians.You don’t need a drivers license to get a fine or citation do you?.I didn’t think

sxeptomaniac says:

The jaywalking can be really annoying, especially when they intentionally walk slowly to force you to slow down or brake to avoid hitting them.

Personally, I’d like to see them deal with cyclists who disobey traffic laws. At one stop sign, I’ve hit one cyclist (only damaging his bike and my car, he was fine) and nearly hit another. Both were riding on the left side of the street and did not stop at the corner, riding in front of me while I looked left before making a right turn.

Thank goodness I know enough about the law that I didn’t fall for paying for his damages like he wanted. He was at fault; I wasn’t.

Denise Morales says:

thats my mia!!! lol! careful though, I support you guys on this one! I hate jaywalkers and when I walk the streets I used my pedestrain button, am scared of cars you dont know if they are watching out for you. So I use the pedestrain button if I get ran over at least I did my thing.

Tommy says:

Funny the article states how many LIVES were saved during the past week but the point of the video shows them doing nothing.So the Fresno P.D. works when they want to I guess…I use to be a city worker so I sort of understand the concept of “lagging it”…lol.As the writer of the story…could have inserted more focus of the cops not enforcing certain laws concerning posted signs and doing it at their own leisure…which is why on video people had no obvious fear of crossing in front of the police…DUH…Mike Oz.

Mike Oz says:

Umm, Tommy, the point of this post was basically to get people to watch the video — they make the point they want to make in it and I’m not trying to argue or agree with them.

The little thing at the bottom was just a little additional context from a news story I saw last week, which sounded like a one or two-day sting.

Tommy says:

Well the cops on the video must of been waiting to do another sting after Timmy was done shooting then….darn…he should have stuck around later to see the cops in action…awe shucks;)So if someone solicits a hooker,then the cops don’t have to arrest them unless it’s a one or two day sting?Maybe jaywalking isn’t a big thing…but they are paid to enforce every traffic law possible that could cause “risk of life” as you put it.

MIguel Reeter says:

This nation has a plethora of laws that few nations would ever attempt tot keep. There is a law for everything. When there are too many laws, th people lose respect for the law.

Stephen says:

Now THIS is the kind of hard-hitting news that Fresno is lacking. This video will put Fresno on the map!!

You take the journalistic ability of a Diane Sawyer, the comedic stylings of the Cross-Streets guys, the camera work of a David Fincher, and the tight editing skills like from Memento, add those to an on-camera hostess like Olivia Munn, and then you TAKE ALL THAT AWAY and you, too, can have a boring concept video like this!!!

ie, Who are the ad wizards who came up with THIS one?!?!

I especially was entranced with the extra minute of footage at the end, following people who crossed the street well after they had crossed, so we could see them now WALKING ON A SIDEWALK!! Man that’s good reality TV!!

Like it or Lump it!

Tommy says:

LOL….yeah the people who like this video are really missing Diane Sawyer and EVERYONE you mentioned…not!It’s a fun vid on youtube and the “like it or lump it” group on facebook with 20K members from then central valley…not to be compared to prime-time television.It would be like saying an unknown comedian named Stephen from Fresno was alright in a show but was lacking a bit of George Carlin(and whoever else)…lol

JJJ says:

This page is packed with windshield perspective. When you’re in your car, you dont notice that Fresno paints crosswalks every 1/2 a mile.

No wonder people jaywalk.

Also, jaywalking = vibrant urban town. Look at NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc. Packed with people crossing every which way. And it’s safe. Lots of jaywalkers = drivers LOOK for jaywalkers = nobody dies.

George H. says:

I think if you take the stick out of your butt long enough you may see the extra few seconds of the video showing the Black Guy walk in front of the Police Car on the sidewalk.The two women at the end of the video walk right behind the Police Car, thus proving these Cops don’t do their job.Maybe you should get a new Glasses Prescription or just stick to just watching online Porn cause clearly you aren’t funny Mr. Mintz.

Michelle Martinez says:

Did someone say Stephen Mintz?.This guy was on another post on the Beehive talking trash about Timmy and Mia.Can someone say “Cyberstalker”?.If this is the same guy. I saw him do Amateur comedy night.He’s a corny wanna be comedian who couldn’t make an audience laugh if his life depended on it.He looks like he’s got a weird obsession with Timmy T and Mia and they may need a restraining order

LMAOF says:

Man!! Timmy T & Mia Torres ruffling all kinds of feathers!! I love it! You micro atoms sit back and watch while these 2 pinheads laff all the way 2 the bank!!

RMM says:

i do my j-walking in Clovis.