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We help you plan your August

One of the cool monthly things we Beehivers put together for The Bee’s print version is our monthly “Don’t Miss It” guide. I dunno why I’ve never posted this here before, but it’s a great asset for the month ahead in entertainment — both locally and nationally. Follow the link below for the PDF version, which is compete and much easier to read.


PDF: The Bee’s “Don’t Miss It” entertainment guide for August.

Responses to "We help you plan your August"

Migz says:

I really dig this calendar, its a great place to find info. I just hate missing an event and you nail almost every topic. Great Job.

Lauryna says:

Mike whens the hot dog eating contest and will you be judging again?

Mike Oz says:

It’s usually around Fourth of July and I never judged it.
Will you be trolling it?

wienzer says:

LARPing in Woodward park? And the haters say there’s nothing to do in Fresno. What say you now haters?