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What’s the best taco truck in the Valley?


Announcing the taco-tasting event the Valley has been waiting for: the Central California Taco Truck Throwdown.

OVERVIEW: The best taco truck in Central California will be crowned at a taste-off inside the gates of Chukchansi Park on Aug. 25. Carnivorous carne asada chasers can sample eight of the best traveling tacos that our Valley has to offer. And we sure have some good ones.

The event is brought to you by The Grizzlies, The Beehive and the upstart (an in-the-works site from myself, James of Taste Fresno and Floyd of Antilabs). This will be, to our knowledge at least, the first mobile food competition in the Central Valley. It’s also the Grizzlies’ final Thirsty Thursday of the season. Bring your appetite.

TACO TASTING SPECIFICS: If you’re an eager tortilla tasters, you’ll buy a flat-fee entry ticket that gets you into the Grizzlies game and procures you a punch-card allowing for one taco at each truck. At the end, you’ll cast a vote for the best overall taco. Ticketing details to be announced soon.

NOMINATIONS: We know some stellar taco trucks, but we don’t know them all. So we want to hear about your favorite spot. This is not just limited to Fresno, so if you know a great place in Parlier or Chowchilla or Selma, let us know. It just has to be a truck — not a restaurant or stand. Just a leave a comment with your nomination.

Responses to "What’s the best taco truck in the Valley?"

Brian A says:

Count on me being there…

Dean says:

Now this sounds like something I can support. I love the attention that mobile food trucks are getting lately.

wienzer says:

No – no words. No words to describe it. Poetry! They should’ve sent a poet

Chad says:

This is killer! Looking forward to this and some great tacos!

Ruben Ramirez says:

Best taco truck in town has got to be on the corner of Church and Cedar worth the drive from any part of town

Rick Hoffmann says:

Why do we have to have these wonderful events after school starts? What will the time frame be? I really want to be there! Could we have lengua tacos, por favor?

Mike Oz says:

It’ll be in the evening around game time. Types of tacos will be up to the trucks we bring in.

Sam Hansen says:

Mountain View Exit off the 99

james says:

When I tell people about tacos in Fresno, the first thing they ask is if we have Taco Bells. I think we should have a Taco Bell truck here to show how diverse we are.

Andy Gaston says:

Silva’s in Turlock. They’re the best tacos ever. Any time I’m driving by there on 99 I have to stop.

Brittany A. says:

The big question is how many tacos will Mike eat?

Christy says:

LMAO Chad ~ and wholeheartedly agree! ;p

Lyndsey G. says:

Sal’s Taco Truck in Mariposa and El Portal! It’s the best tasting and he drives the farthest of anybody to bring us tacos! We love Sal’s here in the mountains!

Arfro woods says:

Mariscos Colima….. Clinton and chestnut…….one word……….BoMb!!!

Chris (La Chicana) says:

The truck on the corner of Cedar and Butler-delicious!

Phillip B says:

Tacos Acapulqueno across from Pick-A-Part on Maple off Golden State for Fresno and Eben-Ezer tacos in Madera on Gateway/Hwy 145 between 7th and 8th streets

Bobby Velasquez says:

Going towards parlier from sanger on adams and academy behind the purple plum fruit stand. they’re only there on weekends at about 7pm to closing. They bbq the asada so u could only imagine how good it is.

kathy says:

La elegante. Definitely the best tacos I have EVER had! I’ll be @ the taco truck throwdown for sure!

E says:

Earlimart taco truck – Alpaugh Exit off the 99…merge onto Front St and it’s in front of the gas station. I think it’s next to a Valero. The BEST taco truck in the valley!

E says:

Did I mention the Earlimart taco truck serves homemade tortillas and their carne asada tacos are AMAZING? Best place to stop on the way down south or back up to Fresno.

Veg! says:

I hope there are Veg. tacos (beans&rice). please.

WordUpDuke says:

In front of the Redwood Inn, Sultana, CA

Kobiwanbryant says:

Sultana. In front of redwood inn

alan says:

Cedar n Butler

Anna filpi says:

Wanna talk taco trucks…. Check out the one in hanford on 10th an florinda behind bubbas liquor…… U just wont ever know untill u try this one….

Mike says:

Not sure of the name, but hwy 180/smith ave in Centerville across from the elementary school.

Nick Lopez says:

McKinley and Marks is freaking amazing. It’s more a cart than a truck. Whatever they marinate their asada and tripas in is f’ng amazing. Catch them Friday thru Sunday till 1:30-2AM! sometimes they are open on Thursdays…Bomb!

Angel says:

“El Super Antojito” from Sanger on Academy south of Muscat. Call 5592608647 and ask for Leo. Best tacos and Horchata!

Dynamic Pinoy says:

Orosi has the best taco trucks hands down.

Mike Oz says:

OK, but where in Orosi?

Reyna de Parlier says:

HELLO!!!! parlier people!!! one in every yard!!! THE BOMB!!!!!

Rach says:

the one in fowler, fowler/mcall!!!!!!! hands down the best!!!

Anywhere laboratories says:

will there beer beer!??!!! tacos need beer.

Sam Hansen says:

^^ yes, it’s a thirsty thursday. $1 beers and Sodas

r2d2 says:

So if i’m a normal grizzly fan at the game wanting to buy some tacos from one of the taco trucks can I just buy some tacos from a truck if I don’t want to judge? I just want to grub.

If so, will the prices of these taco truck tacos be the same as their normal prices or will the prices be inflated like the prices of the grizllies food stands just because they are at the grizzly game?

Mike Oz says:

You can’t buy tacos directly from the trucks, just because of the way the rules are, but you’ll be able to buy a ticket that allows you to sample half the trucks instead of all eight, if you’d rather go that route.

We’re going to announce how all the ticketing works later this week.

Rachelle says:

The Pinedale taco truck!!!

Deana says:

Muscat and Academy at the valero in I have ever had!!

Rick says:

EL Taconazo William…unbelievable…great catering for parties…Spotless and delicious….

"I like tacos" says:

Sandoval’s in Dinuba has GREAT Tacos out of his Taco Trailier! I nominate Gabe!

Phillip B says:

Taconazo closed down on Chestnut a few years back, but from what I understand, they now operate a truck that does catering. You can get in contact with the catering truck at: 559 790 0961 (information from Yelp, sounds like the same one Rick is talking about).

Phillip B says:

Just to clarify about Eben-Ezer tacos, they operate a taco shop during the day, and have a truck that goes out during the evening hours when it’s cool outside. The truck can be found at their shop on Gateway, (559) 664-9940.

I see that there’s the Fresno Tacos page on facebook that keeps it rather up to date, thanks for the page on there!

fatherdaddy says:

Is that the same Taconazo where I used to get the best chile verde burritos in the valley? When I was working in construction I would follow them until they stopped. I never had their tacos, but, if they’re as good as the burritos, they must be awesome.

Matthew says:

I’ll 2nd that!

Cris says:

Want to attend but don’t see the specifics…not one for wandering around unfamiliar area in the heat…help please….where do you get tickets, it says something about Grizzly tickets too…Grizzly site has nothing…want to get tickets in advance for a 4 person party….will check later to see if any update…thanks it sounds like a blast!

jim j says:

heard the bill show friday on kyno. need to know how to purchase the package that was mentioned. T-shirt, tickets,tacos.

Mike Oz says:

In short: Go to the box office at Chukchansi Park or call (559) 320-TIXS.

Full info here:

Alvaro gonzalez says:

The best tacos you can have in all the central valley is in visalia, “Tacos Galacticos ” in the corner of huston and ben madox ave. Good stuff.

Mr. Payne says:

Elm & Annadale The Taco Truck has the BEST Tacos and Burritos in the Central Valley she is across from the Clinica Healthcare

Zac says:

“El Super Antojito” is where it’s at. I’m there.

Seth says:

Who won?!!!!

Jessica says:

El Taconazo was my favorite, Tacos Galacticos was 2nd, FIERY hot red sauce, but delicious.
La Elegante was good, but I didn’t get enough meat to really get a feel for the taste. They were the people’s choice.

Heather says:

Taconazo was my fave, too. Taco Galacticos’ red sauce overpowered the taste of the taco to me. It was too much.

Mike Oz says:

We’ll get a proper recap post up soon, but for now:

Peoples’ choice top 3 was:
1. La Elegante (Fresno) w/ 25% of the vote
2. El Super Antojito (Sanger) w/ 20%
3. Los Girasoles (Madera) w/ 14%

Judges’ choice top 3:
1. Los Girasoles (Madera)
2. Taconazo (Fresno)
3. El Super Antojito (Sanger)

Angel says:

Although I couldn’t make it. I’m glad to know Sanger doesn’t mess around. Tacos FTW!

Jessica says:

it was so hot I took one bite and immediately went to the beer line for another beer before I could finish the taco. Was it excessive? Yes. But while I waited for the beer, the savory taste of the meat came through quite well.

Holland says:

M El Super Antijito has hands down the best tacos or burritos. I was at the taco truck throw down and a lot of people gave great commentsin them. They operate out of Sanger a community of only 25,000 where as the winners operate out of Fresno. Go and try them out the drive is worth the food. One last note the phone number there is (559)260-8641 ask for Leo or Eddy

alan says:

It be nice to know the locations of the winners….I never pay attention to the names just the cross streets

Javier Alvarado says:

How does one get information on bringing a taco truck to this event next time it happens? Tacos Mi Casita, a place that was recognized by the bee in 2010 as one of the best in the valley,would like to participate in this event. if you can email me this information we would appreciate it.

Carlos says:

Let’s get more specific about the dates and times this will be occurring.. we are excided about the event……

Mike Oz says:

This post is about last year’s event.

This year’s is Aug. 30 at Chukchansi Park, starting at 6:05 p.m.

More info: