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Fres-Know: All our posts come with happy endings


GOOD READ: Best Central Cali outdoor summer destinations [The Bee]

LAW & ORDER: Kirk Vartanian pleads no contest in theft case. [The Bee]

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BURNING QUESTION: What should replace Borders at River Park? [Biz Blog]

VOTE: For your favorites in the fair’s local performer contest. [Big Fresno Fair]

WEAR THIS: Captain America-inspired, “I’m from Fresno, Ace” shirt. [Daily Dues]

BLOGGER ON BLOGGER: That Fresno Blog profiles The Daily Dues. [TFB]

LISTEN TO THIS: New Dead in 60 Years podcast w/ Alisa M. [Di60Y]

YUM: Taco testing at the Cherry Auction. Jealous! [Fresno Bites]

CHILLIN: Where are the 100-degree days this summer? [News Blog]

BLOGGINGS: Tattoos from Visalia’s outskirts. [This is Visalia]

FREE STUFF: Win advance tickets to see “The Change Up” [Dumb Drum]

NEWS: Fresno “massage” parlors a little too hands on. [ABC 30]

Responses to "Fres-Know: All our posts come with happy endings"

Claire L says:

I am laughing like a loon at the “Happy Endings” and the very last link for news…

Cody says:

Read the “what Fresno needs” article…totally would love a Joe’s Crab shack!!! And put it on the top floor of the old PG&E building. That place is soooo much fun!

Grendel_loki says:

I wonder how many cars were stolen while FPD was running this sting. Total waste of time and resources.