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Timmy T grows his online ‘empire’

If you thought Timmy T was just kickin’ back enjoying the Fresno heat these days, counting that “One More Try,” money, reveling in the 20-year anniversary of his song hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Pop charts, you’d be sorely mistaken.

From his throne as Fresno’s favorite son (sorry, K-Fed, if you came to visit once in a while …), Timmy has been quite busy doing ummm, stuff, on the internet. Yeah, “stuff” is the best word for it. You might recall his fondness for oversharing on Twitter and him trying to be a local reality show star.

Nowadays, he’s really putting in work on his YouTube channel, releasing lots of videos, most of them starring his model/actress wife Mia Torres. They’ve also got a dizzying Facebook group with 20,000 people in it. Timmy is becoming the Rupert Murdoch of Fresno — and I’m sure Mia would take a pie to the face for him.

The crux of a lot of their work is a woman-on-the-street show called “Like It or Lump It,” where Mia visits businesses and events and interviews people. Here’s one at local eatery Mama Mia. Watch out, Taste Fresno.

Here’s a “Like It or Lump It” episode that visits Rome Nightclub

They’ve taken the show on the road to Vegas (to track down Penn & Teller), L.A. (for the BET Awards) and just done some other random vids:

Beyond the “Like It or Lump It” videos, Timmy and Mia keep trying to make viral videos. Here’s one where they spoof the eHarmony video that was huge recently.

The Frebbys are coming up, right? I’m predicting a Timmy T sweep.

Responses to "Timmy T grows his online ‘empire’"

mdub420 says:

Lorenzooooooooo gets all the chicks.

jaurique says:

For the 1st time i agree with mdub!!!

JoeJoe says:

her mouth moves funny when she talks??? like she got marbles in it or something

James W. says:

Timmy and Mia’s “Like It Or Lump It” is actually a Cool facebook group I’m in it too…LOL

Rachel F H says:

Timmy n Mia’s FaceBook Page/Group is cool, funny, great, amusing and very entertaining. I am part of their group as well. ROCK ON Timmy n Mia =)

Stephen says:

That’s it, I’ve decided…if it’s just this easy, I am now going to label myself “Model and Actress Stephen Mintz.”

All I have to do is pose for free wearing next-to-nothing and “act” in some of my own-made videos?

Easy as pie. Done.

pk says:

unfortunately we know what goes on
‘Behind the Music’!

mdub420s brother says:

im the one that gets the duis :/

Cynthia Garza says:

@Stephen, Don’t be a hating.I’ve seen Mia’s facebook info and she’s been on MTV, has her pic on the Playboy morning radio website, she’s been in numerous Music videos for different artists and been featured in several magazines including the top 100 for Maxim Hometown Hottie Reppin’ Fresno.She is also coming out in a new Hollywood movie.I’ve verified all of this.So i’m sure it’s more than you give the girl credit.So do some research before you post false information here for people to see :) Google seems to work good.You should try it sometime.

Stephen says:

Oh, Cynthia. You are very kind and cute.

She has had her pic in many a place, but she’s not really a professional model. That’s like saying the Rebecca Black is a professional singer.

And doing background extra work in a couple of films I GUESS makes one a paid “actor,” but not really.

She’s a poser with a well-paid for body. She’s not talented and isn’t super-well thought of in the actual entertainment world.

And on that I HAVE done the research. In real life.

5 foot tall girls who can’t speak well and are only marginally good looking aren’t real models – they’re girls who help sell budweiser and do slutty poses for the playboy radio website. Getting your photo in HIS magazine does not make one a model. Not when we really think of actual models who get paid to do that for a living.

Having a profile on Model Mayhem doesn’t make one a model either. Getting a certificate from John Robert Powers doesn’t make one a model. Doing a Chukchansi commercial (even for good money) as a slot machine player doesn’t make one an ‘actor.’

Sorry. Actual models and actual actors are losing what they’ve worked so very hard for when people like Mia (and the hundreds of thousands like her) who claim the title without the credibility. It drives actual models and actual actors NUTS.

PS–I look so very forward to the replies calling me jealous, a hack, a hater, and whatnot. None of that removes the basic premise. Mia is an attractive girl who is a LOCAL model with some very minor authentic credits, but is actually not a professional model nor a professional actor. Getting Teller from Penn and Teller to compliment your tits because you stood in line with a cheap camera and a made-up “TV” show doesn’t make you a TV host either.

At least Timmy T actually had an actual hit song actually and got actual money to actually tour and actually sing.

Mia? Notsomuch.

Jimmyz says:

Not trying to be a hater. But don’t professional models fix everything with their appearance. Chick has a small gap in her front teeth. Again I’m not hating, I’m just saying. I’m not a model for a reason.

Dan Kowalski says:

@Stepen Mintz, Dude, your a 48 year old Chubby comedian playing Fresno gigs with 30 or less people in attendance for Free.You have no Credibility.In all fairness you shouldn’t call yourself a comedian.You started doing Comedy what? A couple years ago.I say hang it up Bro.You should be a wrestler in Nacho Libre part 2 and call yourself the “Sleeper” cause I caught your 5 minute act in Fresno and let me tell you.It put the audience to sleep.

Mrs.Mintz says:

@Stephen(Boo Boo)It’s me Mom.I’m in the den on my computer.Come upstairs now I made you a sandwich.It’s time you went outside and met yourself a nice girl.Your almost 50 and you need to give me some grandchildren.I know my snookums needs some attention so please come get it from me and not by offending these nice people hoping for some comments.And by all means please move out of my basement.I Love you sweetheart, your MOM

jaurique says:

appreciate your opinion but instead of spending the time to bash Mia you should have kept your negative opinion to yourself. Mia is a great, kind woman who is enjoying herself doing what she loves and has a great husband who supports her and does all he can to help her achieve her dream in life.
They are great friends of mine and always support Fresno and people without asking for anything in return.
Don’t stereo-type what someone has to look-like, talk-like or be like to do something. Support your local Fresnan’s as you would like us to support you.

jaurique says:

great reply… Truth usually hurts

An Old Friend says:

Mia is not local. She is now after marrying Timmy but she is from Carmichael, Ca (Sacramento). She does get paid very well (believe it or not) for modeling, etc. her mother was a Vogue model who taught her well, haven’t you read the interview in REEL CARPET? I am a good friend of hers, knowing her for almost 10 years. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and both parents lawyers. She is very smart and can act well. She has all of you fooled on the bimbo routine! I can’t wait until she blows up and tells you all to LUMP IT! bwahahaha!!! Timmy T you are tha’ man! Mia is one-of-a-kind!

Veya says:

let me give you a list of VERY successful models under 5’3
Kim Kardashian
Carmen Electa
Pamela Anderson
Tracy Bingham

Need I go on? My sister will be right there with them, love you Mia and Timmy. Good day!

SayItIsn'tSo says:

Who would pimp their wife like that? I was on their page too. She’s trashy and he’s a disgusting pig. They are trying to “make it” – him pimping his wife out. Her mouth does look weird-that’s what it is.

Ron W.Black. says:

The more these 2 irritate you hating idiots, the more they make it big.I guarantee they will be making lots of money and fame off of those that hate on them the most.I also visited their facebook pages and Mia is f*ckin Hot.I only wish I could have a girl like that to pimp out.If Timmy T is a disgusting Pig then i wanna be just like him.You da man T!.LMAO!

J says:

To become successful, famous, “known” or popular. (money comes later unless you have it already). You have to “pimp yourself” out. You cannot expect to start out “at the top” you have to earn it, work hard or know somebody that can help you get there. Which means “pimping yourself” or others. Getting them out there for everyone to see in hopes they reach their goal. Mia has been putting herself out there for 8 years in the modeling world.When she married Timmy he started helping her. What’s wrong with that? He’s helping her make something of herself. And if not this I’m almost positive she will go into Law like her parents. Both her sisters have degrees and are very successful. She’s the only one left. I used to date Mia and she is everything a man could ever want. She probably hasn’t thought of me in years but I will always remember her. You’re doing well Mia and if this dream career you’re hoping for doesn’t work out, you know you will always have a place in Law and a husband that is very much in love with you. Go for it! Hello Timmy :) and good luck to the both of you.

Yes says:

I saw her compete in Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2004. I have a poster of her winning with her crown and sash on. My god she is beautiful. I followed her to Venus swimwear and Miss Caribbean International. Why didn’t you go on to do Miss Universe Mia? Jeez! Simply gorgeous!

Ericka says:

Whether or not you achieve what you’re looking for Mia the important thing is that you’re doing what you love to do. And if that doesn’t work you’ll always have you’re father’s “Golden Parachute”. BITCH! ;) Love You!

Mecca says:

Mia is so free spirited and sweet! It was great meeting you at J’s Sports Bar! Are u ever gonna age? You look like a 12 year old barbie! Your sisters (which are younger) now look older than you! You’re so beautiful!

IDK says:

Timmy T isn’t the only celeb Mia’s been with

Max Roble says:

Mia is such a free spirit. It’s so hard for me to imagine her with Timmy T. I guess opposites attract. He’s crazy about her and she’s so squirrly. lol! Luck to you two. You two are beautiful together :)

Mr.Plastic says:

Mia is trashy for tv. In real life she’s a sweetheart and everything that goes with it. Timmy is a good promoter and a dutiful husband to her. They are crazy in love. Ups and downs but ultimately crazy about one another. Mia’s top lip is thin which makes her mouth look weird when she talks. She needs it plumped up and she wouldn’t have that problem. Her small gap is very small but her teeth are straight and white. No prob there. Timmy is the most in love with this girl than I’ve ever seen him with anyone. He hasn’t given any thought to anyone else. Although Mia as no prob with him talking to any of his exes or hanging out with them they sure hate her for being who she is and looking the way she does..gorgeous. Mia is a non-jealous, confident girl who has had a great life, nice family and good up-bringing, she doesn’t need to compete with anyone let alone prove anything. She’s who she is and always will be. That’s why she’s making it.

Kendall says:

hah! I read a few months ago on one of Timmy’s exes FB page that she thought he tried to hack into her account. It’s lame how she thinks he cares that much to try and hack in her FB account. I know she bragged to everyone that they hung out in July when he had a fallen out with Mia. And knowing Mia and how she comes across on the net and n person. She doesn’t care. I hope he continue to hang with that ex so that ex can realize Mia has a stronger hold on his mind, body and soul than anyone he’s ever been with. Whether he’s with Mia or not.

Anastacia Kiline says:

@Kendall. SHHH! “It” might come out. Don’t say one more word. We wouldn’t want it showing it’s hideousness again-LMAOF!

4 Kendall & Anastacia says:

You guys need to quit! Nobody likes a troublemaker. I ran into Mia many times last year and this year and she didn’t have 1 bad thing 2 say about “that ex”. She had nothing but nice things to say about her and se was genuine about it. I could see that. They might not b friends but that doesn’t mean they still dislike each other b/c they don’t. They have both moved on and are very happy in their lives.

Friend says:

Funny how Timmy T is the only Latin man Mia has dated. She’s always been with white guys. But, yeah, speaking of that “ex” Mia has had nice things to say about her. I remember her saying she was very pretty, smart and funny, so it’s all good. No hate.

Mia T Observer says:

She’s really, really sweet, beautiful, kind and bubbly but very conceited. She was a spoiled child growing up and continued being spoiled and pampered by her parents and mates. She makes a lot of $$ doing what she does but wants more. I think she’ll never be satisfied as long as they keep giving into her (which they have). She has a greedy streak. I guess it’s a good thing, She owns a home in Las Vegas and in Sacto & drives a Porsche. Word on the street is her husband Timmy T is completely whipped inside and out by her and even bought her a very nice convertible Mercedes Benz for Valentines Day one year. I guess he’s gluten for punishment–

34567889 says:

Who cares where she came from, who, what, why…i dont! Shes not a big deal! BTw- i heard her middle name is BROOKE. Mia Brooke Torres & she is half mexican and half persian middle eastern.the only thing real on this sack of silicon is her blue eyes i kno that 4 a fact!

Known Mia when we were little *Tiffany* says:

Did anyone else find this on Google too? lol

Mintz- Y would Mia have 2 “speak well” 2 do a whacky show like that? Who is she news anchor girl? uh no. So it don’t matter how she talks as long as she’s entertaining enough 4 us 2 keep watching.

SayItIsn’tSo- Mia trashy? I’m sorry u must know her in person 2 make that judgement right? No,u dont u see what every1 else sees online, a talented actress Ur obviously a girl and hatin’.

Mr.Plastic- Do Mias lipz already! So every1 would get off her back on her mouth moving weird! She’s still hot as hell and I dont swing that way.

Anastacis,Kendall- Dont even try it! Mia is past all that. She dont care about that drama no more. Ur wasting ur time.

MiaTObserver – Stop whining! she’s made a better life 4 herself than most ppl, get over it. she still works hard 4 what she has. No matter if SHE worked 4 it or it was given 2 her.

34567889 -Like she wouldn’t want NE1 2 know any of that info. Ur stupid! lol.

Mia has never done NEthing 4 free, ever! I remember her very first photoshoot *i went with her* and they where paying her $100 an hr. back then almost 8 years ago, I can imagine what she gets now. She’s never done NEthing 4 Chuckchansi, HIS magazine or John Robert Powers. She was up 4 a Table Mountain commercial but she didn’t end up taking it, Y cuz the price wasn’t right. She is a cut throat business woman with a big legal and marketing team behind her. I think if all of u thought she had no chance at making it big u’d feel sorry 4 her and actually be supportive on here but since deepdown inside u all know she has a huge chance at making it big ur all threatened and pissy about her. Jealously,insecurity, self doubt, selfpity, hate, whateva it all comes in different forms and u hate her cause she’s “doin’ it up”. When u go home 2night and think about ur min. wage jobs, if u have a job, she’ll b driving in her Porsche, prolly sumwhere outta town, gettin paid a lot 2 have fun.

Ashlyn says:

RE: 34567889 You sound like a scorned lover, she’s had many! lol!

Mia Brooke Torres is going to be HUGE! She’s going to surpass her husband in the Entertainment World and he’s going to feel it. Not sure whether he made the right choice in helping her or not. I guess it all depends on when she reaches her goal if she leaves him or not. Either way she’s going to be more than just OK with or without him. I still feel sorry for him though. Shs’s quite conniving and manipulative. She’s knows how to use every inch of herself to get what she wants. She’s a snake, beautiful, talented but a snake.