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Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild — it’s back!


You had fun last year, we had fun last year, even the giraffes had fun last year, so it’s time we did a sequel. Once again, The Beehive and Chaffee Zoo are partnering for Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild, an after-hours party at the zoo where our local Twitter community can mix and mingle at a discounted price.

This year’s event is Saturday, August 27, from 5-8 p.m. Chaffee Zoo will be closed to the public, so it’s an exclusive event for the Fresno Twitter crew. Tickets will cost $5, and kids 10 and younger are free with their parent(s).

If you attended last year, and many of you did, you know it was a blast. There will be food, drinks, live music, and, of course, all kinds of games and prizes. Expect more details right here on The Beehive as the date gets closer.

A few notes on how the Tweetup will work:

  • You MUST message Chaffee Zoo (@fresnozoo) and/or The Beehive (@fresnobeehive) on Twitter to get on the list for $5 tickets.
  • You’ll pick up your tickets along with a nametag at the will-call table before the event. You can bring non-Tweeps with ya, but wouldn’t you rather just get them to join Twitter and add to our cool local Twitter community? Exactly.
  • The Zoo says all its usual animals will be out. We’ve got a few other fun things scheduled — like another Twitpic Scavenger Hunt and a variety of Tweetup Challenges for prizes.
  • Mark any and all Tweets about the event with the hashtag #wildfresno. And follow that hashtag for all the chatter about Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild.
  • If you’re not Twitter, you’ve got plenty of time to join and get into the swing of things. Be sure to follow @fresnobeehive and @fresnozoo first thing.

Responses to "Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild — it’s back!"

Steve says:

The Twitter crew has not woken up yet, but give them time, their mothers will splashing cold water on their faces any minute now.

blake says:

oh yeah, after the tweet up, I’m sure you’ll all love some delicous icy cold FULL CIRCLE BREWERY beer as the TRIKE SHOP adds some sweet summer music to the mix.

Come on by y’all.

I’m saying it right now:
Anyone that says the secret word TWEET UP to the door person will get in 1/2 price (that’s only 3 bucks…what a deal!).

blake says:

Ok, I’m lame. The Tweet Up is way out in August and I read the thing fast and just saw “Saturday” and maybe 20-something and…well. ANYways, the offer still stands, if you say “tweet up” *this* Saturday…..let’s just say it’s a pre-promotion for a worthy event.

Dan says:

I am excited about this event. It should be a lot of fun.