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Hey, you, wanna remix Rademacher?


I’ve always been drawn to the power of the remix. In hip-hop and dance music, remixes have been popular for decades. But in recent years, the remix has gotten cool in the indie rock and pop realms.

With apologies to Pete Rock, my current favorite remixers are RAC, who do some great stuff to indie rock songs.

Also cool is the genre-swapping when a hip-hop producer remixes an indie rock song. That’s the case with my current remix fave, the Xaphoon Jones remix of Grouplove’s “Colours.”

I say all this to introduce a challenge that I hope some Fresno music folks will get behind. Local indie rock vets Rademacher are tapping into the remix trend for their new single, “They Are Always Into That.” It’s a catchy song on its own, no doubt, and a good place to get started with their new “Babyhawk” project. But it’s one of those songs that could be cool in a variety of dimensions — perhaps with a hip-hop bassline, or maybe with electro undertones.

Any local producers/DJs up for the challenge? You can download all the “stems” of the song here and work your magic. If you do, send the final result my way, and I’ll post it. Merced’s Destructo Bunny was first out of the gate. You can hear his take on it here.

If you’re just a fan of Rademacher or local music in general, you can download “They Are Always Into That” for free from the player below.


Here are a few upcoming Rademacher dates around the state:

7/14 – Los Angeles @ The Bootleg Theatre w/ Auditorium

7/17 – San Diego @ Bar Pink

7/18 – Long Beach @ DiPiazza’s

7/19 – Los Angeles @ Central S.A.P.C.

7/22 – Davis @ Sophia’s Thai Kitchen w/ Superhumanoids

7/23 – Monterey @ Carbone’s w/ Strange Vine

[photo: Dani Mac Photography]

Responses to "Hey, you, wanna remix Rademacher?"

mamatt says:

“I remixed a remix,… was back to normal” -M.H.