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Did They Just Say Fresno? And Oakhurst?

A couple DTJSF moments from this week:

First, the Fresno Grizzlies’ weekend promo where they team donned and then auctioned off special Harry Potter-themed jerseys caused a minor fuss online, thanks to Buzzfeed and others. Of course, the same ol’ tired Fresno jokes ensued, as seen in this Yahoo Sports’ “Out of Bounds” video featuring comic Frank Nicotero. It’s the second item.

Here’s a recent “Tonight Show” clip with a singer/guitarist from Oakhurst trying to impress William Shatner with the help of an accordion-playing dog.

Get that duo out to Fuse Fest this year!

[Thanks to Gracie and Ashlan Shaw for the head's up.]

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? And Oakhurst?"

ya but says:

no one cares about oakhurst except for oakhurst and i truely mean that in a vain mountain sort of way to put it nicely and oh yeah jay leno hasnt been funny in 20 years. or id watch that clip. in fact hes a toolbag. poor conan. ok goodnight.

grendel_loki says:

Not sure what’s wrong with the Grizzly uniforms. They look pretty bad ass.

Jackki H says:

Nobody cares about Fresno unless you are from Fresno. Oakhurst is way more beautiful than Fresno hands down.