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Fresno picked as one of six cities for White House’s ‘Strong Cities’ initiative

You know how they always say Fresno is a good test market? Apparently, the White House agrees. Fresno was one of six pilot cities announced this morning for the Obama administration’s “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” initiative, a federal-local collaboration that aims to boost the economy at the local level by creating jobs, strengthen neighborhoods and develop communities.

Other cities selected include Detroit, New Orleans and Cleveland.

Here’s a little about “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” from the White House blog:

Strong Cities, Strong Communities is a new interagency pilot initiative that aims to strengthen neighborhoods, towns, cities and regions around the country by strengthening the capacity of local governments to develop and execute their economic vision and strategies. Strong Cities, Strong Communities bolsters local governments by providing necessary technical assistance and access to federal agency expertise, and creating new public and private sector partnerships. By leveraging existing assets, providing new resources, and fostering new connections at the local and national level, Strong Cities, Strong Communities will support towns and cities as they develop comprehensive plans for their communities and invest in economic growth and job creation.

What does this mean for Fresno specifically? Again, from the WH blog:

Mayor Swearengin and the Community Solutions Team will work to capitalize on the coming high-speed rail station to improve the downtown area, and will also build on a successful neighborhood development program.

Whattya know? A little help for Fresno and we didn’t have spend a whole week clicking “like” on Facebook (I’m looking at you, Walmart).

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Responses to "Fresno picked as one of six cities for White House’s ‘Strong Cities’ initiative"

Kiel says:

Great news!

Curious to see exactly what they have planned for Fresno.

Mike Oz says:

The video made it sound like they’d be more helping with what local officials and local people were pursuing — we’ll see what actually happens, but I’ll take that approach (in theory) over the gov’t swooping in and doing what it wants.

Steve says:

Like we need the feds get the Gov out of our lives says:

Interesting :)

Marjorie says:

Is this not the job of Federal goverment anyway? The best thing they can do is get out of the way, leave the funds in loccal hands rather tax us and then send it back after taking their handling fees.

Jamie says:

I cannot stand it when people make these sort of willfully ignorant comments. Do you like schools? Paved roads and freeways? Being able to buy food at the market and not worry if it’s littered with rat feces or if it’s going to kill you? How about the military? Firefighters? The police force? These are all regulated by the government. I bet you’re one of those people who hates “big government” but are totally okay with government regulation of women’s reproductive organs and tax subsidies to big business that pay less in taxes than a single American pays to the government. Get educated.

Dribble says:

I myself am amazed at how people don’t mind eating food “littered with rat feces” these days.

Used to, people wouldn’t touch the stuff, now that we’ve labeled it “Green” and “Organic”, people shovel it in by the truckload.

Who would’ve thunk it…

JP says:

That’s terrific… now maybe the city can hire consultants from somewhere else and create a study that will have some talking points.

james says:

“Get educated.”

Add: At a private institution, not subsidized by the government.

james says:

Dribble, are you saying that organic foods are fertilized with rat feces? Have supporting evidence?

Better yet, have a list of the chemicals and lab-created excrement that goes into industrial, non-organic agriculture? At least that could bring the discussion back to its origins…

Dribble says:

Actually, no need to go further than Half-Moon Bay. Who needs industrialized processes like pasteurization when we can go organic!

Of course, chemical literacy is important. We should know about all of the evil chemicals found in our foods like dihydrogen monoxide !

jackie.cromwell says:

I am a conservative who on the whole believes in less government. But I think this can be a win/win to that end. This might actually return money and some control to the local government!

How is that a bad thing?

james says:

You’re citing an article on an outbreak from 1996? From a company that plead guilty to the charges – hardly an indictment against all organics.

While the article mentions a strain of E. coli that’s linked to feces, it doesn’t mention said feces comes from rats, nor does it indicate the point in the production cycle where the strain was introduced.

JJJ says:

Steve should probably leave, but he cant.

He cant drive. The roads are government built and funded. And those silly things like standards which ensure that red means stop everywhere? Government, MUTCD. He cant fly, since he’ll have to go by TSA and his plane would be controlled by federal flight controllers in the tower and control center. And he may be sitting by a federal air marshall.

He cant take a boat, ports are massively subsidized by governments. Of course, airports are too. Last i checked, they were built, owned and operated by the government.

So poor old Steve is stuck at home, safe from fires thanks to his government mandated smoke detector and safe from his roof collapsing thanks to silly things like inspections and licensing of builders.

Wonder how he gets online though. Wifi is available because the government licensed the spectrum in a way that allows communication without interference.

Dan Martin says:

I am happy for business owners and residents who will benefit from an infusion of funds to Fresno. We have a lot of people with hearts and minds in the right place, trying to make Fresno the best it can be.

grandpa says:

This is politics 101. Fishing for votes. Look at the cities mentioned, all
with heavy minority population. The economy is a mess. there talking about
medicare and social security cuts, but never talk about cutting their salaries
or their retirement benefits. As a conservative, I say we should throw them ALL out of office and start over.

Roberta Genini says:

This is going to be fun to watch. That is, it is almost always better to laugh than to cry. They are from the Government and they’re going to help us. Not only that, they are from the most inept government in many a moon. Keep watching, because the next thing you know this may all just go away. and it may well be forgotten past a few news cycles that anything was ever “offered.”

No stimulus stuff has worked so far. Now we have to watch this thing fail up close and personal. I am sincerely sorry for those who will be sorely disappointed, or who will be misled to stake their own immediate fortunes or futures on something coming out of the Obama administration.