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To-Do Tonight: A taste of New Orleans brass


Feeling funky, Fresno? Then head down to The Landmark this evening, where Viper City Brass Band is playing with a special guest — ex-Fresnan Jason Jurzak.

Jurzak, who now resides in the musical wonderland of New Orleans, was an original member of Viper City Brass Band before moving. In New Orleans, he plays with well-known brass band Bonerama.

Viper City Brass Band plays the brassy funk that originated New Orleans. The band features a number of well-traveled local musicians who also play in groups such as 40 Watt Hype, Los Hooligans and Let’s Go Bowling.

The show starts at 10 p.m. — it’s like the Pub Quiz afterparty — and is free to attend.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: A taste of New Orleans brass"

adam says:

Thanks for the Pub Quiz link love, Mike. I should think tonight will be good times. We hope tons of you show up both for trivia and for some great live music!

bradley says:

super happy to hear viper city (one of my fav bands in town) at landmark!

Jared says:

Thanks Mike, for the plug. This one should be extra funky.

ed says:

small note, the music likely will start after 10. that’s nothing new, flyers usually give start times that are a little off. music starts after pub quiz gets done, usually about 10:15 or so. minor details, but i’d hate for someone to get all uppitty because they’ve got a 10:30 bed time and the band didn’t start right at 10.

but the music is going to be awesome and we’ll definitely be encouraging people to stick around after Pub Quiz to enjoy the fine tunes.