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Responses to "WTF Moment of Yesterday"

jc says:

The fact that anybody would wish another human being dead, regardless of their political convictions, is sad and disturbing.

Chase Sanborn says:

Ah, Mensa member Marci and her handful of lickspittles may want to keep an eye out for a sudden spate of utility workers and Bee delivery trucks in their neighborhoods.
What ultra maroons.

Claire L says:

I just love ( not) when people use The Constitution to protect their “right to free speech” and can’t be bothered to capitalize it. You’d think if they held it in such high regard they’d at least give it the respect that is due.

Love it. says:

Thanks for posting this, Mike.

Some people….
I wonder what happened to their “my country, right or wrong” philosophy that was so popular when Bush was in office?
I guess what they meant was: my country, right or wrong, as long as a white republican is president.

Also, it’s so very Christian to wish death upon someone, isn’t it? That’s what Jesus was all about, if I recall correctly.

Lisa says:

ITA! I remember when Bush was in office (whether the first or second), if anyone spoke badly of him, it was always show respect, he’s the President. When a democrat is in office, they seem to forget that.

Ryoichi Morita says:

It sounds like business as usual at Fox News.

Donald Munro says:

Hmmm. Marci Horton. Marci Horton. It’s weird how names can stick with you for certain reasons. I have no doubt that at some point in the future, I will run into Marci Horton in some capacity, and she will be introduced to me, and I will immediately think, “Ah, this is the hateful woman who made the Facebook comment about President Obama’s assassination.” And I will think less of her for it. The Fresno area isn’t as big as people think, people. Making stupid/offensive comments on a public forum as big as ABC30′s Facebook page can come back to bite you.

In the meantime, Marci Horton, I hope you have a very nice day.

MaggieJoy says:

Please Note: Not all conservatives feel as Marci does. That’s a disturbing comment. Our president (and fellow human being), should be held with respect, no matter how you voted. Period.
(I felt like I had to say something).

Donald Munro says:

Thanks for adding this, MaggieJoy. A minority of people of all political stripes say disturbing things.

Brian Ullmann says:

Worse still, it appears that 4 people gave ol’ Marci’s comment a thumbs up. This is truly a forehead slapper.

austinmom says:

Keep it classy Fresno

Brent says:

Gotta say, I’m personally greatly disillusioned with the president, but assassination would only supplant him with another deuchebag -unless there are major changes.