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Free and cheap food

Everybody likes free food, right? And cheap food is the next best thing, so I’m sharing some edible deals you can take advantage of in the next few weeks.

Wednesday is free biscuit day at Carl’s Jr. The chain is debuting its scratch-made biscuits, the same ones it has sold for years at its sister company Hardee’s in the midwest and southeast. You can get a free sausage biscuit if you go into the restaurant Wednesday morning.

If you’re brave enough to wear your Halloween costume to Chipotle on Oct. 31, you can get cheap food. As part of its “Boorito” promotion, you can get a $2 burrito from 4 p.m. to close if you’re in costume. The money you do spend goes to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which supports sustainable agriculture and family farming.

And Marie Callender’s whole pie sale continues until the end of the month. The pies cost $7.99, plus the cost of the pie tin.

Update: My colleague Donald Munro points out that kids in costume can get free burgers and fries at Eureka! Burger. Only the first 100 under age 12 get the free food. The restaurant apparently understands that burgers, fries and a whole bunch of candy on the same day might be a bit much, so if you don’t want to eat the meal right then you can get a gift card for a kid’s burger and fries for later.

Responses to "Free and cheap food"

Diana says:

Thanx for the heads up! I’ll be sure to spread the word. Definetely going to Chipotle on the 31st!!

nwfoodie says:

Did Bentley’s at the corner of Bullard & West go out of business? I drove by Saturday evening and both front doors were open and a UHaul was backed up directly in front of the doors. They appeared to be removing many items from the premises. Odd for a Saturday night!

Christy says:

I hope they did go out of business. I recently purchased a dining certificate for Bentley’s via When we tried using it, our server woudn’t honor it (for what we wanted to order). She went on and on how was to blame and what a nightmare it’s been to change the language/fine print with them… blah blah blah. In the end, both she (and her manager) refused to honor it. Frustrated and disappointed, we got up and left… never to return. For a place devoid of customers, I feel it was in poor taste/judgment to argue and chase us away. Good riddance!

Matt says:

i’ll second that

Danielle says:

I’m assuming the Eureka! Burger promotion is ON Halloween (Weds 10/31)…the post doesn’t indicate though. Can you confirm? Thanks :)

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