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Did They Just Say Fresno? The Oregon lottery vs. the 559

UPDATE: Video and link is back! Woot!

ORIGINAL POST: We’ve seen late-night comics and TV commercials take shots at Fresno. But here’s a new one: the Oregon lottery has us in its sights. It has launched a series of new scratchers that parody reality TV shows. Among them, “The Annoying Housewives of Fresno.”

KSEE 24 is on the case for this one, talking to some Fresno housewives, a kinda-apologetic Oregon lottery rep and Mayor Ashley Swearengin who called this “ignorant.”

Just another reason to hate Portland, right?

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? The Oregon lottery vs. the 559"

brodiemash says:

LULZ at the backwards driving cars at -0:49. REMIX!!!

Eva says:

I think the real insult is at housewives…anywhere. Bravo and housewives are both to blame for that. I love to see news like this. It just means there weren’t any shootings in Fresno today. Probably ’cause it was too hot for revenge plots.

james says:

That’s just funny. I’m buying some on my field trip to Oregon.

Jay Parks says:

@Brodiemash: that was the first thing I noticed, too.

Brian L Baker says:

Wow, nice video editing on that.

Fresno housewives don’t deserve this, but maybe the news programs do.

“Annoying TV News Video of Fresno.”

Kiel says:

Wait, there are many annoying people in Fresno, including some housewives. We really need a better collective sense of humor.

wienzer says:

I think I just found my anniversary present. Thanks Oregon

mdub420 says:

all wives are annoying.

Steve Ryan says:

I live in Oregon if anyone wants them for collectors items!

ArtThe1 says:

Yeah, um you might wanna check the links, they don’t work. A pic of the ticket is on the lottery site though.

Steve Ryan says:

Actually, appears at least online these have been ‘edited’ so I don’t know if the print/real tickets have been or not. I’ll let you know if I spot any..

JML says:

Where’d the video go? The KSEE 24 link doesn’t work, either.

@Steve Ryan – I would totally LOVE to have some! This is too funny. Click on my name to send me a message via FB.

Bino Escobar says:

No way am I going to hate. The city of Portland has 50+ strip clubs. Don’t spend your dollars on scratchers. Let’s help Savage Rose get through medical school.

Tabitha says:

Imagine my surprise when I go to safeway and exit the check stand and see the 2X3 foot sign!!!! I am not annoying I am telling my coworkers.. who have nicknamed me ‘Fresno’ since that was my home for the last 20 years.

(Sigh) Seriously??? :-)

Traci says:

The best thing about Portland? If you’re looking for a drugged-out teen runaway, there are about 30 per street corner, lolling around. That’s civic pride, right there.

Jim says:

I lived in Fresno for 30 + years, retired and moved to Bend, OR. Saw the Annoying Housewives of Fresno Lottery tix advertised at the local Safeway. Not being a lottery player, I knew nothing about it, but have since learned that many in Fresno, typically, get defensive about someone poking fun at them. Lighten up, Fresno!