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Five things Barry Zito should do in Fresno


As any baseball fan has already heard by now, S.F. Giants pitcher Barry Zito is making a rehab start for the Fresno Grizzlies tonight. It’s a happy coincidence that this falls on the night of our Great Fresno Tweetup.

Since it’s not often we get a major leaguer as famous talented well-paid as Zito, we thought we’d offer some suggestions of stuff the quirky pitcher could do while he’s in town.

  1. Buy those fields at Granite Park — he’s making $18.5 mil this year, he can afford it — and turn them into the home of the Zito League, a new baseball league where all the pitchers only throw curveballs.
  2. Hit the Fulton Mall with his guitar and spend some time serenading the good people of Fresno.
  3. Get out his camera (yep, he’s also a photog) and do some street photography with Fresno sharp shooter (and Giants fan) Ryan C. Jones.
  4. Go hunting for teddy bears. Did you know that another of Zito’s quirks is his teddy-bear collection? True story. Dude can probably find some cool stuff on the Van Ness Ave. strip of thrift stores.
  5. Decide to stay. The Giants don’t really need him and Fresno would be happy to have him. Heck, someday he could probably become mayor. In the meantime he could get himself a downtown loft, open a wacky boutique and have his own ArtHop show. He’d be a legit downtown Fresno hipster in no time.

- Bring Zito to Fresno

Responses to "Five things Barry Zito should do in Fresno"

Ashley says:

Too funny! And so true!

mdub420 says:

Zito would be a God to many if he stayed in Fresno. He could revitalize downtown all by himself. He’ll also partake, if he hasn’t already this home stretch, in the beautiful latina baby mommas Fresno has to offer. They will be at thirsty thursday in full force tonight.

Heather says:

He should reopen Milano on Fulton Mall and call it Barry Ziti.

pk says:

….as long as he stays healthy!!!

pink says:

alas the illegals at fulton wouldnt care about barrys type of guitar playing. head northern guy.