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DeShawn Stevenson is having too much fun


DeShawn Stevenson, your team just won the NBA Finals, what are you going to do now? “Starting acting a damn fool as soon as possible.”

It ain’t Disneyland, but Fresno-bred NBAer Stevenson has been on a tear since his Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat on Sunday night to clinch their championship run.

The latest news is that Stevenson has proven comic Daniel Tosh right and gotten himself arrested for public intoxication. While wearing a “Free Weezy” T-shirt, no less.

From ESPN:

Irving police were called to the Grand Venetian apartment complex at about 10:30 p.m. CT after receiving a call to report an intoxicated person walking in the area. Officers reported that Stevenson, who does not live at the complex, appeared intoxicated and did not know where he was.

He was arrested without incident on a Class C misdemeanor charge, based on the results of a sobriety test, an officer’s observations and his statements.

“They felt he was a danger to himself and others,” Irving public information officer John Argumaniz said. “Basically, he was intoxicated to a point where [police] didn’t feel comfortable letting him walk away or leave. They didn’t have any other options at that point.”

Stevenson was released on $475 bond at 5:30 a.m. local time Wednesday

Sorry to say, DeShawn, but wandering aimlessly and drunk around a random apartment complex is not what champions do. Even IF you were practicing for Thursday’s victory parade — that’s still not a good look.

This comes after Stevenson (who was also part of an on-court skirmish in Game Six) made the gossip sites for wearing a post-game celebratory T-shirt that read, “Hey LeBron, How’s My Dirk Taste” — a nod to both his Finals MVP teammate Dirk Nowitzki and Shaq’s classic (??) rap diss to Kobe Bryant, “Tell me how my ass taste.”

DeShawn, me thinks you need to consult “Rick James”. Just say you’re sorry and stop trying to have too much fun.

Responses to "DeShawn Stevenson is having too much fun"

what did he prove Daniel Tosh right about?

mdub420 says:

Same thing will happen to me if any of my sports teams stop sucking and win a damn title!!!

Mike Oz says:

Tosh Tweeted after that “fight” during the game that DeShawn would be getting arrested soon … he did an over/under. It was over, but still.

Childers says:

In honor of Deshawn, I think I may light it up at Five tomorrow night and wander around the Cotswolds afterward.