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The etiquette of getting peed on

Here’s one sorta exciting moment from my weekend

THE SCENE: Saturday afternoon at Woodward Park’s dog park, about a dozen people and their dogs are there.

WHEN THINGS GOT ICKY: A youngish bulldog stops to relieve himself, lifting his leg on a green plastic chair. Problem is: A woman was sitting in that chair. In marking his territory, he also marked a nice portion of her sweats.

THE REACTION: “Oh, sorry,” the dog’s owner muttered, earbuds in ears, before turning and walking away to follow his dog. The woman, for what it’s worth, left. I’m assuming to go home and get cleaned up.

THE QUESTION: Is it just me, or does your dog full-on peeing on someone (not just a tinkle) warrant more than an sheepish “Oh, sorry?” But then I wondered: How exactly are you supposed to react in that situation? To some degree, since you’re at the dog park, owners have to be OK with getting a little dirty. But getting peed on? Umm. Luckily, my dog has never put me in a such a situation. But I hope I’d be able to muster up something better than “oh, sorry.” Suggestions? What would you do to apologize?

Responses to "The etiquette of getting peed on"

Heather says:

Dude, your dog has peed on me so many times. Giving it a cute name like “piddle” or “tinkle” doesn’t take away from the fact that there has been piss on my shoes and pant legs more times than I’m comfortable with.

That being said, you and your wife have generally been apologetic enough about it, so no big deal. I’m sure it’s far more embarrassing when one’s dog decorates a stranger.

bradley says:

I suppose the owner could have said, “Gee Whiz!”

cjl says:

If you hang out in a Dog Park you should expect to get licked, peed on, step in dog poop, etc. It goes with the territory. Get peed on? Well, it happens. I think “I’m sorry” is about all you can do in that situation. Hopefully nobody is foolish enough to wear fancy pumps and dry-clean only clothing to a Dog Park.. But this is North Fresno we’re talking about – the place where people take their Lexus SUV to go pickup two bags of groceries at Whole Paycheck.

Mike Oz says:

I knew you were going to say this. But I think there’s a BIG difference between a dog tinkling on your foot because you’re petting it and it’s excited to see you, and a dog walking up to a random person and lifting its leg on them.

I think it gives you the right to pee on the dog. It’s all about showing them who’s alpha. This is why women should wear skirts to dog parks.

I’m just saying.

Heather says:

Pee is pee. No matter how it gets there, it sucks.

I think the only difference in these scenarios you’ve presented is that if it’s your dog peeing on your friend, you know that they’ll probably laugh it off, so the humiliation factor isn’t there.

Claire L says:

OK, the owner of pee-er dog should have AT LEAST taken out his ear buds. Seriously… “sorry” is all you can say. Like CJL stated: It’s a dog park… you get what you get,it’s for them, not you.

That was probably his marking chair. My dog once peed on the kid because she was standing in front of HIS bush. I don’t think doggy was being mean or making a statement, he just had been saving up for his favorite pee chair, he can’t help it if some hooman got in his way.

BTW, I resemble the Whole Paycheck statement…Ok…not the SUV or North Fresno part… but I love my Whole Foods! :P

Chukknob says:

How long are you at the dog park to have to take a chair? Then when you see animals relieving themselves everywhere are you that lazy to not even move and acknowledge the animals presence?

Seriously though the dude with the earbuds is pretty lame not to at least offer a more sincere apology. At least show some embarrassment over your dog busting a valve on the ladies leg.

Mike Oz says:

There are plastic chairs on site for people to sit down, if they want. As for not moving: It was sort of on the side of the chair, so I don’t know that the lady saw the dog.

DLR says:

I think the person in question sounded a little too aloof about it, but at a dog park you sort of have to be ready for that kind of stuff. Dogs do all kinds of nasty stuff, like hump each other (or other people), eat poop, sniff each other’s privates, etc. Those green chairs are dangerous territory, and just about anyone should know what’s going to happen when a dog comes sniffing around.