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Fres-Know: Fun, dirty and pissed off

LEADING OFF: Fun (the band) made up a song about Fresno recently. [YouTube]

GOOD READ: You following The Bee’s immigration series? You should be. [In Denial]

PISSED: In response, some are calling for a Boycott of The Bee. [Facebook]

SEMI-RELATED: Fresno State’s ASI prez admits he’s undocumented [The Collegian]

DID THEY JUST SAY FRESNO? That story is quickly going national. [Huffington Post]

SURVEY SAYS: Fresno is one of “dirtiest cities.” Duh. Poor air quality. [Yahoo!]

VOTE: Fresno Bully Rescue needs some love in this Pepsi contest. [Refresh Project]

NOMNOM: Cotton Candy-tinis? We’ll take four. [Fashionably Bombed]

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Responses to "Fres-Know: Fun, dirty and pissed off"

Heather says:

For those of us not on Facebook, what are people boycotting, specifically?

Mike Oz says:

From the page:


In the article, “Are We In Denial About llegal Immigration”, The Fresno Bee newspaper uses the term “illegal immigrant” loosely and in reference to Mexican & Central American migrant farmworkers. It is an unfair and derogatory term because it fails to acknowledge the historical, social, and political situation of our fellow Americans. Yes, I use the term “American” because this is the continent of the Americas. Due to failed lan…d treaties, “voluntary” and involuntary servitude, and other injustices over the past 500+ years, OUR SISTERS/BROTHERS deserve the respect of not being called “Illegal”. HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT ILLEGAL. Being called such is a violation of their human rights.

Read the article here:





*Note: I intend to send this statement to The Fresno Bee and other media outlets as a Press Release. By “Attending” this event you agree to be mentioned as an individual supporting this boycott.

Thank you for your support,

Michael L. Medrano


The Editor’s Note that runs each day as noted that “illegal immigrant” is AP Style.

Heather says:

Ah. Not what I expected.

Although I understand the frustration, I think the boycott is a waste of time. There are far worse evils being committed within the immigration issue that deserve outrage, no? (Arizona, I’m looking at you.)

Mike Oz says:

Personally — and I had nothing to do with this series, FWIW — I think these stories are particularly interesting because they put a real human face on the issue that you don’t see in the media every day:

ed says:

wow, i falsely assumed the boycott page would be right wing nutzos pissed that the bee was providing a human face to these “illegals.” strange.

Mike Oz says:

You can find them at

rob says:

i love how people are getting up in arms about the bee using the term “illegal immigrant” when they used the term “aliens” on a different front page headline the same day; every other paper i saw used the term “illegal immigrants.” if i were these people i’d be more pissed about the bee calling them “aliens” than “illegal immigrants” but that’s just me. keep on keeping it classy fresno.

adam says:

I think what bothers me most about the boycott is that it essentially shuts down debate. To me, the newspaper should be working to foment community discussion (which I think this series obviously does). With claims of alleged bias in the reporting, or arguing terminology, or whatever surface level complaint they have, both sides of the argument (boycotters and rightwingers alike) are totally missing the point of the series and continue to talk past each other with the usual furor.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve griped at The Bee and some of its employees (*cough* sorry Mike *cough*) with my own pet peeves and issues, but advocating a boycott is just shutting down communication; basically saying, give us what we want or else. That’s not how we should view or interact with The Bee. Let them present information and let them make their arguments in the op-eds and editorials. Then, it’s our duty as informed readers to digest that information and talk about it calmly and rationally, not mandate that the newspaper cater to one narrow constituency.

If you want to submit complaints, by all means, do so, but to advocate trying to economically hurt a business that is attempting to convey current events to the population is to advocate discontinuing the discourse.

Monica says:

Instead of calling for a boycott of the Bee, for thei use of terminology that every newstation and paper has used, why don’t we demand that our government pass some immigration reform bills/acts/laws (like the Dream Act.) If we concentrate on asisting the “Illegal Immigrants” become “Legal Immigrants” they can eventually change their status to an “American.”
Just an add, the term Illegal Immigrant only refers to a “human” that has immigrated from outside of the United States illegally. Illegally, meaning not using correct law and procedure. There is no disrespect intended.

President John D. Welty issues a statement regarding ASI President Pedro Ramirez and Fresno State’s commitment to a climate of diversity.

MsJoey says:

Wow Ed.
As an educator, I’m surprised you aren’t using the culturally sensitive term “Undocumented Workers.”
Yeah I tsk’d you.
That’s a real term. In my dictionary :)

adam says:

Can’t speak for Ed, but I think his use of quotes around illegals was an effort to characterize the conservative “nutzos” as the intolerant ones, not himself.

mdub420 says:

What nutjob coined the term “undocumented worker” when talking about an illegal alien?

Michael Medrano says:

One may argue that the word “illegal” is just a word and that arguing over something small like that is pointless. In the news we are bombarded by catch phrases and the more we hear them the more they become part of our lexicon:liberal; conservative;tea party;Obamacare;downtown revitalization;I approve this message; tough on crime…these words not only become part of our everyday speech, they influence the way think and even the way we pass judgement upon people. Obviously “illegal” refers to the criminal element. But are the most recent immigrants criminals? Most immigrants (who are mostly of Mexican/Central American descent, and I would call them Americans, per the recent press release) are hardworking, maybe even the hardest working American workers!

At present, a segment of our society are blaming immigrant workers for our high crime rate, our high unemployment rate, our nasty economy. Have we forgotten the thirty-three prison facilities built since 1984 (only 12 had been built the previous 132 years) with tax payer dollars, when only a couple UC campus were built during that time? That’s criminal. And let’s talk about corporate conglomerates taking over plantations in Southern Mexico. In Luis Alberto Urrea’s Pulitzer nominated non-fiction narrative, “The Devil’s Highway” he mentions Starbucks, as an example of a corporation taking over coffee fields, leaving once thriving farmers to seek out work elsewhere–ultimately for the U.S. for work. Our favorite companies are taking their jobs! And that’s just one little segment of the immigration story; I won’t even mention the very fact that many of these people, primarily of Mexican descent, are immigrants in their own land. It really is a mess! And you say illegal is just a word? Oh no! It’s only where the debate begins. It starts with the disrespect of a people being objectified as “illegal” and it almost always (is this a revisit of 1994?) ends with a swollen economy and the very salt of our earth scapegoated because blaming the defenseless is almost always the easy way out. Again, let reiterate, human beings are not illegal. Paz.

For more info, please click on the link below.

Narsty says:

So I’m gonna boycott the Bee and most other newspapers simply for the fact that they won’t stop delivering and charging me when I’ve asked over 500 times for them to stop. As far as “undocumented workers” go, I don’t think we can get mad at them. I’ve had my job taken. That’s just how business goes no matter who takes it. Get mad at your government. The immigrants are just doing the same thing you would do in the same position. Don’t be the person that tells the homeless man asking for change to go get a job.