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Wish you were here: Ghostface Killah & Cold War Kids

‘Twas a busy concert-going week for me. So busy, in fact, I wasn’t able to get these videos up until now. So enjoy these looks back at Wednesday night’s sold-out Ghostface Killah show at Starline and Monday’s packed Cold War Kids show at The Cellar Door.

Just wanna say, for the record, that I don’t know that I’ve been a show in Fresno that was this live in a long time. I think the video should make it clear how wild it was in there. Props to all involved.

Here’s one of We Barbarians, who opened for Cold War Kids and really impressed me. Keep an eye on these guys.

So here’s the thing about seeing shows at The Cellar Door — I always start out with a good spot when one of the opening bands is on (see video above). Then between bands, I want to get a drink or talk to people. Then the headliner comes on and I totally lose my spot and get stuck way off in the corner somewhere. So these videos aren’t the greatest view (the last one is best), but whatever … deal with it.

Responses to "Wish you were here: Ghostface Killah & Cold War Kids"

teresa says:


Dammit. I hope he comes back.

Stephen says:

All the props go to HECKTIK. He did a great (as usual) job promoting, ensuring there was plenty of security, and running everything well from soup to nuts.

Here’s hoping for many more great things for and from him.