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Responses to "When local event promo videos go wrong …"

Heather says:

Maybe replacing the words “rape” and “rapist” with your own name isn’t the best way to go.

Abby says:

Wow. Just… wow.

Joy says:

I have no desire to see that show, now. Not even curious. Just makes me say “So now I know what day NOT to see what’s happening at the Tower Theatre.”

Famous says:

Idea = decent. There was potential for this to be funny/clever, even if it was a bit obvious. The execution just didn’t stand up.

Chase Sanborn says:

Sorry….didn’t get past ‘NovemEber.’

Beth says:

I have to agree with Heather on this one.

This makes me want to avoid this guy, not go see his show.

Danielle says:

I hate to say it but the guy succeeded at two things: getting his show a post on Beehive and making me laugh (at the horrible-ness, mind you). I’d say Chris Cruz accomplished his mission, as fail-worthy as it may be! lol

it started a little weak, but i was seriously laughing at the end.

i thought it was very funny.
kind of remindes me of a scene from the sort of python movie the rutles.

TK says:

Hey as a fellow comic in town, the credit goes to the genius work of Bobby Williams. The video was not made by Chris Cruz, nor has his face in it at all. He was the butt of the joke, not the creator behind such a talented video. Give all the respect to Bobby Williams, the CruzShip was just along for the ride.