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The Swedies: Swede Fest 6 awards


Welcome to the third semi-regular Swedies, the Fresno sweding community’s most prestigious award ceremony — that is, until Fresno Mag adds a category to the “Best of the Fresno” awards.

Saturday’s Swede Fest 6 was a standing-room-only hit at Starline, bringing together a wide ranges of ages to marvel at the inventive, low-budget and all around wacky local film-making. There was a full dockets of films — 15 total — with a number of great performances.

Without further ado, here are the Swedie winners. Honorees win the chance to print out this post, highlight their names and put it on their refrigerators. Highlighter not included.

- Best Motion Picture (drama): “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”
- Best motion picture (comedy/musical): “The Three Amigos”
- Best Actor: James McLane, “Raising Arizona” (and briefly in “The Three Amigos”)
- Best actress: Brittany Stapleton, “Psycho”
- Best supporting actor: Ryan Jones, “The Big Lebowski”
- Best supporting actress: Petra Carter, “Citizen Kane”
- Best director: (tie) John Rios, “The Breakfast Club” and 5-year-old Jimmy Cosentino, “A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit.”
- Best cinematography: Kyle Lowe, “Mean Girls.”
- Best props: “The Godfather”
- Best costume design: “Planet of the Apes”
- Best swede filmed over dinner: “The Wizard of Oz … at Yoshino’s”
- Best Mike Oz cameo: “The Wizard of Oz … at Yoshino’s”

Watch all the swedes from Swede Fest 6 (or any past ones) at If you went to the event, you should take this survey and give the Swede Fest dudes some feedback.

Responses to "The Swedies: Swede Fest 6 awards"

Jay Parks says:

Glad to see Temple of Doom nab the “Best Drama” award. That was a fine, fine piece of work.

Mike Oz says:

I agree. I was torn between Temple of Doom and Three Amigos, so I did it Golden Globes style this time, instead of just doing a “Best Picture.” Both were great.

John says:

I’m HONORED to have tied in the category of Best Director with the talented and visionary Jimmy Consentino. That kid was a shoo-in for the win, I’m glad I could share the award! :D

Jimmy’s response to hearing of his Swedie for co-Best Director, “Cool!” Thank you for recognizing all of his hard work.

Heather says:


Best Score: Heather McLane, Raising Arizona

Mike Oz says:

I’m good with this.

John says:

Wow, talented AND humble. That kid’s got it all!

brodiemash says:

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and supported local film at Swede Fest 6 and to the Beehive for bringing back the Swedies!

Bryan Harley says:

Agreed, they went far and above! The construction paper cave was glorious.

Kyle Lowe says:

Woo hoo! Great job guys.

Kevin Searcy says:

Woo Hoo!! Thanks a Bunch for the Best Motion Picture (drama) :) We really enjoyed filming ours and seeing everyone elses. Good job to all!!