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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Once you win that $15K diamond ring

Saturday brings us the sixth installment of Fresno’s wacky, magical and homegrown Swede Fest. If you’re unfamiliar, “swedes” are short, low-budget remakes of popular movies made by anybody — from experienced filmmakers to people with Flip Cams. Two other big selling points: the event is free and it’s open to all ages. Below is a special swede that festival organizers Bryan and Roque made to promote their appearance on “Great Day” this week, and it’s a perfect example of what sweding is all about.


Creative Fresno never stops! This weekend brings two worthwhile events from the organization of creative professionals trying to push Fresno forward. First, is the monthly blender, which is happening at 5-8 p.m. today at the recently opened Swiggs Bar Sports at 1440 E. Shaw Ave. I, for one, have been dying to try this place. Then, on Saturday night, CF is behind “Sexy Cool,” a DJ event at Tokyo Garden with Ms. Soulflower. As her name suggests, she’ll have the place dripping in soul.



The big concert pick of the weekend is in Visalia (big surprise, right?), where SF rock band The Dodos bring some three-piece indie rock punch. It’s is an all-ager at Howie & Son’s, starting at 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost $10. Rademacher opens. Here’s a taste of The Dodos:

At ArtHop last night, a woman was raving to me about the Twin Pomegranate’s wine. Why am I telling you this? So you can taste it for yourself this weekend. Specifically, the Madera wine-maker is having a launch party Saturday for its new wines AND help find homes for local animals. It’s called Paws and “Paw”megranates, and Valley Animal Center is going to be there with eager adoptees. In addition, there’s appetizers, live music and a silent auction. It runs 2-6 p.m. Tickets cost $20 and can be purchased here.


Sunday’s Zamar Music Festival promises a big bang for the buck, particularly for Christian rock lovers. There are seven bands — a mixture of local and touring — playing at 4 p.m. at Star Palace for a modest $10 price tag. Kiros and Children 18:3 head the list of touring bands while Mercy Fists leads the local line-up. It’s their CD release show as well.



Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend"

brodiemash says:

Thanks for the Swede Fest pluggage! Also, if you want to see the original intro and our sweded version next to each other to compare, peep it out HERE!

bino escobar says:

everyone should head over to joe’s steakhouse and take advantage of their .99 cent beers prior to heading over to swedefest.

Freswhoa says:

What does this mean Creative Fresno never stops? I’ve been at a whole lot of events at Audies and at other Miss Soulflower parties and you never see those creative people there. Whens the last time you saw creative Fresno people at a poetry slam. But I bet you they were all at the Post No Bills art hop thing

what do you mean?

do you go to events looking for them?

Dear Whoa,
“never see those creative people there”

Dude I am confused. I am a Fresnan (somewhat creative) and I don’t know what “those people” look like. Check the blanket statement, sir. When I hit up venues in town I am stoked to see them abuzz with vibrancy and life. I hope “us people” can get along.

Interestingly enough, at the Post No Bills show last night, one of my favorite posters was for a poetry event happening in Dec 2012…So I am planning ahead. Maybe divisive comments will subside by then. We have two years and two months to get our stuff aligned.


Mike Oz says:

If you were seriously asking what I meant, the answer is: Creative Fresno has been behind a lot of the events in the past month — Fuse Fest, Bartender Challenge, etc. And they’re still at it.

Fresnowhoa says:

It is a good thing to see that the creatives are planning to ignore poetry slams for the next two years as they have over the past year despite the fact that so many live at the same place that the poetry happens. But at least one creative fresno person is planning to attend in 2012, so that is a start. Spare me the Those People” dialogue. I know what Those People look like. They only go to each others events and I have seen them there. Those People don’t go very far outside of their circle though. Sorry for hitting the nail on the head and hurting your creative feelings.

Ray Arthur says:

Hey Fresnowhoa, I know exactly who you are and would recognize you anywhere (I have NO idea who this guy/girl is!).

I don’t remember seeing you at FUSE Fest two weeks ago, or the Paul Roberts organ concert at WARNORS last Sunday. Did we pass each other at Art Hop downtown last Thursday? Were you at the Rosie Florez concert at Audie’s awhile back? Why didn’t you say “HI”? How about Tony Blanco’s Magic Show at last year’s Rogue? And when was the last time you attended my weekly Rotary luncheon? Or said Hello to me as I walked my dogs at Sunnyside Park? You won’t see me at the Poetry Jam because … I don’t like poetry. Ray Arthur – C F Board Member

bradley says:

I think what Fresnowhoa is trying to say is that Creative Fresno is a insular group that does not support other events outside of Creative Fresno-sponsored happenings.

In making his point, Fresnowhoa has decided to call the people associated with Creative Fresno “those people”, driving home further the message of division.

Fresnowhoa also seems particularly upset about Creative Fresno not supporting poetry slams, making a thinly veiled reference to performances that happen at Iron Bird Cafe, and the Creative Fresno members that reside there.

See? It’s not that hard to actually say what you are trying to say. If you have a point, make it, make it clear, and stand behind it with your name on it. Otherwise you just sound whiny, your words carry no import, and your anonymity weakens your point. As someone who appreciates the value of poetry, you do not seem to understand the power of communication.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, or shut the f**k up.

Tony Persons (papaT433) says:

Bicker bicker. F&#% ART! LETS DANCE! Celebrate! If you need a pat on the back for being involved and being active….consider this a pat. Keep it real Fresno! Love and peace and poetry!

james says:

I know plenty of people willing to step outside of their circle now and then; interestingly enough, criticism from an anonymous poet is *rarely* their motivation.

Tony Persons (papaT433) says:

That being said….I think I’m going to try to hit Tokyo tonight. :-) We’ll see if my wife gives me the green light after my kids go to sleep. Haha!

Michael Medrano says:

As a poet I find this thread quite interesting, amusing, startling, and musically sweet. I find, for one individual who chooses to remain annonymous, as is her/his right in this forum, and a catalog of local artists and art supporters who choose to use their full names, as is also their right. I am concerned and empathetic towards Fresnowhoa’s comments, obviously because I am a poet but also because there may be an inkling of truth to what he/she is saying. I say that because this person is not the only person making such claims as the lack of full support from people of the arts community. If there are two or three people who feel this way, should we be concerned? Maybe Fresnowhoa feels isolated in the arts community?

Let’s face it, poetry is art but there are hundreds, maybe thousands in Fresno who don’t like poetry. For example, Ray Arthur says he does not like poetry. I don’t know if I can let Mr. Arthur get away with that statement. Maybe he, like the many individuals who think they do not like poetry had bad experiences with poems. The people at the Inner Ear, and other poetry venues are trying to show Fresno that poetry is really a brilliant art form and like all art, there are varying levels of experience; from the poets who sign the open mic list and are brave enough to share their words in fornt of small and large audiences every month to the veterans, such as myself, who have worked hard over the years (I’ve been writing and publishing for twelve years now). The Inner Ear, Beat Down, Ahh Yeah, and Metamorfosis are/were the best examples of the blooming poetic expression. Now, I don’t want to pick on Mr. Arthur, but he threw it out there: to say one hates poetry, (at least in my opinion) is to say one hates music, or art, or film. It’s such a blanket statement, que no? I can’t see how that statement can be accurate, considering that poetry is music is songlyric is expression, such as visual art and film, etc. It’s all art? Right? Music? Expression…Yes!!!

But, Fresnowhoa feels that she/he needs to voice this as a concern. I don’t consider her/his words as an attack or fingerpointing, but, maybe, Fresnowhoa feels left out of the mix this is really a way to say, “what about me!” Maybe Fresnowha’s comments is a poem, as anything can be considered a poem. Another thing to consider is where Fresnowhoa is in the creating game. He/she may now be only scratching the surface in full artistic participation in the Fresno arts community, but to hear an actual Creative Fresno board member say they “don’t like poetry” is really discouraging. Not only are those words discouraging, but can also be divisive which is what I do not want happen in the arts community. It’s too beautiful to war over like this. To paraphrase the venerable Chongyam Trungpa (Allen Ginsburg’s spiritual and artistic advisor) art is never about the ego, art is about expression through non-aggression.

Maybe in the full circle of things, we need to really take what we are saying and exam ourselves and consider people’s feelings. There are far too many artists (and I’m speaking on all artistic fronts here) with too much ego who are putting people down, for a myriad of reasons. Maybe we need to collaborate with a sensitivity geared towards changing the way we approach/support art and what our artistic expression would look, breathe, sound like with larger purpose. To give us all a starting point in that direction, I’ve included one of my favorite poems by the late Selma, CA poet, Larry Levis…Enjoy, and please, read it as loud as you want. :) Peace!

The Poem You Asked For

My poem would eat nothing.
I tried giving it water
but it said no,

worrying me.
Day after day,
I held it up to the llight,

turning it over,
but it only pressed its lips
more tightly together.

It grew sullen, like a toad
through with being teased.
I offered it money,

my clothes, my car with a full tank.
But the poem stared at the floor.
Finally I cupped it in

my hands, and carried it gently
out into the soft air, into the
evening traffic, wondering how

to end things between us.
For now it had begun breathing,
putting on more and

more hard rings of flesh.
And the poem demanded the food,
it drank up all the water,

beat me and took my money,
tore the faded clothes
off my back,

said Sh*t,
and walked slowly away,
slicking its hair down.

Said it was going
over to your place.

bradley says:


thank you for the poem from mister lewis

and i do like poetry. especially yours.

to respond a bit:

i felt strongly the words of our whoasome poet. The vitriol in my response was born out of several recent frustrating experiences in which certain individuals have taken an aggressive stance stating either directly or obliquely that I am somehow obligated to give them notice or support. And they felt this despite making no efforts whatsoever to give me reason to take notice of them. So I felt echos of this entitled attitude that rankled.

I felt s/he was expressing that Creative Fresno somehow owed him/her notice. And that specific individuals should have been at specific performances.

Perhaps my comment could have been rephrased in the form of some questions to our lonesome poet, thus being a bit more constructive:

- Have you made any specific outreach to Creative Fresno?
- Have you specifically invited any of the persons who you miss so much at your performances? Generic invites on FaceBook/Twitter do not count.
- Have you explored the programs Creative Fresno promotes and work on, and offered up a proposal that enhances or adds to their mission and goals?
- Have you participated in any Creative Fresno events and programs yourself, to get to know the organization and understand their focus and objectives?
- consider also that not every arts organization can support every type of artistic endeavor, and perhaps you are simply barking up the wrong tree.

Absent some of these basic efforts, I hazard our fresno whoapoet is not making a good first impression upon those whose attention he/she so clearly desires. Perhaps a different tactic would be more beneficial?

floydy says:

ARTICLE C SECTION IV – Creative Fresno Bylaws

No poetry slams.