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FTW Moment of the Day


A mommy blogger’s story of her 5-year-old son dressing up like Daphne from “Scooby Doo” has sure gotten the Internet’s attention today. It’s all over my Facebook feed, and blogs such as Gawker are picking up on it.

Basically: A bunch of other moms at their bible-belt pre-school got all holier than thou about her son’s costume choice and what it may (or may not) imply about his sexuality.

Usually, it’s funny videos and fail-worthy pictures that go viral. This, on the other hand, is extremely heart-felt, with a nice message about childhood, imagination, tolerance and judgment.

Blogger Nerdy Apple Bottom writes:

If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot. Firstly, what a ridiculous concept. Secondly, if my son is gay, OK. I will love him no less. Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off.

That’s just one great part. Do yourself a favor and take five minutes to read the entire thing, then pass it along to someone else.

[photo: Nerdy Apple Bottom]

Responses to "FTW Moment of the Day"

Heather says:

What a fantastic read. I hope the judgmental mommies mentioned get a chance to read this and have a change of heart.

Zara says:

Intolerance is LEARNED. I hope parents teach respect for others. No matter how they’re dressed. Or who they love.

Debi says:

This mother should be nominated for Mother of the YEAR!!

It’s always annoyed me that people feel the need to tell you “I’m a Christian” as if that gives them some sort of special pass. How about making your actions speak for themselves? Seriously, if you have to tell me this tidbit, I fairly certain I will begin to have my doubts about you.

Oh please. My nephew’s favorite color when he was about that age was pink and he turned out just fine. He also hated ice cream and loved broccoli. Scandalous.

me says:

The issue isn’t whether the kid is gay or not. Who cares about his future identity.The issue is Mommy Dearest taking advantage of her own child to get attention for herself. Now that’s sick.

JAK says:

That’s my concern too.

Heather says:

Yes, she’s all about attention, what with the writing anonymously, and keeping the identities of the other women secret, and posting a photo of the child and not herself …

Stephen says:

The kid’s not actually gay unless he dresses as Velma…that dyke.

559rell says:

Well, her straw man logic is sound… but, I do fear she’s not truly thinking about her son’s future. It’s not really about him becoming gay… it’s the making a spectacle out of your child before he gets to learn what a spectacle really is.
I’m sure he’s ok with it now after a few encouraging words from mom… but lets hope he doesn’t change his mind and realize years down the line that there’s a picture (possibly duplicated by god knows who) of him dressed that way on the internet, posted by mommy, calling him gay in big bold letters and then using it to tell off “bigots” anonymously.

This lady is more upset because she’s taken this as an attack on her personal views. She knows good and well what she’s subjected her son to. That’s just a sacrifice she’s willing to take… as long as she’s able to get her point across on the world wide web. This hasn’t been about her child every since she took to her podium.

Eaglepop says:

If this kids mother was a Muslim there would me not sarcastic remark about how this offended Allah. Since the area where the kid resides we assume the people are a bunch of bible thumping “Jesus Freaks”. Not every Christian is intolerant its just the opposite in this world every other religion is okay with the exception of Christianity. I guess that okay since we all live in the so called Bible Belt and we all have to be stereotyped! I don’t think the lady is wrong for dressing her Son that way Rupaul made a helluva living in the 80′s on MTV.Its okay for Jews, Muslims, or Hindus to criticize those within their own religion such as stoning someone to death for being raped but a Christian expressing an opinion about another Christian is blasphemy!

erica says:

If Eaglepop and 559rell would have READ the entire blog post you would see that the mother didn’t not “dress her child” up as a woman. The little guy LOVES scooby doo and begged his mother to buy the costume for him. Very similiar to other three year olds fixating on wearing rain boots or sponge bob square pants pajamas all summer.

I really don’t think the Mom is taking advantage of her kid. She is a Mommy Blogger and hello that is what she does. She writes about her life and the people in it. This was a significant event to her and so she wrote about it. That would be a completion of her job “duties.”

Debi says:

Thank you for bringing that point back around. :)

Eaglepop says:

Erica I guess you never watched Scooby Doo the character he’s dressed as is Daphne, which is a female. She dress her child as a woman that is her right, but don’t act surprised when people find it odd.

Kathy Mahan says:

What I find odd is people who think males dressing like women is odd. Haven’t males been dressing like women on Halloweeen for what seems like forever? I’ve definitely seem my fair share of men struttin’ it in high-heels for Halloween. Plus, doesn’t anyone remember “Tootsie” or “Bosom Buddie.” Once upon a time people thought that was funny. Why is it “surprising” or worrisome now? Just let the kid have fun.

Tecee says:

Erica – who is your mother. Didn’t she let you watch Scooby Doo or teach you how to read and decipher sentences? I hope that you don’t ever put your son in a lady bug costume or your daughter in a power ranger costume, you are setting them up for ridicule and a life of gender confusion. (she says with tongue firmly in her cheek)

erica says:

Eaglepop: I do completely understand that DAPHNE is a female. You seemed to imply that the mother whilly nilly decided to dress her son up as a female for Halloween. My point was that her child ASKED for the costume. So what it was female- he thought it was cool; which by the way was the Mom’s whole point of her article. He thought it was cool- she didn’t want to deny him- and what the subsequent fallout was. Maybe you should READ IT.

erica says:

Actually long before Dr. Phil was saying it my Mom taught me that the way you dress tells people how to treat you. I have always taken that advice to heart. SO yes I understand that may feel like a contradiction to my feelings regarding Nerdy Apply Bottom’s actions.

I think there is a huge difference in choosing as an adult not to dress like a slut and a mother choosing to ler her child dress up in COSTUME he wanted on Halloween even though it was well cross-dressing I suppose.

I happen to know a male friend who dressed up as a roller derby girl for Halloween and you know what- it was funny. He happens to be straight not that it even matters. This child liked a character and he wanted to “be” her for an evening so what is the bigging fricking deal? That doesn’t mean he will grow up to be a cross dresser; much like I am positive my friend will not be petitioning to joining the No-Town roller derby team anytime soon. Besides like the Mom said; so what if he does; she doesn’t care. That is the lesson this story was trying to tell.

559rell says:

If erica had READ my entire post, she could have discovered that I actually read the entire “blog” in question and that I had not once stated that the child’s mother dressed him that way.
It’s fine to misquote someone… and you could even get away with it, if you make sure that those words you misrepresent aren’t available & plainly visible, say, right above your own.

Daphne says:

Turn it to the left.
Turn it to the right.

Sashay, Shante.

Completely saddened says:

Isn’t it interesting how people took different points of view from the same story?

No wonder we still have bullies in grade school and hate in this world. It seems the lines here are either “it’s a costume, no big deal” or “he will be ridiculed, so don’t do it”.

Are you kidding me? Those that believe the latter should be be ashamed of themselves and should try to promote acceptance no matter what!!

erica says:

Sorry Eaglepop- after reading my original comment I addressed it to you and 559rel who really didn’t seem to have read the story. Sorry to lump you two together. My bad.

Eaglepop says:

I read the article and as I said its her right to let her son go as a female character for Halloween. I am a parent and I make the choices for my children they should get their way just because it is something they want. That is my opinion not trying to force it on everyone else, but as I said earlier do not be surprised if people find it odd!

Kelli says:

“Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short
Wear shirts and boots ’cause its okay to be a boy

But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
Because you think that being a girl is degrading

But secretly you’d love to know what its like
Wouldn’t you? What it feels like for a girl.”