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To-Do Tonight: Eureka!Burger add live music to the menu

In addition to serving up gourmet burgers and a long menu of beers, Eureka!Burger is occasionally adding live music to its list of offerings. Case in point: Its Wednesday Night Live concert series that brings young guitar slinger Trey Tosh to Eureka! each Wednesday night in November. The music starts at 9 p.m. and there’s no cover.


While we’re on the subject of Eureka!Burger, it’s also hosting an event on Thursday that’s a mixture of indie rock and indie film. Two buzzy local bands — Fierce Creatures and Achievement House — are playing and Fresno FIlmworks is offering a “taste” of the next film it’s showing, “Soul Kitchen.”

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The teeny boppers are at Sierra Vista Mall to see David Archuleta, while Nice Nice is at Neighborhood Cafe and Haste the Day is at Club Retro. Finally, Twist is hosting a Giants victory party.




Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Eureka!Burger add live music to the menu"

Stephen says:

Great food and live music…together?? WONDERFUL IDEA!

shhhh—don’t tell Rick ‘check your CUP’ Mirigian, or he might ruin yet another good idea/nightspot.

Hey, I hear Brad Jaurique and Mirigian are on the outs. What a shame.

jaurique says:

Stephen.. I already told you to stop saying my name… again as always you dont know what your talking about.
Rick and I have no problems at all. as a matter of fact we got bigger things planned…

Would love to meet you one day but im sure you wouldnt be up to it…
by the way how is starline doing?? ha ha