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Congrats to the San Francisco Giants … and the Fresno Grizzlies

As you’ve surely heard by now, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night. This is how the people in S.F. are celebrating. Looks fun, no?

APTOPIX World Series Giants Fans Baseball.JPG

Here in Fresno, there’s a lot of pride for the Giants win — even from an A’s fan such as myself, who couldn’t help but get lured into the Giants improbable run. I owe much of that to the Fresno Grizzlies, who gave me and thousands of others the chance to see this year’s World Series heroes before they captured the hearts of baseball fans nationwide.

Last night, I saw a Facebook post from someone saying she didn’t know she could have been watching the likes Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey right here in Fresno these past years. I was baffled by this. So for those of you who missed Lincecum, Posey, Brian Wilson, Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain — all World Series heroes, all former Grizzlies — or just want to see them again, here’s a little trip down memory lane.

2005: Matt Cain (center), the Game 2 hero, with fellow young pitching prospects David Aardsma and Jesse Foppert. (Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee)


2007: Closer Brian Wilson, the Giants’ most interesting character, sans beard. (Kurt Hegre/The Fresno Bee)


2007: Game 5 winner and Giants ace Tim Lincecum under the Fresno skyline. (Craig Kohlruss/The Fresno Bee)


2007: Lincecum in action. In this April game, he struck out 14. (Mark Crosse/The Fresno Bee)


2009: Top prospect Buster Posey arrives in Fresno. (Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee)


2010: Madison Bumgarner and Posey, the starting battery in Game 4 of the World Series, began this season in Fresno. (Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee)


2010: Posey stays in Fresno until the Giants call him up in May. (Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee)


2010: Bumgarner pitched with the Grizzlies until he was called up in June. (Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee)


Responses to "Congrats to the San Francisco Giants … and the Fresno Grizzlies"

Heather says:

Wow. I thought San Franciscans had more class than that. Proves that there are idiots in every town, I guess.

Good post, sir.

Mike Oz says:

I’m pretty sure that if you don’t light stuff on fire after winning a major sports championship, your city forfeits. Extra points are awarded for turning over cars.

The Fresnan says:

Yes, very well done post, Mike Oz – wish I would’ve come up with it.

Bryan Harley says:

They should totally do a 2nd parade in Fresno. ;)

The Fresnan says:

I can’t help but wonder what A’s GM Billy Beane must be thinking to himself this morning…
“Brain Sabian has a World Series ring and I don’t. Brain. Sabain. Has a won a World Series and I have not. What the hell, man!?”

Mike Oz says:

I think Billy Beane is probably plenty happy that Brad Pitt is playing him in a movie.

mdub420 says:

F the Giants!!

John E says:

I’m just trying to figure out how playing the Official Oakland Athletics Cheap-Veteran-from-the-Scrap-Heap Game (TM and C) gets the Giants a title but not the A’s, who invented said game.

The playoffs are indeed a crapshoot, as Billy once said.

CJ28 says:

Great pics Mike. The Facebooker you refer to must not be much of a fan, to not know the Grizzlies are 1 step from being Giants. But now that people seem interested in following the Champs, it may be good for the Grizzlies organization too. We should support our local team, because its good for our city, but also because you never know when you see the next Rookie of the Year or Cy Young winner come right through our town!

Mike says:

Not to mention other former Grizzlies: Andres Torres, Nate Schierholtz, Travis Ishikawa, Sergio Romo, Jonathan Sanchez, Eli Whiteside, Santiago Casilla.

I love going to the Grizzlies and then getting to see these guys succeed with the G-men!

Oh and since I just can’t get over saying this….THE GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES!

MF says:

Great post Mr. OZ!

Lisa Alvey says:

An excellent post Mike! Thanks for the photo round-up. I too enjoy seeing former Grizzlies succeed! FTW!

Wienzer says:

If the Grizzlies have trouble selling tickets next year, it’s their own fault. Marketing needs to start working on tie-ins and guest appearances pronto.

Go Grizzlies, Go Giants

Mike says:

@Wienzer I agree that the Grizzlies need to use this as a tool to draw fans as well. However, if the people of the greater Fresno area do not have enough pride to come out and support the Grizzlies then I say…Shame on them.

I love going out to Grizzlies stadium to catch a number of games a year. I don’t have season tickets yet bc I can’t quite afford um, but $8-13 for field level is a great deal. We have such a treat here in the valley and residents of the greater Fresno area need to take advantage of it.

Erik says:

I remember sitting with Mike Oz watching Tim Lincecum on $2 Thursday (or was it Tuesday?). He mowed down the AAA batters so quick that I had only gotten through two beers before last call. What an awesome experience watching a guy you saw in the minors clinch the World Series.

mdub420 says:

i’m an A’s fan and I go to at least 8 grizzly games a year. i just love baseball and hanging out at the stadium. I have dreams that the A’s will move to Fresno and take over LOL.

if these bandwagon Giant fans can’t come to a Grizzly game next season, then shame on them for even participating in the celebration with all you true Giant fans. A damn shame!!!

Please Mdub420 nobody is lamer than A’s fans can’t wait till they move to Sac town cause San Jose is Giant Owned as is Fresno so go cry about how low rent the A’s are and Giants are the Kings of Baseball !

Karen Jean Armstrong says:

Thank you for sharing these awesome photos!
We are transplants from San Francisco/Bay Area to Sacramento. Long-time Giants Fan, now combo Grizzlies/Rivercats Fans (torn between the two). We plan to visit Fresno for games.