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Win tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias

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UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Renee Ruiz! Thanks to the great number of you who entered.

ORIGINAL POST: Need a laugh? Well, comedy star Gabriel Iglesias is in Fresno this weekend, and we’ve got a free pair of tickets for one lucky reader.

Iglesias is performing Sunday night at Selland Arena, his biggest Fresno gig to date. The popular comic has sold out shows at Saroyan Theatre in years past. But as his star continues to rise, the “Fluffy Guy” is making a jump to the arena level. If you don’t win tickets from us, you can buy them here.

To enter: Just leave a comment below. Deadline to enter is 10 a.m. Friday. We’ll pick a winner at random and notify them via e-mail, so please leave a valid e-mail address and check it. You’re ineligible if you’ve won something in the past 30 days. No multiple entries. Full rules below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. One winners will be picked at random. To be eligible, a commenter must not have won a prize on in the previous 30 days. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias"

Steve says:

I’m in

linda says:

I’m a single mom on a very tight budget I don’t get out much. I would love to see my favorite” fluffy” man.

awesome!!! this is one dude who I’d like to see


Would love to see “Fluffy”

George Nichols says:

I just seen both his dvd’s for the first time this past weekend. The Guy is hilarious. I would love to win those tickets!!

Tyeisha Wright-Charlot says:

I would love to see this show I’m in need of a good laugh….

Edgar Gutierrez Z. says:

People tell me I’m fat but I tell them I’m fluffy!

Jerome says:

Hey I’m In laughing is good for the soul

Miguel Sanchez says:

I’ve been following him for a couple of years and love his comedy. He always interviews well and people I know who have met him say he’s a classy guy.

Ashley says:

I’d love to see him live :)

Danny Lamas says:

He’s is the best up and coming chicano comedian out right now.

Ilene Flores says:

My favorite movie? Cake,
My favorite food? Cake
My Favorite brands? Cake

Tudor Stanley says:

I need the laughter, especially on a Sunday

Karri says:

I am in FTW!

Jessica perez says:

I need to relieve some stress..
I love this guy

Ed says:

Pikachu aka Gabriel Iglesias…never scene him live, but would love to go on Sunday. says:

Would love tickets.

Lori says:

I love his bit on how he came up with the levels of fatness… The fluffy, the dayum, and the aww helllll nah!

Brad Lerma says:

I would love some tickets to see fluffy. says:

Choose me or I punch a kitty.

Cyndi says:

Needin’ me some Fluffy!!

Laura Rodriguez says:

I would love to see him in person but i can not afford it.

Lisa Ovalle says:

This Saturday is my 30th birthday (check my I’D) and I have nothing planned. I love Gabriel. His bits are so funny. It would be an awesome birthday present!!

zahira says:

I am soooo excited =)

Craig Themins says:

I would like to see him!

Koua Cha says:

I discovered Gabriel when I was on my way to a Fresno State game and the bus was playing one of his old videos. I heard his ‘fluffy’ joke & I couldn’t stop laughing! I’ve been a fan ever since!

Sarah says:

pick me!

Bino Escobar says:

I don’t see how all these people love this guy and don’t have tickets already. I hope I ween!

coach says:

he came up with the levels of fatness… The fluffy, the dayum, and the aww helllll nah!

PTolentino says:

With times so hard for everyone, it’s great that these giveaways give people the chance for some free entertainment in their lives….and as they say….. laughter is the best medicine!

Jane` says:

I love Gabriel Iglesias! He is so refreshingly funny and entertaining. I would love to see him! Keeping my fingers crossed….!……!!

Angela says:

My bf and I would LOVE to see, Fluffy!! :o)

Gloria Cachu says:

I Love Gabriel Iglesias, he is hilarious!!!and so FLUFFY!!!LOL



Susan says:

Oh Please Pick ME!

Scott says:

He does a great DVD,would love to see his show live.

Elizabeth says:

This FLUFFY girl wants to go see FLUFFY!!!

Cris Lopez says:

He is hilarious! Never seen him in person but I’d love to go.

Cindy Smith says:

My soon to be husband would love to see Gabriel Iglesias. Our first anniversary of our first date will be October 23rd, so this would be a FABULOUS way to end our weekend celebration.

Roxanne says:

We would love to go on a date night and see Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy.

Delia says:

¡Amaría ver a Gabriel! ¡Espere ganar!

Good luck to me!

Karina says:

oh, oh, pick me! pick meeeeeeeee!!

Sean says:

it’s the fat the furious!

Ally says:

I want to go see fluffy! He is awesome.

Melissa Watkins says:

I’d LOVE to be able to go see Gabriel Iglesias! Thought it was worth a shot to enter… I’m ::crossing my fingers::!

Oscar says:

Fluffy is the best!

Dory says:

My 13 yrs son loves Fluffy and would much like to take him. Afterall he deserves it, scored advances on CST test, plays football and traveling baseball and just qualified to play in the Triple Crown World Series next year…. so, me me me!!!

Chie says:

Best comedian out there. I think he will put on a great show.

Jose says:

free tickets…awesome….what a great way to release some stress

Dawn says:

He’s fluffy and adorable and he makes me laugh so hard to the point where I am near tears! Pick me!!!!

A.Moreno says:

I want to go see fluffy and his awesome performance.

Susanna Banana says:

I’ve heard he is great! And would love to confirm it for myself. Why should my kids be the only one’s to experience great comedian :)

Trudy Beihn-Hale says:

I’d love to go!

Teresa says:

My husband and me would love to see Gabriel!

Don says:

Fluffy fan who would love to see him in person!

Long says:

Laughing would be a great stress reliever for students :D

Roberta says:

I already got the cake made!!

Kris says:

Need some comic relief!!! HELP!! :)

William garcia says:

It would be awesome to go see, since I’m a college student having so much stress on right now, I could use a good laugh right about now

Marlen Miranda says:

I would love to see Fluffy I enjoy watching his shows on TV but do not have enough money to see him in person….Hope I get to see him..

dawn smith says:

Thank you for the giveaway! Everyone needs a laugh!
Viva la Gabriel!

Marlena Stuckey says:

OMG.. It’s Pikachu.. LOL.. Love love love Gabriel Iglesias.. It would be an awesome Bday present for myself…

Priscilla madril says:

I love Gabriel, I would love to see him!!

Jay Ochoa says:

Big Fluffy is Big Funny!

Kathleen says:

I am single mother and myself and my daughter who is also a single mom, have been trying save up the monies for this night out. I would truly would love to see the FLUFFY GUY. We stated making plans once we heard of him coming to Fresno. But having to raise our family FIRST, we have not been able to raise the monies.

My daughter is working a full-time job along with attend Fresno State full time during the evening hours. And that is my time taking care of the grandson.

I work from 12:00 a.m. to approximately 9:00 p.m. That is right, 21 hours a day, with three jobs and sending my other two daughter to High School as well.

Bertha mercado says:

My son loves him he know all his jokes, would love to take him to go see it

Diana B. says:

I love this guy! I’m in!!!

Indi says:

This guy is so funny! Would love to see him live. Maybe take him some chocolate cake ;-)

Rick Ramirez says:

I’m Fluffy, He’s fluffy, That makes us extra Fluffy & Blarge(Big & Large.

Molly says:

This guy does the BEST voices! He is hilarious! :)

Geni says:

I am not much into comedy. However, I would love to win tickets for my husband. We own a small business and he works 24/7. This would be a great time off excuse for him. Thanks

Steven Chabolla says:

Fluffy! My roommates and I get a kick out of watching this guy. So funny!

Freddy Solis says:

This guy is hilarious!

Robert Lopez says:

When times are down I could use a good laugh!

Keith Renge says:

My daughter would love to see Fluffy, it will be a great father and daughter day !!!!!!!!

Tom says:

Fluffy. Funniest young comedian. I could listen to him for hours. Looking forward to seeing Fluffy in person.

Woody Laughnan III says:

Love this guy!

Christina says:

Would love to have a date night with the hubby to see Gabriel!

Seeing Fluffy in person on Sunday with my hubby would make a great treat! I’d really love to win tickets!

Keith Renge says:

My daughter would love to see Fluffy, it will be a great father and daughter day!!!!!!!

charlie says:

I love his humor . I would love to see him live …

Eloisa says:

Fluffy!! I would love to see him!!

Josh says:

As a fellow fluffy guy, I’d love to see him live!

Reyna says:

I can’t say that I’m living paycheck to paycheck, have a disease, am a single mom, am depressed, or anything like that, that would pull on your heartstrings….. I’m in love, have my health, my mind, my spirituality, my kids….. it’s ALL good!! As a big Gabriel Iglesias fan, I would LOVE to win some tickets! Plain and simple!! Thanks!

Rick says:

Gabriel is the fluffiest!!! he is sooooo funny!

richard franco says:

This guy is one of the greatest hispanic comedians right now. i recorded his show on hbo and have watched it numerous times… i love his voice overs and his relationship with his step son is classic. keep up the awesome fluffy work Gabriel

Phil says:

I like Chocolate Cake!

TeeH says:

The 1st time I saw Gabriel Iglesias was at Club One Casino and Felipe Esparza was the opening act(This was about 8yrs ago). I’m sure this will be a great show, pick me?!

Fernando says:

Pick Me! My wife has the biggest crush on that dude!
He’s freaking hilarious!

Dale says:

Would love to Mr. Fluffy

Jeremy says:

Sign me up for Hot & Fluffy, I regret missing the show at the Saroyan.

Eddy says:

big sexy mexican guys=funny

Isabel Torres says:

awesome! i want to go

Katrina says:

I would love to go see a comedian who is absolutely hilarious and doesn’t need profanity to do that. Pick me!!!!

Samantha McMahon says:

Pick me I wanna See FLUFFY!!!!!

Virginia Wolverton says:

My husband loves Fluffy. He is not one to go out much, but if given the opportunity to see Gabriel, he would go. Give me the tickets!!!

Felix H says:

I remember when Andre Covington brought Gabriel out to Fresno State before he blew up (not in size but popularity). Great to see his career take off. I would like to see him live again but I like the prices better when he came to FSU $7.00 cant afford it now.

BJ says:

This is going to be great!

Courtney G says:

Hot n fluffy is the man!!!

Raul Reyna says:

i would really like to see this ive missed him the last 1-2 times he has come to fresno.

Tina says:

He makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants!!

Angelica says:

me me me!! i love this guy hes the best

Katie says:

I would love to see this man!!

christina f says:

need some fluff in my life…

Cody Madsen says:

It would be really great to take my mother to see him. She would love it!

Robert Torres says:

I would like to see Gabriel Iglesias, he is so funny. I have followed him ever since he was on Last Comic Standing.

Nick Thiessen says:

This guy is one of the funniest people alive today. It would be great to win those tickets

michael ortega says:

i would love to see fat boy.

Rebecca Ramirez says:

Our entire family are huge fans of Gabriel. My son is in the Navy and will be deploying soon, and before they go off to sea, they allow them to take leave. My son will be visiting us for two weeks starting Saturday, 10/23, it would be great to be able to take him to this show, or he can take his younger brother, either way, it would be awesome.

Nilai Moua says:

=] yay!

cherie says:

I am about to have surgery and I would love to be able to see you and have some laughs before I won’t be able to do anything for a long time. Your show would give me a better spirit as I am very afraid of the surgery. Please pick me as I think your about the funniest comedian and really know you would make be feel better. Thank you!

Jacob says:

I’m in

Michael Harris says:

Wife and I both definitely belonged to the “Fluffy Group” and would love seeing our “Leader”

Anthony says:

I want these tickets!!!!! So pick me PLEASE!!!!! Lol

letty says:

I would love to win tickets..thanks

Cisco Ramirez says:

From DAMN to FLUFFY, hope to win and see you there!

Vicky says:

I have always wanted to see Gabriel Iglesias =)

sandy kasparian says:

I would love to win these tickets as our anniversary was this week.

Monica says:

I’d like to win tickets, and wee what this “fluffy” talk is all about. He just looks plain sexy to me! Sexy is not fluffy! :)
Have a great weekend!

mexymindy says:

I sooooo want to take my boyfriend to see him but can’t afford tickets. Please pick us! We love Gabriel!

LAURA R. says:

Did I hear Cake and Tickets to see Mr. Fluffy?! Yummy!! Pick Me!! Pick Me!!

Beatrice Prieto says:

My favorite comedian. I would love to see him.



patrick says:

oh yeah im very intrested in going

Erika says:

I have seen some of his live shows that were put on DVD, he is hilarious and it would be awesome to get to see him live!

Julie A. says:

I love Gabriel Iglesias! He’s one of my favorite comedians and I would love to see him live! =)

Courtney O'Riley says:

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy!


I want to thank the academy , the Fresno Bee
For these tickets….

John Olmos says:

I want to see Gabbbbbbee reallllll

Patricia Torres says:

He is so funny, I could use a good laugh. and if i have time I will bring him a cake.LOL

Jay Perez says:

DAMN! (in Gabriel’s funny voice) I have a chance to win this funny man!

vonda deorian says:

Have heard great things about Gabriel would love to see for myself

Courtney says:

Fluffy men rock!

mike moreno says:

I’m ready!!

Martha says:

Gabriel Iglesias is a guaranteed good laugh.

Nancy P says:

How exciting!

alejandro ochoa says:

Laughter is the path for sadness…


Yes Fluffy in Fresno. Would love to go.

Shawn Carlson says:

He is super funny…

stacy motte says:

…I have a chocolate cake already made.

Sam says:

can’t wait for it..

briana says:

I love to laugh. Me and mom would love to see him. She hasn’t been out of the house and done something in a long time. I would love to take her to see him. and give her a good laugh again. Shes been through ALOT and can use a fun night.

Tony Martinez says:

ive seen all his movies and have all his shirts i am also a fluffy man and would love to go see him for the first time in person!!!!!! weel thanks

Veronica says:

My husband & I would love to see Fluffy.We just got married a month ago & his birthday is the first week of November. Gabe is too funny!!

paulette cardinale says:

I would love to see him AGAIN!

LINDA says:

Would Love to take my husband for his Birthday to see this show! We both never seen him and this would be a great opportunity & wonderful Birthday Gift for him.

Martha says:

I love fluffy!



Lupe says:

I wanna win. Please pick me. Please? My bday is this weekend.

katbon says:

I could use a good laugh right now!

Jovanna L. says:

I love this guy! I want to go soooo badly. :D

Shahob Nasrabadi says:

DONKEY!! I love Gabrielle.

Go Fluffy! Go Fluffy!

Go Fluffy! Go Fluffy!

CJ28 says:

I would love to take my husband to see Fluffy! He makes us laugh so hard.

Renee Ruiz says:

I need a night with FLUFFY!!!

Yessenia Gonzalez says:

I need to get away from college and work right now! I would LOVE to laugh!

JQ says:

I wannna see fluffy!!!! Pick me….please!!!?

Alex says:

I could use a laugh…

Christina S. says:

Saw Gabriel 3 or 4 years ago? @ William Saroyan. When he was still up & coming, just making his appearances on “Last Comic Standing”. Funny as heck! Would love to hear his new stuff.

Clint says:

But it was funny huh? Oh yeah, seeing Gabrielle would be awesome!

Vero says:

Scoopy, please randomly select me or I’ll rip off your wings.

David Manjarrez says:

If I don’t win send me some cake!

Michelle Manjarrez says:

This would be a great way to end our anniversary week.

Michelle Garcia says:

I would love to spend some time with my hubby without the kids and see my favorite comedian. We are always so busy this would be a great surprise. thank you !

John R says:

I need a date night with my wife and what better way than to go out and have a good laugh! We could all use this!

Angela C says:

Woohoo! Would love to win; he’s hilarious! :)

Ruben lugo says:

Pick me…please

Jamie M says:

Fluff Nation is invading Fresno!

Will trade e-cookies for win :)

They’re chocolate chip :)

Dan Newell says:

I would love to see him.

Overlin says:

He was on Last Comic Standing…..

What I want to know is where exactly did he hide his phone?

Naomi Vasquez says:

Just had mine and my boyfriends birthday pass last week.Would love to see him in person, it would be birthday wish come true.

Julie A. says:

Gabriel Iglesias is one of my favorite comedians and I’d love it very much to be able to see him live.

gjystina says:

i had a hard life and and he’s the only one makes me laugh and cry from laughing to hard