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New venue alert! Fulton 55


Noticed the construction across from Iron Bird Lofts? Wondering what it is?

Well, music fans and concert-goers will be happy to hear it’s going to a new music club called Fulton 55.

Here’s what you need to know.

NAME: Fulton 55

ADDRESS: 55 Fulton St. (corner of Fulton and Divisadero streets)

SPECS: Fulton 55 is a 7,500-square-foot venue that will hold about 500 people. It’s two stories, with the second level looking down onto the stage. There are bars and restrooms on both floors, plus a green room on the side of the stage. There are plans to add a kitchen in the future.

EXPECTED OPENING: Late November/Early December, pending a Nov. 3 planning commission meeting.

PHILOSOPHY: “We’re looking to do a venue here in Fresno to try and pick up shows that normally pass Fresno,” says general manager Tony Martin, who previously was the GM at Club Fred from 1990-1995 and whose experience in the concert industry includes time working at Pollstar.

“We’d like to have early doors, showtimes, etc, to get people into the show and out at a reasonable time. This isn’t going to be a neighborhood bar, it is going to be a live music entertainment place, similar to what the Great American Music Hall does in S.F. We will have comedy, folk, rock, ska, almost anything, except music that has a history of bringing in a rough crowd. With our initial response from agents and promoters, we should have no problem bringing in quality entertainment into the venue!”

Responses to "New venue alert! Fulton 55"

Famous says:

Seriously the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time. This is a HUGE win.

That would make a killer space for a kick ass pecha kucha event or SwedeFest.

And it is run by a person with industry experience.

Donny Marvin says:

Thanks to this wonderful new Venue I am losing my office mate, as I am very happy for Tony, I worry about what the future brings into my office, HaHa.

Tony will make this a top 100 US Club in his first year! This club will run 100% clean with all permits and will be a true gem for Fresno.

I am very excited about the talent that will come through Fresno, think Cellar Door in Visalia, yes Fresno, we will have it now!

Tony is extremely connected and has lots of relationships with the top promoters and agents across the US.

This is a huge win for Fresno, HUGE!!!!!

Michelle says:

Hurray for a great new venue in Fresno! Thanks Tony.

melanie says:

Super, duper, duper exciting! I was just saying to someone this morning about how Visalia gets the good shows, and now we’re gonna get them!! Yea!

Gary(Smiley)Baxter says:

Set Designer of 5 yrs. available to work at your venue. w/12 exp.managed remodels for Audie’s Olympic in Fresno,The California Instatute of Abnormal Arts In No.Hollywood, The Intertaineum in Down Town L.A. and many private studios for Vivid and New Century in the adult industry San Fernando Valley.
Also Play music and sound w/ many local acts such as Harsh Reality,Soular Power,King Sugar/Hobo Erotic and Llama Boy is my current Americana Rock band.

Cristobal says:

Sounds great, except for the whole “except music that has a history of bringing in a rough crowd”. That is very subjective and often prohibits good music from being heard.

Christopher says:

Any info on getting in contact with Tony??

Barry Falke says:

Great News!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Bryan Harley says:

I guess 875 Divisadero wasn’t as catchy? Did they change the address of the building?

Either way, awesome news!


This sounds like GREAT NEWS Fresno has been waiting a long time for. We need a place like that.

Mike Oz says:

The way it was told to me: There’s a door on Fulton and a door on Divisadero. Even though the actual entrance will be on Divisadero, they did think the Fulton name was better.

Jen Dooms says:

This is GREAT news for Fresno! We have needed a room this size for live entertainment. Tony Martin is definitely a smart choice in managers.

brodiemash says:

I hope I’m wrong but to me that reads as “no hip-hop shows.” *sigh* I hope I’m wrong though and either way, glad to see a place like this open up and be successful here in Fresno. Best of luck to everyone involved with Fulton 55!

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Great for Fresno, but I agree with Cristobal and Brodiemash. “Except for music that brings in a rough crowd?” That tells me no Hip Hop or Rap. But they will play Rock huh? I been to Modesto before, there downtown is developed and lively and they have well known Hip/Rap acts there all the time with no problems..and Modesto is half the size of Fresno?? Jeeze. Small town thinkin once again.

Anonymous says:

who will it be???????

Yo, let’s stop jumping to conclusions and painting with the “small town” brush. Let’s wait and see.

Bryan Harley says:

Yeah, it is better. Just curious!

Dale Stewart says:

Go get ‘em, Tony!!!

Stephen says:

Let’s see:

New venue.

Good size.

Good owner.

Good location.

Eh with parking.

And no one named ‘Mirigian’ or ‘Vartanian’ involved.

5 out of 6 FTW!

NerdMom says:

Nice, I think will definitely help out with the music/event scene.

blake says:

Go Tony Martin!
Hopin’ for big and wonderful things!

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

C’mon now Travis. I’m Fresno born and raised. I know how the social club scene works. But we will see.

Patricia Bebb says:

I live in the neighborhood. Where are they going to park? Questionable Neighbors???? Otherwise great idea. I can walk to events.

King sugar/hobo erotic? I thought the lineage was hobo erotic/the suppressors?

Fae says:

Is it an all ages venue?

Kassandra says:

This sounds like a great idea! It’s awesome that a step is being taken to provide more for Fresno’s music scene. Any kind of music can pull in people of a “rough crowd.” I’m hoping for the best! =)

Diana says:

yikes, this is smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. as someone who suffers the nightly overflow noise & parking of Babylon and La Luna Loca, I hope the owners are good neighbors and take steps to ensure that the club doesn’t have a negative impact on the already marginal neighborhood.

clubs are great! until you’re the one who has to work at 6 a.m. the next day and you’re trying to sleep thru the thumpa-thumpa of the music or the 2 a.m. last call shrieking girls and squealing tires and breaking bottles as the kids dump their open containers before driving home.

I’m looking forward to putting on a great show the opening weekend.

barfly says:

Finally, something well thought out and much needed in Fresno!! Responsible business people with experience pulling permits and everything? what a breathe of fresh air!! Best of luck for a smooth opening.

Jewels says:

This is great news. Make sure that there is room for dancing because that’s a pet peeve of mine. When you’ve got good music playing – you just have to get up and move!

JQ says:

really looking forward to seeing a show here.
best of luck.

Matthew Reade O'Donnell says:

Loving the “early doors”. Can’t tell you how many times I have missed opening and even secondary acts due to lagging at the entrance.

Shelli says:

Will the venue be available for other events or is it exclusive to music/entertainment?

parkbench559 says:

WIN. (LOL at stephen for Magirian/Vartanian truth)

Can’t wait for the opening. If Tony can’t do it, no one can. Best of luck Tony, and you know if you ever need a publicist…well, you know where to find me. :)


cacasita says:

this is all fine and dandy, but no music that has a history of bringing in a “rough crowd?” that’s B.S. that means you 1) you know it’s difficult to even try and operate a venue in fresno because the cops suck, and 2) you are bowing down to the cops and THREE! you have no balls and 6) you are totally not going to make as much money as you can. B.S.

Jeff says:

I thought this was going to be Roque’s Barcade & Funporium circa Cross streets #7???

Donny Marvin says:


Donny Marvin says:

Club has not even opened and you leave a negative comment, takes huge balls to open a Club in this economy, slow down and let’s see what happens.

Childers says:

Personally I would have gone with Da Viz, but that’s just me. “Hey, are you going to see Cold War Kids at Da Viz tonight?” No address change needed…

Childers says:

This sounds similar to the House of Blues in Anaheim, which would be beyond awesome in town. Really excited to hear!!

Bryan Harley says:

We decided to locate elsewhere, they can have it. :)

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Rod Piazza and Honey…in February…I WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE…

Carrie says:

Having owned a music venue downtown in the past (Fagan’s) I can tell you the volume of people needed to come downtown will be tuff. The venue is so badly needed of this size. There are plenty of great acts that would stop. But local music folks will not fill this space (except people like Patrick will make a pretty good dent).
What needs to happen is FRESNO CITY COUNCIL needs to promote that the downtown area is SAFE !!!!
I tried to do it by myself(and didn’t have the $’s to continue)
North Fresno people need to know it is ok to come downtown. It is safer than Riverpark and Fashion Fair !

Larry says:

outasite!!!! IL have been to many show at Great American Music Hall. I you even come close to that S.F. landmark we are ROCKIN. We are ready for you lets roll!!

Deb says:

Super Excited about this! I love Audie’s but it is too small for some of the venues that play there. I’m hoping Fulton 55 will have a good bar?? Can’t wait for LGB and Cashed Out!

Fulton 55 sounds like the places I see in LA and the Bay area. I’m looking forward to checking it out performing there someday !!

Dianne says:

Will there be room for dancing when Steve Lucky comes on 2/11?

Mike Oz says:

Yes. The downstairs floor area can be configured with tables and chair or be wide open depending on the act. For the swing show, you can bet it’ll be wide open.

Cindy Pierce says:

Fulton 55 was a vacate building. What business was it before? Where is the best place to park there? Looking forward to Birthday party!

Mike Oz says:

Best place to park is probably just south of the venue in the surrounding areas around Iron Bird Lofts, or going west toward the Lamp Post.