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Screamup Tweetup! Screamup Tweetup!

Hey, y’all, Screamup Tweetup at Fright Night Scream Park is less than a week away. Are you scared already? It’s next Thursday, Oct. 21, featuring good peeps, spooky attractions and nice discounts to said attractions. There’s also a pre-party at Rio Grill with cheap drinks and free food. What’s not to like?

Did you ever notice that the name is a bit of a tongue-twister? Screamup Tweetup. Go ahead try to say it a few times fast. That’s what we asked people to do. Enjoy the results.

To RSVP to Screamup Tweetup, send a message to @fresnobeehive on Twitter.

- Heather McLane (@heatherinfresno)
- Alisa Manjarrez (@alisa_m_)
- Josh Tehee (@fresnofamous)
- Kim “Burly” Schuller (@kimburly)
- Henry T. Perea (@Perea4Assm)
- Zara Arboleda (@cbs47)
- James Collier (@jamescollier)
- Heather Heinks (City of Fresno)
- Joan Obra (The Beehive)
- Blake Jones (Blake Jones & The Trike Shop)
- Kiel Famellos-Schmidt (@kieltfs)
- Donald Munro (The Beehive)
- Caroline Wade (@ediblecreations)
- Travis Sheridan (@travissheridan)
- Kathy Mahan (@fresnobeehive)
- Mike Oz (@mikeoz)
- Chad Pickens (@HamsWayChad)



Responses to "Screamup Tweetup! Screamup Tweetup!"

Mike Oz says:

I will state for the record, that I think Caroline was the champ. Travis did well, but he sung it, which IS easier.

Dude, don’t hate my strategy. I’m just waiting for someone to auto-tune it.

Jay Parks says:

Sheridan by a mile.

Caroline says:

For the record… I count me saying it 22 times & Travis saying it 15 times ;-)

Zara says:

Nice product placement, Mike.

For the record, if it was on TelePrompTer, I would’ve nailed it…