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You Review: Maroon 5 vs. B.o.B.

Thursday was a big night for concerts, with dueling shows by Maroon 5 and B.o.B. Maroon 5 was at Save Mart Center with Bruno Mars and One Republic, while B.o.B. was at The Big Fresno Fair with Fashawn.

I was at the fair, while Kathy was at the Save Mart Center. Where were you? And what did you think? We’ll offer some thoughts and you can leave yours in the comments.

Maroon 5 is a really good live band. With a stripped down stage — just a few lights, mid-stage riser and a disco ball — they don’t rely on a lot of razzle-dazzle to win the crowd over. They rely on the voice of Adam Levine. And it works. Thursday night’s show at the Save Mart Center was an hour-and-a-half of really good singing. The radio hits, the newer tunes and a couple covers (Al Green!), all sounded good, really good. The best moments came from an acoustic set featuring Levine’s beautiful high tone, a piano and acoustic guitar. The whole show could have been that set up and would not have disappointed.

Opening act Bruno Mars, who was charming and suave, really impressed. He was solid in his short 30-minute set that featured his hit with B.o.B. “Beautiful Girls” and his current No. 1 hit “Just The Way You Are.” One Republic’s 45-minute show was good, but not as good as Mars or Maroon 5. But the kids in the audience really seemed to like it, if the high-pitched screeching was any indicator. Overall, the three acts together made for a soulful, groovy show.

B.o.B. showed perfectly what’s made him one of the quickest rising stars in hip-hop — his ability to throw down Outkast-influenced raps and his courage to play guitar and cover songs by MGMT. Of course, the crowd was there to see his hits — “Airplanes,” “Nothin’ On You” — but he showed them much much, with a high-energy, 10-piece stage show complete with live band, dancers and singers. Opener Fashawn also got plenty of love from his hometown crowd. He was glowing to be on a big stage in front of the Fresno crowd, and proved why he’s a rising hip-hop star too.

Did you go to either show? What did you think? Highlights? Lowlights? Favorite songs? Anything else? Let’s hear your reviews!

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[photos: Eric Paul Zamora / The Bee (B.o.B.) and Carlos Camarena / Special to The Bee (Maroon 5)]

Responses to "You Review: Maroon 5 vs. B.o.B."

Bino Escobar says:

Went to see B.o.B.! It was a good show. I was pissed off that I had that stupid PVC pipe,that marked the section, in my seat for most of the show. It was wedged in between the back rest and bench, so I was unable to sit back. I complained to the guy in charge, and all I got was an empty apology. “Sorry, but it has to stay there until the first song of the main act is over”. Then I asked security if I could move. “No, that’s the seat you paid for. If I let you move, everyone is going to want to move”. I had that stupid pole behind me for more then an hour. Those seats in the VIP area sure looked comfy. Another thing, with all the money the fair makes, I don’t see why they can’t fix the parking lot. I’m boycotting the fair! Me and the BFF can no longer be BFF.

ahmward says:

The Maroon 5 concert was one of the best at the Savemart Center this year. The two opening acts were really good and since the last time they were in Fresno, M5 and Adam Levine have studied Stones’ videos and developed their guitar playing. Levine strutted across that stage imitating Jagger when he was younger. With a few exceptions, the great guitarists of my era are either dead or unable to perform with the intensity they did in their youth. M5 is stepping up to the plate. Each act came on stage on time and performed extremely well saving the best for last.

Ashley says:

I was at the Maroon 5 concernt last night. All 3 bands were amazing. I really only know the one Bruno Mars song and have always been kind of “eh” when it comes to One Republic but they both blew me away. Maroon 5 was just to die for. The description of their set by Kathy is spot on. I don’t think anyone left there disappointed. And now Maroon 5 songs have been stuck in my head since I got home at 11:30 last night. So glad I went.

Lisa Vang says:

Well, thanks to you guys, I got to go to the Maroon 5 concert and had excellent floor seats, so Thank You!

The concert was fantastic. Maroon 5 is just pure genius! I never really noticed before, but Adam’s body is very feminine, haha. They really do know how to work a crowd without doing much at all. Their disco ball was an excellent prop and got everyone up and dancing. My favorite song that they performed was their new rendition of She Will Be Loved. I absolutely loved it. They are just great entertainers and the whole show kept me on my feet. I had so much fun, and thanks again!

Ashley says:

The first thing my friend and I said yesterday when they came on stage was “wow, he’s femme!” And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marc M. says:

I was at the Fashawn/B.o.B concert. After getting jerked around by the ushers/security people for our seats, we were able to enjoy the show in the section that we actually paid for lol. I’ve seen Fashawn numerous time, and each time he’s improved his stage presence…this time was no different. And I’m now a big(ger) fan of B.o.B. after seeing his live performance. Overall, it was a really good show.

…and bonus points for being able to have an ALL AGES hip-hop show!

Maly says:

I was at the Save Mart Center. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. All 3 were perfect together. Some say that OneRepublic wasn’t as good as Bruno Mars & Maroon 5, but their performance was amazing. Gotta give it to Ryan Tedder, he played multiple instruments and has a great voice, well ALL of them did. Left me wanting more. If you guys were just kind of “EH” about any of these bands, seeing their performances, would make you LOVE them. Bruno Mars did an awesome job & Maroon 5 came what they were supposed to do. Doesn’t need props or crazy outfits, just himself performing was more than enough. They all have talents and they use it well! Overall, a great night to remember & one of the best!

Christina says:

WOW! I wanted to go to the concert sooo bad, I’m especially jealous I didn’t go after seeing all these fabulous photos! Thanks for recapping =D

Anthony says:

Pretty bummed I couldn’t make it to the Maroon 5 concert last night but at least I’ve got my CD and these pics to get a pretty good sense as to how amazing it really was!

dwightanjr says:

OneRepublic was the best sounding of all 3 bands. They should’ve been the Headliner. Ryan Tedder is the best song writer and has the better voice. They really put on a fantastic show last night!

Carlos Perez says:

I am a 21-year-old Fresnan who has NEVER been to ANY concert in the Fresno area before. Months ago, I heard Maroon 5 was going to be coming to the Save Mart Center this month and my heart soared.

When I was about 13, I listened to a little of their music when they were known as Kara’s Flowers. A year after I discovered Kara’s Flowers, they had transitioned themselves in the great pop band they are today: Maroon 5. I’m in love with their debut sound in Songs About Jane. The music, to me, is so natural and talented.

As the years progressed, I’m not saying their talent has faltered at all. Rather, their sound has slightly changed but that doesn’t detract from the amazing music they deliver.

Their performance at Save Mart Center in Fresno was outstanding. They started the show with “Misery,” their first single off their new album, Hands All Over. As the show progressed, and they started “Give a Little More,” another song off Hands All Over, they lit the disco ball and that really got the audience up on their feet (if they weren’t from the start).

Adam Levine and the band performed a fabulous cover of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, which had the whole crowd singing (though everybody was singing 95 percent of the time already).

The show ended with an [expected] encore. The section I was sitting in had been waiting for them to play Sunday Morning the entire night. Let’s just say–the band saved the best for last. The show ended with lead singer, Levine, introducing the band with the drum riff of Sunday Morning playing in the background. [The music was quite a tease, as I found myself growing anxious for the song to start].

Finally, as keyboardist Jessie Carmicheal was introduced, the first jazzy chord of the song was hit and the crowd roared.

The night was amazing. While Bruno Mars and OneRepublic were great opening acts, Maroon 5 definitely took it home.

Can’t wait for Levine to bring the band back to Fresno!

Sandye Black says:

So no one bothered to review the local performers contest at the Fair Thursday night. Too bad that we can cover all the BIG talent, but can’t even support our hometown bands. It was a super show. Much better than either of the other two shows could hope to be, in my personal opinion. Raven’s Nevermore rocked the show, and Say Swear, and H47 were great, too, as were most of the other bands.

jon says:

BY FAR OneRepublic stole the show in Fresno, I came to see both them and Maroon 5- and while Maroon are amazing live as well, there was just a sincerity, and energy that OneRepublic had that blew Bruno off the stage and gave M5 a run for their money. They had less lights and props and did more with less. I’ve always liked their songs but have been kind of ‘eh’ about seeing them live- they are now my favorite l live band- anyone that missed this show missed out- Maroon 5 was killer too- Bruno was good as well, really pop, but catchy. He needs to get some real touring under his belt I think-


america says:

if you missed Maroon 5 in concert… well lets just say you missed one of the greatest concerts to hit Fresno… i was really amazed Bruno and OneRepublic are really tallented musicians they can hit really high notes and Maroon 5 was just amazing and genius…. i was left wanting more… i cant wait till they return for another concert, more than a year from now because there last concert is in 2011… amazing job guys…

Jan Shaw says:

ARTISTdirect has the exclusive video of OneRepublic’s live acoustic performance of “Secrets” at Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Fragrances event!