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I Hate You, Mike Oz Vol. 7

So, it’s been a while since I did one of these, anyhow …

—–Original Message—–

From: JOSHUA []
Sent: Mon 10/11/2010 11:10 PM
To: Osegueda, Mike – Fresno

I find it simply amazing that you are imployed by the fresno bee and that your garbage reaches people.

i am removing myself from and i intend to send a letter to your boss before i do. your posts are pointless.

and i hope to God my kids never,ever find you online.


To Joshua’s children, or anyone else, I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (yes, still) and right here on The Beehive.

Responses to "I Hate You, Mike Oz Vol. 7"

Ernie says:


Heather says:

I hope Joshua’s kids don’t find out he’s illiterate online.

Famous says:

That’s it?

He says your posts are pointless. OK, I get that. But then why all the fear for his children? He hopes. To God. That’s serious.

I wanna know why.

Michael says:

The subject is in all caps, he means business.

NerdMom says:

So what did you do? Did you tell him off in the store or something? I would expect some sort of supporting data.

Conlan says:

That’s it? No specifics? I’ve got nothing to work with here, other than the previously noted illiteracy.

Roger G says:

I hope to GOD his kids find spell check.

Mike Oz says:

I wish I knew what I did. I wrote him back to ask, but haven’t heard back.

JOSHUA Impersonator says:

ARE YOU SERIOS?I CANT Beleave you did put a privit conversation on the BEE. You’re editor should be eshamed.

I find his outraged manner to be quite refreshing. Come to think about it, he’s probably the guy running @centerdinfresno.

bradley says: email address.


Ryan says:

Poor guy still has an AOL email address. I’m sure he’s just bummed out it’s not 1996 anymore.

HarmsWayChad says:

I would be truly amazed if this guy was “Imployed.” I often wonder what type of people still use AOL, this just answered my question. I hope for his kids sake that they never find this post of his online!

Joshua you make me weep for your kids future.

JoyUnconfined says:

The thing I find a complete disgrace is that there isn’t even anything interesting about this guy’s dislike.

Your posts are pointless? This is not unlike his unsupported opinion.

One COULD point out that you know how to spell employed, or at least know how to efficiently use spell-check, which is why you ARE employed.

But perhaps “imployed” has some other meaning, a meaning to which only your mysterious Joshua is privy.

Probably not.

So he hopes to God his kids never find you. I’m going out on a limb to guess that’s because you tend to write about things that his kids might actually want to do, things they might want to see, places they might like to go, and ideas and viewpoints they might do well to ponder rather than swallow whole the insular world “pa” would prefer they inhabit.

Beware the letter to your boss from the guy that can find the caps lock for the subject line, but forgets where the shift key is for the rest of the correspondence.

Yes, indeedy.

Ivory Gretts says:

Joy, my thoughts exactly.

Yaj says:

Aw, Joshua needs to get a gmail and some condoms.

Claire L says:

Not to put you down, Mike ( I think you’re a pretty swell guy)… but I think God has much more important things to worry about than whether or not this man’s kids find you online. ;)

Michael says:

I still have an AOL account.

Christina says:

I think you can actually hear the twang in his voice via e-mail. Mike rules!

Matthew Reade O'Donnell says:

Mike, you are the keeper of the flame. I know of nobody else with such a passion for the scene. Keep it up and pass on a word to him from the rest of us: STFU!
Did this all on my phone with no spell check!

Roberta says:

So what did the great and powerful Oz do this time to deserve such a fierce tongue lashing?

Roberta says:

So what did the great and powerful Oz do this time to deserve such a fierce tongue lashing?

Jeff says:

I feel bad for Joshua, he will never get the chance to see that you wasted you “imployment” to acknowledge his whine.

JOSHUA lives in chile

Rochelle says:

I think you could take this guy on in a “Point Counterpoint” dialog. It could be a regular feature on the Hive. I would love to see you post, “Josh, you ignorant slut….”

Poor Mike... says:

I find it MUCH more shocking that Heather is employed by the Bee….

…. unless they pay her in Jujubees.

Mike Oz says:

Speaking of jujubees — you make all these comments without using your real name. No jujubees? I’m sure Heather would let you borrow some if you ask nicely.

MaggieJoy says:

ZING! love it.

Claire L says:

C’mon… we all know that the little boys on the playground only pull the hair of girls they REALLY like…. Heather doesn’t have a hater….more like she’s the victim of a weird psuedo adolescent crush.

Wienzer says:

what, no Friendster?