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Barbis sues Hagar … for $589 million?!?


Thought we’d heard the end of the Fresno Wabo/Milt Barbis/Sammy Hagar drama?

Not even close.

A big headline from today’s Bee, plucked right outta ridiculousville, is that Granite Park developer Barbis is suing Hagar, the famous rocker and Cabo Wabo namesake. For how much you ask? Oh, only 589 million. Ridiculousville.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, names a few others too, but the main target is Hagar, who was just in Fresno last week, playing at the fair. According to Barbis’ lawsuit, everything that went wrong with Fresno Wabo (spoiler alert: A LOT went wrong) was Sammy’s fault.

It’s worth noting that we’ve see this kind of drama before — between Sammy’s previous suit against Barbis, Barbis’ bankruptcy and a Granite Park raid by the IRS and state department of insurance.

This new lawsuit does give us some more behind-the-scenes, soap opera-like, play-by-play. Here’s the juicy stuff, as reported by The Bee’s John Ellis:

Barbis’ lawsuit describes a disastrous and chaotic string of events from the moment the contract was signed to open one of Hagar’s Cabo Wabo cantinas at Granite Park.
Cabo Wabo failure

It paints Hagar as an arrogant tyrant who threatened Barbis and micromanaged the design and construction of the cantina, which resulted in millions of dollars in cost overruns.

When Barbis asked why he couldn’t use the beer and tequila that was most profitable, Hagar allegedly replied: “Because I [expletive] said so. I’m a hall of fame rock star. I can do what I want.”

But wait, there’s more:

Soon, however, Hagar and an associate were dictating construction details down to where plants and trees outside the building should be located. Hagar then demanded construction be halted for a major building change — a 40-foot-high lighthouse on Cabo Wabo’s exterior wall. Those demands delayed construction by nine months, the suit says.

Other changes and delays are listed in the suit as well. Eventually, it claims, Hagar left a message on Barbis’ cell phone voice mail that said multiple times: “I am going to [expletive] kill you.” Barbis played the message to “multiple people,” the suit says, but after it was played for the Hagar associate named in the lawsuit, he “grabbed Barbis’ cell phone and erased the message,” the suit says.

The cantina opened on Aug. 28, 2008. Hagar was supposed to appear, but contract disputes delayed his appearance. He demanded new contracts, the suit said, and a two-night appearance for around $18,500 became one night for $28,000.

Oh, man — this is gonna end up being better than the best episode of “Law & Order.”

Responses to "Barbis sues Hagar … for $589 million?!?"

now this is ghettoe

Jeff says:

I love that Barbi is purportedly threatened by Hagar in a voice mail message (was Barbi dodging Hagar’s calls) and he deletes it?

Wonder how long it takes the courts to toss this case?

Weaver says:

To bad none of the $589 million will go to the employees who didn’t get paid (like me of instance).

Jason W says:

this sucks! sad reminder… I thought Cabo was a pretty kick ass opportunity for FresNo. If I was Barbis i’d just go ahead and sue for 590 million haha.. 589 is just a weird number?

mdub420 says:

That’s real talk!! The City isn’t even going to get paid after Milt gets his $100 million. Bank on that!!!!

james says:

I bet you wish you owned right about now.

thatfresnodude says:

i think he was going for 559 but miscounted.

Am I the only one to disagree?