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The Penthouse goes comedy

The latest venture by promoter Rick Mirigian to spice up Chukchansi Park and downtown nightlife? He’s starting up comedy shows at The Chuk prior to the The Penthouse (aka The 600 Club) slips into nightclub mode on Saturday nights.

Headlining the inaugural show this Saturday is Ellis Rodriguez, a multi-racial comic from NorCal who served in the Marines at one point. Doors open at 8 p.m. Show starts at 8:30 p.m. and runs until 10 p.m. when the club opens. A $10 cover gets you into both, or you can hit up @RGMFresno on Twitter to get on the guest list for free.


A couple semi-related items:

  • Coming up next weekend at The Chuk is a special performance from Fresno hip-hop king Planet Asia, who is using the show as an early birthday celebration and a bon voyage before heading off to perform in Europe. The show is on the concourse level of the stadium, then there’s an ensuing party in The Penthouse. More info on the fliers:

  • Another upcoming comedy event from Mirigian is Nov. 20′s “Nerds Attack the Tower” show at the Tower Theatre. (Or, perhaps “Atack,” according to the flier). On the bill are two ex-TV stars — J.J. Walker from “Good Times” and Dustin Diamond (aka Screech) from “Saved By The Bell.” More info and/or tickets at the Tower Theatre’s site.


Responses to "The Penthouse goes comedy"

JLH says:

If it’s anything like Rick’s comedy booking at chuckchansie during RUMBLE IN THE PARK…could be a total is the usual with his stuff lately (and Im using my name)

mdub420 says:

I can’t wait for the night Stephen performs at the Penthouse!!

novo says:

Hopefully they will have better security. Went there last Saturday and it basically turned into a brawl that spilled into the elevator and then into the streets. Screaming, trampling u name it. Went on for about 20 minutes and took half of FPD to stop with taser guns. I think the security guards were holed up in the office downstairs during the whole bit. Won’t be going there anytime soon unfortunately..

Brian Roth says:

Rick always throws AWESOME events and brings new life to Fresno. Thats what we need here in Fresno is more people like Rick who try to bring great events to the central valley. Thanks Rick and i gaurantee the shows will be jaw droping, stomach hurting Hilarious!!!!!!!!!

jaurique says:

John are you bashing because you were not asked to perform? I will talk to Rick and I am sure we can let you perform one night.

jaurique says: Link to Youtube announcement of the concert…