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Beef: HiS Magazine vs. Fresno Magazine

As I mentioned the other day, HiS Magazine has finally joined the Fresno Internets. It’s part of a whole attitude change happening over at HiS lately. Speaking of attitude, the new HiS is coming out swinging — at Fresno Magazine. Check out the blurb below from HiS’ “Cool vs. Crap” section (click to enlarge). We’ve had our bouts with Fresno Mag, so I’m not here to judge. But I certainly will grab some popcorn and watch this play out.


Will Fresno Mag respond? Unfortunately, HiS doesn’t appear to have a comments section for a certain magazine editor to show up and spout off. But I guess Fresno Mag is kinda, sorta blogging these days, so maybe there? Either way, can’t wait.

Responses to "Beef: HiS Magazine vs. Fresno Magazine"

Famous says:

Yeah, I saw this and thought, “Why would you want to go there?” Just don’t see how dissing FresnoMag makes HiS Mag look any cooler. That’s just me.

Mr. Incognito says:

What’s BEEF, BEEF is what you see when you chillin’ in the streets… Classic!

HIS mag has a cool fresh writing style,

Fresno mag is for the bathroom and my grammas coffee table

ben says:

pointless but kind of true. the “best of” issue had mostly chain restaurants and very little local establishments

james says:

Not my approach to convincing someone how awesome something else is, but it’s entertaining. To the HiS crowd (Anthony, I’m looking at you!), know that this opens you up to an even higher level of criticism. Fail to deliver awesome, and the internets will bitch slap you.

ben says:

^james is correct

adam says:

I think, if HiS can avoid printing anymore articles like this one, they can join the ranks of other mediocre media.

Forget about the potential for catty jabs at one another, if neither delivers readable or usable or just plain enjoyable substance, who gives a damn? Because I want to read an article that shames overweight men by suggesting there are no women who are attracted to them because of their “man boobs”? Or an article that lists all the expensive cars some celebrities own?

But hey, I don’t really care for men’s magazines anyway. Let them duke it out with Fresno Mag. It wouldn’t be very manly to back down from a fight after all. At least, not according to the dated stereotypes men’s magazines would have you subscribe to.

JLH says:

the real contest is to see who goes out of business first.

adam says:

And what the hell is this?

The make-up lady gets credit, the photog gets credit, and some woman in a weird three-photo shoot who is apparently only known by “ESPN 1430 Girl”?

I could be the first of my Facebook friends to like this, but I have no idea why I should.

parkbench559 says:

Yeah, I really want to see Ray Appleton’s stupid tattoo. What marketing genius thought that was a good idea? Fresno Magazine may be one big advertorial, but HiS doesn’t cater to us wimminfolk anyway. So it’s ALL litterbox liner for moi.

Have a day.


hismagazineonline says:

Happy to start the conversation somewhere.
Firstly, we’re working on getting a comment function on the website. Should have a fix soon.
Secondly, the poking fun at Fresno Magazine is mainly due to our belief that Fresno can be better than just one point of view. We’re making some changes here at HiS Magazine and we’re really excited about the dialogue we’ve already started with current and potential readers. We hope the inevitable rivalry with Fresno Magazine will push both publications to provide more current and interesting point of views.
Thirdly, we are very aware and more than a little nervous about living up to the expectations we have set for ourselves. But that only makes us hungry. The one thing I’ve heard from most feedback is the desire to have a magazine that celebrates Fresno in a way that we can be proud of. We’re only one perspective, but we think we’re a popular one. We have some growing pains to work out, but we are also incredibly grateful and open to the feedback of the community. Doesn’t mean we’re going to cater to it, but we do enjoy seeing if it jives with our vision.

HiS Magazine is on it’s way to being THAT magazine. A magazine that celebrates what many are proud of in Fresno and explores what many may not yet know. It’s a men’s magazine for the active Fresno man. Whether that be physically, mentally, socially or culturally. It won’t be a magazine for everyone, but those we do serve will find it entertaining, informative and cool.


That’s the goal we’ve set for ourselves.

Anthony Taylor

PS: Thanks for the heads up on the edits needed. It’s not the reader’s job to edit our work, but we appreciate the heads up. We’ll do better in the future.

Alison says:

still here, and though not flashy or edgy it is a useful publication.

adam says:

It would be really cool if Fresno had an innovative, progressive men’s magazine that didn’t cater to the likes of Jay-Leno-rich-car-owners, didn’t foist an amateur version of FHM or Men’s Health on the public, and generally avoided targeting the misogynistic tendencies of our society.

But it’s a lot easier to target an existing market than attempt to foment a new one or build a small, existing one.

floydy says:

there’s no innovative, progressive men in fresno.

floydy says:

if you need a knowledgable perspective for your piece on four loko, please let me know.

pk says:

So if this is the MEN’s magazine is
‘Fresno’ the womens magazine?
I don’t know what the demographics on local publications are but would be interested to know if you think ‘not serving’ %50 percent of the population is such a good idea in this economy, or is this just a positioning ploy to start out with more to come….
….and who (men/women) does the majority of the magazine purchasing…..?

hismagazineonline says:

It’s an interesting question I’ve heard posed a few times. I guess my response is that in this economy, it’s more important than ever to use your resources as effectively as possible.

HiS Magazine operates in tandem with 1430 ESPN Radio. Our demographic then is inherently male dominated, since the two entities should be supporting each other.

We don’t subscribe to the belief that in order to be successful you must be everything to everyone. Instead, we’re going to focus on one segment of our population and do our best to make it a worthwhile investment.

And in the process…we feel ALL people MAY find something in HiS Magazine that appeals to them.

A happy accident to be sure.

Nancy says:

“So if this is the MEN’s magazine is
‘Fresno’ the womens magazine?”


james says:

Effective marketing – in any economy – is about knowing your audience and speaking directly to them. Even if that means not serving 98% of the population.

mzjlyn1 says:

HIS Magazine I dont know who your PR Manager is but fire them immediately. This is what we call a “Crisis” and its meant to be learned from… Your target market is FRESNO,the people and its businesses. I dont think its very smart to point out to them that its not their job to edit your magazine nor to basicly state we love feed back, we just disregard it. This is where I advise my clients to smile and nod you cant alienate your market, if you do then who is going to read your magazine?

No readers = no ads. No ads = no money. No money = well you get the point. Its simple really.

You said you have a vision well it sounds to me like you need a public relations department to make sure that vision doesnt get lost or mudled for the public. You cant fire shots and not expect fall out.
Good luck and God bless both publications.

hismagazineonline says:


Miscommunication. We meant that it’s not the reader’s job to edit the magazine, it’s ours. It certainly wasn’t meant to be a dig on the people who actually read the magazine and website.

We respect your opinion of who the target market SHOULD be, we just disagree. We aren’t alienating OUR market. We are simply targeting a market you don’t feel is large enough to support a magazine. We feel otherwise.

We feel the magazine should listen to the readers but also help inform them with a point of view. No one likes a “yes man” or a toadie, and I don’t think anyone wants that in a magazine. Plus, let’s face it. Some people just have HORRIBLE ideas. We won’t implement every idea, but we’re certainly open to hearing different points of view and seeing what we feel would work in the scope of the organization.

We appreciate the call to fire our PR Manager. We walked into his office this morning and gave him a stern talking to followed by a beating, tongue lashing and a whoopin’. Thanks for the advice.

Anthony Taylor
Head PR Department Thug

Paulii says:

Anthony – I think you have it right. Mzjlyn1 – you sound like an over-reactor.

Niche products are the way of the world today. Trying to be all things to all people both dilutes and neuters the message.

Having a little attitude, making a guy smile, these are needed things. Life currently is a bit too serious, too introspective, seems too pressure packed every day.

I like the focus and the energy coming from the HiS team.