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Shout out to a local hero


UPDATE: Our new local hero — Victor Perez is his full name, we now know — made the top of this evening. Here’s the story from his perspective. Perez is destined to be on “The Today Show” or “Good Morning America” soon.

ORIGINAL POST: By now, you’ve probably heard about the 8-year-old girl, who was kidnapped last night from the front of her home. Thankfully, she was found this morning, and safely returned to her mother.

The latest from The Bee is that the suspected kidnapper, a 24-year-old named Gregorio Gonzalez, has been arrested. But perhaps the most riveting part of the story is how a good Samaritan helped the little girl escape.

[the girl] bolted from the kidnapper’s pickup truck early this morning after the pickup was cut off and stopped by a driver who had recognized the truck from television reports. [Police Chief Jerry] Dyer said the “good Samaritan” had followed the pickup, then cut it off after he saw the little girl’s head pop up in a window.

We still don’t know exactly who this heroic guy is — KMJ says his name is Victor — but he deserves a virtual pat on the back from all of us.

*Note: We’ve removed the girl’s name from this post, keeping with The Bee’s policy of not naming children who are victims of crimes.

Responses to "Shout out to a local hero"

chukknob says:

Victor is awesome. It takes a lot to risk your life for another. That man deserves a pat on the back for sure.

MsJoey says:

This is why I LOVE FRESNO!!!!!
What a relief for her and her family!

Debi says:

Yes he does deserve a huge pat on the back. I don’t watch the news much but caught this story last night. It was impressive how fast FPD acted too. Way to go Good Samaritan Victor or whatever your name is! We’re glad you got involved and didn’t get hurt in the process.

Molly Marina says:

That is so incredible and very glad to hear that the news coverage plus a good citizen potentially saved her life!

Heather says:

I think that little girl deserves a pat on the back also for having the presence of mind to run for it when the opportunity presented itself. That’s pretty extraordinary for an eight-year old who was probably scared out of her mind.

Stephen says:

Heather is right. and where did she run to? were police nearby? Did this Victor guy help her??

I’m glad it was this Victor guy who did that and not 75% of the rest of us, or Gregorio would be dead by now.

Thank GOD this little girl is safe. Thank AMBER ALERT, too.

MollybyGolly says:

Can we find out Victor’s name~ my family would love to send him a thank you gift card? Perhaps the Bee could collect the gifts and then get them to this good samaritan???

Stephen says:

MollybyGolly, you organize it, and instead of giftcards, let’s all send this guy 10 bucks. He’s out of work?

Guy deserves to win the lottery for doing what he did, scared as he was. He’s obviously not a small guy, but the ahole who kidnapped the little girl could’ve had a gun. Luckily the kidnapper wasn’t very well organized and was still in the same car and in the same area after having that poor little girl all night.

I hope the little girl gets the help she needs to overcome this trauma, and I hope Gregorio rots in prison (and later, hell).

Meanwhile, count me in for my ten bucks. This Victor guy deserves the world.

novo says:

Just a head’s up: You guys might want to remove the girl’s name from the beehive story now.

Anna says:

Great Job … but for the MOM kids should be in before Dark

Frank Portillo says:

Way over-the-top heroism……Forget the pats on the back…Let’s find this unemployed worker a job like right now! Unheard of bravery!

Jennifer says:

Really? I don’t think we need to blame the mom here, nothing in the story suggests she did anything wrong. Kids in before DARK now? In the winter that’s like before 6p, all we hear is how obese kids are getting and how they need more exercise and running around outside instead of sitting inside all night. It was not midnight, it was like 8:30.

These kids were in a group, tried to get away from the guy and even had adult supervision yelling at them trying to help. This monster forced her into his truck…an 8 yr old is no match for a grown man.

No wonder parents nowadays are so overprotective–to the detriment of their kids sometims. Because they are the ones who get blamed for a completely senseless and random act of violence, even when they may have done everything right.

pk says:

Front page of MSN, Fox News and CNN….
A great Fresno story….yay!
A selfless act….a true hero, Awesome!

Claire L says:

I agree! Obviously he’s the kind to go above and beyond.