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Wish you were here: Mucca Pazza

Mucca Pazza could be the house band at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory — part insanity, part magic, all mind-bending fun. Its performance Wednesday night at Audie’s Olympic was unlike anything I’d ever seen.

Here was this marching band with mismatched uniforms and cheerleaders who had pom-poms made of “Caution” tape, either crowding onto the stage or crawling around the club, playing where ever they wanted. The crowd was smiling and laughing the whole time, something you don’t always — but should — see at a show. If you ever get a chance to see Mucca Pazza, do not hesitate, do it.

Here’s what you missed if you weren’t there.

Responses to "Wish you were here: Mucca Pazza"

Famous says:

Yup. Totally wonderfully magical show.

Here’s my take on the evening.

Joe Osejo says:

I’ll be regretting not going..forever :(

Mike Oz says:

I’d like to add that Love the Captive deserves a big thanks for bringing this show to town. I know Johnny Q (LTC’s main man) was kinda thinking this was gonna be a flop in terms of attendance. It probably wasn’t as full as he would have hoped, and they probably didn’t make money, or even cover costs. But when I left and I went and thanked Johnny. He said he was glad he booked the show.

Andrew says:

That show was crazy in all the best ways. I “danced” a waltz near the end of the show and wound up between the two trombone players, dodging the trombones as they moved past my head. Awesome.

And they played “Chick Habit” as an encore, which made me happy to no end.

The camera angle’s giving me flashbacks, too. I was right next to you and Famous for half the show.

blake says:

it was totally worth a bit of sleep deprivation today to have seen this band last night.