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Fresno vs. Detroit: By the numbers

The Notown vs. Motown debate is still going strong, after Meg Whitman’s comments Wednesday. There’s an updated story in today’s Bee, which is worth a read. But the most fascinating part was this side-by-side comparison:

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BONUS: Dunno if this is coming up for everybody, but this is EPIC ad placement for Meg.

Responses to "Fresno vs. Detroit: By the numbers"

Heather says:

I’m voting Meg Ryan for governor. She’s perky.

Dave is stayin in the No

Mike Oz says:

I’m voting for Dick Whitman. He’s so mysterious.

CJ28 says:

Looks like Fresno wins on all counts. I’m surprised at the unemployment/poverty rates there. Happy to stay right here!!

erica says:

That random banner ad placement is hilarious.

AttyKendall says:

Meg Whitman made an off-the-cuff remark she should not have made, and she has been both criticized and defended.
But worse is Bill Jones, who works for her and claims Fresno as his home, who made a considered statement that her comparison was accurate. He particularly referenced unemplyment rates, which are in fact almost 70% higher in Detroit.

Justin says:

Is the unemployment rates in the graphic from 2008? I looked up both Fresno’s and Detroit’s unemployment rates and they were 15.9%(May 2010) vs 15.4%(Nov 2009) respectively. I couldn’t find a more recent % for Detroit.


Smokey Behr says:

If you look at the numbers for Detroit, you’ll see that everything is twice as bad there as it is here. There’s no real comparison between a city that has been run by corrupt Liberal Democrats and Union thugs for the last 30 years that has been in decline for far longer, and a city that has had honest leadership from (mostly) Conservative Republicans with a growth rate that any city would envy.

The only comparison that I can see is that the Central Valley has been ignored by the Federal Government, especially our Senators. Babs Boxer isn’t even bothering to schedule any kind of campaign event outside of LA or the Bay Area.

Danny says:

An important point is that if you look at the Detriot region, not just the city, it’s doing far better than the Fresno region or San Joaquin Valley. It doesn’t really matter though our problems are a little different then Detroit and Fresno isn’t in good shape, that was her main point sooo i don’t really get what this is all about…

Smokey- your a little off on calling the city leadership honest and our growth rate doesn’t mean anything if the growth has caused the city to become poorer.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU?….nothing….Vote for Meg…she has been to Fresno 15 times…She loves the area….EBAY made millions because of her… the state need NEW….not DEAD BROWN…

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Meg for governor… WHAT WILL BROWN DO FOR YOU?…nothing.

woooaaahhhhh, Bee says:

Yeah, where did those unemployment numbers come from?
AP is reporting Fresno’s unemployment for the month of August as a FULL PERCENTAGE POINT HIGHER than Detroit.

And if “honest leadership” is what got Fresno where it is today, then I wish we had some more corrupt people in power.

D Bunker says:

I’ve never been to Detroit, but how can Detroit compare to Fresno? According to these statistics Fresno has more than 100% of the people in Fresno. How can any city compare to Fresno with stats like that? Just when they thought they had us beat, here comes our extra .2%!!!