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Adam Carolla returns to Fresno — in person


If you were one of the many upset when Adam Carolla’s morning radio show got the boot (from Fresno and radio altogether), you’ll be happy to hear that Carolla is coming to Fresno on Dec. 3 for a stand-up comedy show.

He’s performing at Tower Theatre. Tickets cost $33.50 and $43.50, and are set to go on sale Oct. 1 at 10 a.m. Aside from his morning show, Carolla is well-known from Loveline (with Dr. Drew) and The Man Show (with Jimmy Kimmel).

Responses to "Adam Carolla returns to Fresno — in person"

ed says:

dang, i thought it would be cool to try have my podcast work with love the captive to try and make this happen, but someone has beat me to it. but this is good news, and i’m very likely to go.

hopefully the street will be back together by then.

Arthur says:

Ace Rockolla? Here? In Fresno?! Count me in.

Brad says:

He also has a podcast network.

SamEyeAm says:

Get. It. On!

Kassandra says:

I hated Adam Carolla’s morning show…he’s just not funny to me at all :/so happy Kevin and Bean are back!

Adam Corolla is one my faves! I miss his morning show, and happy to see he’s coming to Fresno, gonna have to get tix!

Adamrocks says:

You seriously felt you had to go out of your way and post you hated the Adam Carolla morning show and kevin and bean are better.You really have nothing better to do?