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Wish you were here: Soulful Sundays

On Sunday, I went to brunch — yes, brunch — at Veni Vidi Vici. It was a special event called “Soulful Sundays,” organized by the fabulous Devoya Mayo. It was part of an occasional series of themed Sunday brunches. This one was a tribute to Michael Jackson, with San Francisco’s (by way of Fresno) DJ 4 a.m. spinning.

Here’s what you missed if you weren’t there.

p.s. VVV has some really good fried chicken.

Responses to "Wish you were here: Soulful Sundays"

bradley says:

SUCH a fun day :D

Mr. Incognito says:

Now that’s what Sunday should look like…

Marc M. says:

Damn…I wish I could have made it >.< …so when’s the next one? haha :)

devoya says:

everything was great. that sangria was the business though. oh and the table full of girls w/ michael jackson tattoo’s. nice~

Andy says:

ha…a picture of my hastily-made menus

MsJoey says:

I totally wanted to be there.
Sick kid kept me home.
Next one for sure!

jason chavez says:

I need more of that fried chicken.