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Once again, Rumble in the Park is taking hits like a punching bag


Did anybody go to Rumble in the Park 3 this weekend? Was it as bad as all the TV news reports led me to believe?

CBS 47′s and ABC 30′s stories made the event sound like a major disappointment. The story by 47′s even called it a “downtown disaster,” while saying people felt “disgusted” and “ripped off.” Ouch.

But it wouldn’t be Rumble in the Park without a little bit of controversy, right?

As you might remember, the first two Rumble in the Parks were in Woodward Park. Having MMA in Fresno’s serene park caused a big fuss and ultimately turned into a campaign issue for Mayor Ashley Swearegin, who vowed to stop it.

This time around, the controversy is a little bit different — apparently the event just didn’t live up to the hype. The two-day event, organized by your favorite polarizing promoter Rick Mirigian, promised 60 MMA, boxing and wrestling matches, but fell way short of that. It was fight promoter Jason Wiener, however, who booked the MMA matches that never materialized.

Thousands were supposed to pour into downtown, but the crowds on TV didn’t look so big. The TV news stories also focused on a foul-mouthed comedian who performed between fights and apparently offended at least a couple people. The online version of CBS 47′s story says Mirigian is promising refunds to unsatisfied ticket buyers.

It seemed a bit odd that the TV news would be focusing on whether an event lived up to expectations or not. Because you don’t see that story every day. Nobody was out at Rockstir — for example — making sure people got their money’s worth. But I guess when it’s Rumble in the Park, downtown and Rick Mirigian, that’s a combustible combination.

Responses to "Once again, Rumble in the Park is taking hits like a punching bag"

Jason Millar says:

You don’t have to pay to see fights in downtown Fresno. I know a couple spots on the West Side too.

Rob says:

Haha….funny……it read, “Organized by your favorite polarizing promoter Rick Mirigian.”

Jordan says:

Considering it was Rick Mirigian who put this failure together…I’m laughing at him all over town after saying he’s the “biggest Promoter” in the Valley.

Marc M. says:

A couple of my buddies went to the fights expecting the last 3 hours of the event to be MMA fights. Needless to say, they were disappointed when they only saw 3 MMA fights TOTAL. Although they had tickets for the event, they told me that you could have just “jumped the fence” and got in for free…apparently security wasn’t enforced too much at the door?

mdub420 says:

I laugh at the people who said they were there so they can enjoy a family event.

Steve says:

So apparently some of the complaints were about the cussing in the comedy acts at the end of the show? Some people apparently thought that it ruined the family atmosphere.

“Oh no, are you kidding? I’ve got grandkids and family. It’s not worth it,â€� said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says Saturday night was a prime example why Fresno often gets a bad rap.
“This is why we’re not going anywhere, when they let stuff like this happen. It’s just a disgrace to our city and the people that live here.””

No dear sir, YOU are why Fresno gets a bad rap. Seriously grandchildren at an MMA fight is your idea of a family outting? Unless these are much older grandchildren you really need to rethink your idea of appropriate family entertainment.

That goes the same for the people who took their crying kids to see Machete at Manchester last week. What is wrong with people?

geesh seems people in fresno dont like anything

the noice says:

Sad to See that Ever Since Rick Snitched his events have been going downhill..karma is a mf!

Jessica says:

This was a racquet plain and simple. Disclaimer – I attended on Sunday with comped tickets, so I didn’t complain when our tix said the event time was 6 pm, only to find that was the END time. Although we took it for what it was, it was HORRIBLE to see the earnest disappointment only a kid can have when I saw a boy run up to his dad after he learned the promised MMA exhibitions were non-existent. As for those who would protest kids even being there, I think it’s a feeble attempt to distract the discussion from the real problem -The vendors and ticket holders were completely ripped off!

I will make a point to never attend and discourage anyone I know from attending another of this promoter’s events. There is no way there was a good faith attempt to deliver what was sold.

I saw were several groups of people just showing up on Sunday at the time printed on there tickets for an event that was already over who I in no way believe will get one red cent back from the promoter- but to be honest, it wasn’t worth their time to begin with.

floydy says:

try putting together 5 fights that are worth a sh*t instead of 60 fights with no implications.

Stephen says:

Grrr. Getting information on this has been impossible.

Matt Ryan says the results of the fights are in the print edition of the Bee….like anyone gets that anymore.

No one has named the comics who were SO profane. Who??

And I see Rick Mirigian has decided to stop payments on the checks of the comedians, which is BS. Unless Mirigian said “Hey, keep it clean” and they didn’t, it sounds like the comics showed up and did their gig as promised and therefore earned their keep.

Of course, if the comics knew anything about Mirigian, here’s hoping they immediately cashed those checks the very second they received them…except I’m betting they never got them in the first place.

Poor Rick — Once again he can claim that he’s lost more money than any other promoter in town.

isaac says:

Why would anyone even waste the time or $ to go to this? Casper was prob out there taking pictures . Ha !

RGM says:

Yes, people are right overall not a good event from my standpoint. The boxing went well, MMA did not happen and the Celebs did show up and sign but with MMA being the anchor it did not do well. There were 6 different events that took place over two days there. No excuses, the MMA hurt as thats the draw. I dont deal with or have anything to do with the fight card but have made sure refunds are made to those MMA fans not happy as well will give tickets FREE to three major shows I have coming to the Tower theatre, selland arena and saroyan theatre,there is one per month coming starting in Oct. Anyone that went and was not happy please email me and I will take care of you FREE. In the end, a lot was learned from trying something so big over two days with so much involved and so many people, this was not a one fight event but had 6 things in it. So I will take the bad, learn from it and adjust and go forward. Nothing is learned or perfected with out trying, most people would not have the balls to attempt something that big but are quick to talk out of the side of thier mouth and find only the fault of an attempt. Even so, the event set the record for the largest crowd for amatuer boxing in the Valley and state…that itself was amazing, just read Sundays front page of the sports section, while it fell short in some areas, it did well in others.

Anonymous says:

Did Bobby Valentino at least show up to THIS event? SMH

Snaker says:

“I dont deal with or have anything to do with the fight card but have made sure refunds are made to those MMA fans not happy as well will give tickets FREE to three major shows I have coming to the Tower theatre”

sorry but i dont think anyone wants to go see Screetch homie,lol…hahahahah Ricks a joke!

john says:

Pack up your trash and get out of Fresno. You are a laughing stock of Fresno and nobody believes anything you say. You are an embarrassment.

G says:

Rick “the looser” Mirigian, did it again, his big mouth is always better than any of the fights he promotes, please rick get out of the game and rumble out of Fresno while you are at it.

sickens me to see some of the comments of people bashing you


These weenies have never attempted to do what you are doing

keep promoting and doing these events there are many many more people out there who appreciate you than dont

mdub420 says:

I agree with you real Dave. I don’t like RGM especially after he threw low blows at all the people attacking him over starling. However he is making moves and doing things. He has a positive attitude and is looking to move forward and do other big things. He’ll hit a homerun again. I wish i had the drive, determination and most importantly the balls do to a quarter of what he does. He may be a dick but you have to have that attitude in order to make it in life.

Cupman says:

How very sad , oh, wait…. Hahahaha Hahahaha

indyfan says:

I was there on Sunday and although the fans seemed to enjoy the show, the fact of the matter remains that most of those in attendance showed up for day two expecting to see the remaining MMA fights.

So the comedians were last minute replacements to make up for a lack of fights and wouldn’t be paid. So that means that the promotor knew he could not provide the product that he sold and he did nothing about it?

Speaking of not getting paid. This guy sold thousands of tickets. Where is the money? Who did get paid?

He sold tickets to a two day MMA show and only provided three fights.

I know for a fact that the wrestlers paid out of their own pockets to be there based on the promiss that they would get the exposure that comes with performing in front of thousands of people. What was to stop them from cutting their losses and not performing on Sunday when the crowd was obviously not as promissed.

The guys as the local PPW promotion should be applauded for providing the only entertainment and paying their own costs to do it.

Without them the paying fans on Sunday would have paid to watch the grass grow.


Jeff says:

It is real nice to the Real Dave supporting Rick’s events downtown, if only he wasn’t “avoiding downtown” he might actually attend.


my event went sour. so, here is your money back and some free tickets to my next event.

when that event goes bad, i will give you your money back and free tickets to my other next event.

umm when did I say aything about going downtown in this post, Rick is a good guy doing good things, downtown to me sucks but ive gone to some of his events there and other parts of the city,

so whats your point?

I also hate asparagus, broccoli and mayonaise

duh says:

obviously, you don’t get the point. HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING GOOD FOR FRESNO. He didn’t do anything except make it more difficult for the next guy who actually books what he promises and tries to get people to show up.

The only thing he had the balls to do was print a flyer, hook up with the stadium-again, and leave ticketholders, vendors, and performers feeling cheated out of their time, money, and a good time in Fresno.

yeah, I was there to see the disaster, were you?

Stephen says:

Rick had nothing to do with the fight card.

I, too, have worked as a promoter of MMA fights, in Illinois, and I, too, had to work with someone else handling the fight card. And when fighters dropped out, the guy I worked with did absolutely EVERYTHING in his power to make sure a fight happened. He would call a guy 2 hours away 3 hours before the fight to have that guy drive down and fight.

When we promised 9 fights, there were 9 fights, or people got their money back ON THE SPOT.

Know how I made it work? The fight card organizer and I split the money. See? We shared the money. We shared the costs, and then we shared the profits.

If the fights didn’t happen, he didn’t get paid.

We weren’t silly enough to promise fights to our audience and then offer comedians. But if we did, we would have paid the comedians, because we hired them, offered money for them to show, and if they did, they get paid. See? That’s how “contracts” work.

So to sum up, we offered something, we provided something, and people got what they paid for. Then we made sure to pay the people who were our vendors and our performers.

That’s called being an “honest promoter.” And if we were to try something new, something very very hard to do like 60 fights in 2 days, well, we damn well would have made sure there were at least 55 of those fights. Or even, heck, 50. Or maybe even, y’know, 40. Or at least 30, giving back 1/2 the money to the people as they came in.

But if there were only to be 3? or 6? We would have properly cancelled the event and still paid anyone money we owed them and we would have tried again some other day…or not.


Free tickets to your next shows so you can claim they were “packed” and did well?

That’s sorry on so many levels. You tried it, you didn’t have it, but you went and did it anyway. You owe people money back, you owe vendors money, and you owe more of an explanation than “Hey, it wasn’t me.”

You suck.

parkbench559 says:

Hasn’t anyone heard of a contract?
Either there was a contract including deposits for the MMA card, and they owe RMG, or there wasn’t. Which would be just dumb.

Someone You Owe says:

I Despise Rick for Doing events with other people hard work and money. He never paid me a dime for all the work i did on his show. So no Its not a good thing that he is doing for the community if he is robbing everyone trying to do it. I have full reason to bash on him ans say he is a worthless piece of crap that will rip anyone off if he gets a chance. It would be doing something good if he did honest business but there is nothing honest about Rick Mirigian except the fact that he is honestly a piece of horse s***. He doesn’t care who he walks on and how he is still around is beyond me. I guess not enough people have been taken advantage by him yet. Im just stoked to see how it is starting to bite him in the ass. this is what he deserves for being soo shady. I hope he ends up on the streets with the rest of the low lives that’s where he belongs. FYL Rick Mirigian

mdub420 says:

I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because this world has some backasswards rules or what. If RGM really is that bad, then how come he’s the one with the city backing him up, the lifestyle, the women, and the Hollywood movie coming out? For Christ sakes this guy goes into a baseball card shop and finds a six figure collectible card!!! Is this guy Satan himself?? I try to be an a$$hole and people just laugh at me lol.

jaurique says:

Wow, I am very disappointed in the media (besides Andy’s great story in Sunday bee) and people of Fresno. But this is what the people of Fresno and media always want to hear and see, the negative story. where is the positive story on all the kids and young adults who got to show all thier hard work, training and dedication? The ones involved on the Saturday Boxing card did this. Without boxing and help of the many volunteers in the boxing clubs in and around Fresno, Many of those kids would be living the wrong life. If you could have seen the joy and pride in all the families whose kids, nephews/nieces, brothers/sisters who where boxing. I was there to see all this and it made me proud that the money I paid for the ticket, was well worth it. Also thought I saw reporter (a women not man that later had story) and camera crew from local news capturing this (CBS 47) but what happened to this story? As with many things in Fresno (Bulldog sports, Grizzlies, etc) people only want to support something when it is on top. Shame on all of you. Fresno will never grow or become a better city with more positive people supporting each other and being grateful for what we have. Instead we focus on the negative and put each other down.

Pay Your Debts RGM says:

Jaurique, Your right those people did put in hard work and deserve the praise, But people like Rick Mirigian ruin our faith in the human race. He rips people off and its great when it can be brought to the attention of many to help future possible partners or innocent small businesses trying to help out not get burned by him like the rest of us. Yes its sad that someone is soo bad it requires this much time and attention from so many but It needs to be put out there you cant rip off everyone and get away with it forever. It catches up with you and hopefully this is the start of his demise.

Rick Mirigian says:

Jordan, yes please keep laffing, you are a clown! Its people like you that make where we live what it is, a bunch of “haters”..doesnt matter, laff about the New York launch for the Kardashians Im doing in Nov that will be all over, that should add to your “joy”…retard, Im suprised you can even read!

Rick Mirigian says:

Shadow boy #100 events? One event and you said it went downhill not me, we set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach? Did you read that on Front pafe Sunday or did you not have a $1.50 to get your “hate” material! Next event is in New York for teh Kardashians Im doing, 7you might see it on TV, so go pay your cable bill and hate on…oh ya, I dont quit, Im back at it with 4 more events before the end of the year and if you can read, I had nothing to do with the MMA card or booking it, etc.

Rick Mirigian says:

My god, did you get laid off again? Do you have google alerts for me, do you sleep with my picture? I love my fans…retard- I dont owe anyone anything, you think the comics didnt see the kids? You think they didnt see the crowd? You are a funny guy, you want to go on stage next?

Rick Mirigian says:

Jessica, no one was ripped off. The refunds were given and open for both. The MMA was not in my control or what I was in charge of, Im sorry you were not happy for that portion, my offer stands to you as well for the 4 other comedy shows that I have coming in town to have a free pair of tickets.…but ease up until you have all the details. You fuel ignorant people on here when you dont have to.

Rick Mirigian says:

My friend you are the joke and should leave, I did more for people here and events for people when I was 19 years old then you will your entire life. You will leave this earth with nothing but your hate and negative ways, you dont know me to say things like that, and as far as Im concearned your half the problem in our city, just a an ignorant dumb F%$# with no info or details and talks out of teh side of his mouth.

Rick Mirigian says:

Why do you not use your name you clown? I have done over 75 arena/Theatre shows, 5000 club events and had fresno on JAY LENO and 500 million net hits on 3 things I did alone? What have you done? Shadow boy #103 events? we set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach? Did you read that on Front pafe Sunday or did you not have a $1.50 to get your “hate” material! Next event is in New York for teh Kardashians Im doing, you might see it on TV, so go pay your cable bill and hate on…oh ya, I dont quit, Im back at it with 4 more events before the end of the year and if you can read, I had nothing to do with the MMA card or booking it, etc.

Rick Mirigian says:

Screech will be hilarious…swear to god Ill give you tickets and JJ walker does a Jay Z impression…email me,…I have thick skin buddy, you seem like a cool guy, I dont take it serious…but this will be hilarious to watch! I dont even know you but its no problem..

Rick Mirigian says:

Hi, no we didnt sell thousands at all, and your right the mma fell through and I had nothing to do with that part. EVERYONE has been paid and refunds given and done what you would expect. we set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach? I had nothing to do with the MMA card or booking it, etc. I was invlved and thats why I have made sure the right things are takeing place, if I can give you some tickets to upcoming events let me know, they will be free and I appreciate the attempt in you coming out.

Rick Mirigian says:

Man, you truly are a yellow bus bandit! Buddy, it was a state amatuer event, I was not the fight promoter, check the press articles, they also dont get paid when they are amatuer, I was as suprised as the rest of the public when there was only 3. That simple. Everything was done right, refunds, etc and even went further with other stuff. Stop being HATER of the year and just be normal man, your a clown. You honestly never have a clue on what your saying but maybe you “get off” on it or something..we set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach? Did you read that on Front pafe Sunday or did you not have a $1.50 to get your “hate” material! Next event is in New York for teh Kardashians Im doing, you might see it on TV, so go pay your cable bill and hate on…oh ya, I dont quit, Im back at it with 4 more events before the end of the year and if you can read, I had nothing to do with the MMA card or booking it, etc.

Rick Mirigian says:

It was an amature event, they dont get paid at all and a state torney, I was not the fight promoter and that has been n many articles and was suprised as well.

Rick Mirigian says:

Why do you hide your name? I dont owe you or anyone and if I do please tell me and stop actling like a little B%$#@

Rick Mirigian says:

Shadow boy, use your name you clown. I didnt rip off or owe anyone anything. You have no clue about anything your saying. If someone feels that way Im the first to meet with them and make it right. So go F^%$ yourself you clown and use your real name! Everyone that worked was paid, refunds given and we set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach? Did you read that on Front page Sunday or did you not have a $1.50 to get your “hate” material! Next event is in New York for teh Kardashians Im doing, you might see it on TV, so go pay your cable bill and hate on…oh ya, I dont quit, Im back at it with 4 more events before the end of the year and if you can read, I had nothing to do with the MMA card or booking it, etc.

Rick Mirigian says:

My ass is still well in tact! What bit me you clown? I didnt book the MMA card or was the promoter for it? I have not ripped anyone off or owe you or anyone anything hater boy. We set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach? Did you read that on Front page Sunday or did you not have a $1.50 to get your “hate” material! Next event is in New York for teh Kardashians Im doing, you might see it on TV, so go pay your cable bill and hate on…oh ya, I dont quit, Im back at it with 4 more events before the end of the year and if you can read, I had nothing to do with the MMA card or booking it, etc. Ill send you some pics from New York then you can tell them what you want…

Rick Mirigian says:

For the people that graduated 9th grade and above, if you truly went and are upset I agree with you on the MMA, your will get a refund from box office, free tickets to some other events, free passes to club and if that is not good enough Ill rub your feet! Outside of that if you didnt make it past 9th grade and you can tell who those people are on here as they dont know me, dont have the facts, and pray I get hit by a bus, use fake names and live in thier moms basement you can kiss my A@!-

Rick Mirigian says:

Ya, he got me with that one! I deserved it a little, not to the extent “my fan club” on here goes but did…

Rick Mirigian says:

Also, the wrestlers had less then 100 people watch and the fight promoter booked them, I had no talks or involvemnet with the wrestlers or mma booking or fighters, to be hnest I dont know what thier deal was…you have to get the facts right before you attack someone, just makes things better.

Sonsavage says:

I can’t believe this Rick-Mira-loser is still allowed to do shows…

He’s the one with 6 strikes against him for serving underage minors… not Starline like he wishes…

He’s should do one another MMA show, VS every club promoter in Fresno his dissed…

Rick Mirigian says:

Your show? Who the hell are you? Are you like drunk or high somewhere having flashbacks of wanting to be a promoter? Worked on my show? Used your money? Well if I did all that why have you not sued me or anyone else? Man, these bums are something else! When did bums get acess to the internet?

JLH says:

And yet after slogging through all these comments…I still want to know…WHO WAS THE ‘FOUL MOUTHED’ COMEDIAN??? I’m Dying to know!

And it wasn’t me ya bastaaaaads!!!


indyfan says:

Rick, my facts are right, maybe you should get some of your own.

100 people watch them? What were the other 2 or 3 hundred there doing? I was in attendence and counted were you?

And if you didn’t book them, what were you expecting to happen on day two of your big event?

What would you have done if those guys would have seen that crowd and left?

It seems to me that if I was putting my name out as the “promotor” of an event I would want to know who was doing what and when they were doing it.

To just play the “I didn’t know” card isn’t much of an answer.

Anonymous says:

Looks like the formula for a Mirigian post is: copy and paste the same response, add the word “retard” and/or other expletive, hit submit.

Whether or not he screwed up this event or not, is this the kind of attitude/language/business-sense Fresno should be working with as a promoter?

Seems that Dino Archie would be less offensive.

Stephen says:

Unless you told them/contracted with them to keep it clean, you owe them the money for the job.

And I AM a working stand-up comedian in the area, and I’d love to go on stage. Unfortunately for you I only work with classy and professional promoters.

Happy To Ree Rick Fall says:

Oh that is professional tell people to go F their selves. Proof that you are a true piece of crap. I could not be more happy right now that you are getting called out on all your crap. People are telling you to leave Fresno……. that’s not a hint? No one likes you obviously you screwed over more than just me. If you have paid everyone then why are so many people angry I know you owe me quite a bit still. I have tried contacting you and you ignored me. You deserve everything that people are saying I hope you never sell another ticket to your shows just for the simple fact your involved. People need to know how bad you can and will screw them over. I honestly feel bad for the people that work with you and hope they dont get the shaft like I did working with you. I so hope you lose everything you have in life. FYI I dont live at home with my mother i run a legit business that you screwed over. I am not trying to get my company or me into anything I am making sure people are aware of what you are capable of and that is it. Have fun bombing on the rest of your shows HAHAHA! thanks for the laugh!

Denee Conner says:

For the record…we’d love some additional press on ROCKSTIR. We had more people in a squared off parking lot having great fun then what was reported attended Rumble. Good food, great fun & fabulous entertainment. Keep in mind-until you’ve walked in an event planners shoe-cut us a little slack.

Ricky says:

For someone supposedly such a big shot and such a big time person, you would think you would know how to spell the word laugh. Spelling the word laff multiple times showing your 1st grade education shows why you are a “laffing” stock and an embarrassment to Fresno. Get out of Fresno you big baby. You are a loser.

Who the hell posts 100 comments on the internet? Do you have a job? Obviously not since you spend hours posting 100 replies. Why don’t you enroll in a local college and take a remedial english course so you can learn how to spell 1st grade words. Thank you from everyone.

anonymous99 says:

Hey Mike Os, I have an idea, let’s get rick mirigian and kirk vartanian to revitalize downtown by opening a night club at the old fresno met building and see what happens. then make a reality show that airs after jerseyshore. this could be big. i’m just saying…

Jeff says:

When one looks at the poster for the event, there isn’t much indication that the boxers are amateurs. How many amateurs have three belts and are world champs?

You have the “PAL Boxers” on the poster, and at the bottom it says that they are the benefactors of the event along with “the boxing kids.”

And can you clarify what you mean when you post:
we set state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach?

What boxing event? And what or who is “USA coach”? And why are you asking the question?

You don’t think that it is fair that others criticize your participation, because you say you weren’t responsible for the MMA or the wrestling. You did chose to go into business with this other promoter(s), and it makes him look bad, and it makes you look bad because you are doing business with said promoter(s).

If I may so bold as to make a observation: when the anonymous poster calls you out Rick ignore them. It is more damning to your reputation when you insult them, or call them names in a public forum than whatever they may say about you.

bradley says:

You might have better attendance if you did not book acts like Bootiequake who used to play here in the 90′s.

Yes, the 90′s. And they were kinda ok in a cheesy bridal-shower-drunk-girls-night-out kinda way back then.

Today they are a sideroom Vegas act with a rotating lineup that does lifeless by-the-numbers disco rehashes.

You would have likley done better with any number of local bands. Bringing out-of-town acts is cool, but you have to choose something of quality to get the attention you desire from folks who know a schlock act when they see one.

JLH says:

Stillllll waiting on just who the ‘Foul-Mouthed’ comedian was… I mean THAT is the true mystery here folks.

jaurique says:

majority of these comments are “rick mirigian bashing”. Mike Oz should just create a blog and call it “RGM Bash-a-thon” or even better rick can promote an event where all rick’s frenemies come out and discuss thier issues, displeasure, etc with him. Like the “Roasts” they have on comedy central. Im sure people would pay to come out to see this.
Seriously, let’s stop over-shadowing the positive outcome of this event and finally support our city and people here trying make it better. We complain thier is nothing to do here then when there is we complain how horrible it was. For all of you that are going to do this, do us a favor and stay home. We will have fun without you.

Anonymous says:

Dino Archie was the offensive comedian.
Rick Mirigian is the offensive promoter.


rgm says:

I dont know enough about them, but am open to it if you can sit and explain and lay out the foundation for it.

rgm says:

People like you, yes its what you should be told. Normal people get normal responses if you have read, coward use your real name. Im not a killer or a tough guy, but you never know untill you show your name coward boy, you and the rest of you shadow ***** step up. Your most lilley the same guy with 10 diff names in your moms basement. Feels good to know that you wake up and go to bed thinking of me though…

indyfan says:

jaurique It’s not really about how horrible it was. It’s about the fact that alot of people paid $30 and up for a product that they just didn’t get.

Horrible is when you pay for a fight and it’s a crappy fight.

What he did was have you pay to see “Avatar” and then when you had your ticket and sat down with your popcorn in hand he said “Suprise, we’re going to show “Water World” instead.”

JLH says:

“Seriously, let’s stop over-shadowing the positive outcome of this event”

Umm….Just what was the ‘positive’ part of this?

RGM says:

Why do you hide your name? Poor guy, the only time you have ever had someone listen to you is when I respond and tell you how dumb you are…go back to the basemnet, lunch time is over….

RGM says:

Your right, I dont know enough but would try if you want to spend some time and give me some foundation aspects, etc.

RGM says:

Jeff I did take responsibilty for the guy who messed up MMA card, refunds, tickets and other stuff and its the only time in 10 years that ever happend to me but I tried a huge massive weekend full of many things, that risk was there and I will learn from it. Yes, amatuers do have that many belts, etc. Its rare, google and look but only a few have ever done it as amatuers,and the USA coach and lawyer were qouted in the Fresno Bee Sunday, just google it and read it its trult amazing. Your right about the comments, but Im also human and a normal guy so somtimes its thearpy to let them know how dumb they are. Everything that needed to be done right was, I just wish these clowns would use thier real names….

RGM says:

Agreed, I didnt put the fight card on or was the fight promoter, but I agree you are 100 percent correct and I share your concearn. I will learn from the mistake with who is used, etc on an event with that many things in the future.

RGM says:

If I went down hill I didnt go to far, have to go to New York for an event there that you will see on TV and read about, want me to get you a plane ticket so you can ride with me and tell me how much you love me?

think about what you just posted: “Horrible is when you pay for a fight and it’s a crappy fight”

I went to the Edwards cinema last week and saw a crappy movie does that mean I get my money back, hhmmmmmmmmm?

The sandwich i got from subway today sucked too, I think I’ll go get my money back fa dat too

indyfan says:

Dave of course that doesn’t mean you get your money back. But at least you got what you paid for. If you bought Tyson vs Spinks, you may have not liked the outcome but they gave you what you paid for!!!!

jaurique says:

JLH – are you serious? Where you there? This event was huge for amateur boxing. all those local and around the valley kids who got the chance to show all thier hard work in front of proud family. And beat state record for boxing attendance confirmed by USA coach

Please read the previous posts before you comment next time.

indyfan says:

jaurique, Ok it was great for the kids who got to go in there and box. I don’t think that’s really the issue.

And if Rick would have sold tickets to a purely amatuer boxing show we wouldn’t be here arguing about it.

The bait and switch is the real issue here.