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13 Things You Should Do This Week

Hi Fresno friends, as you’re reading this I’m sitting around watching a bunch of NFL highlights I already watched yesterday and trying to figure out where to go eat tacos this afternoon. Yes, I’m on vacation this week! But Fresno doesn’t stop being happening just because I’m sitting at home. So here are 13 things that should keep you busy until I return next Monday. See ya then.


Responses to "13 Things You Should Do This Week"

Gloved Man says:

So what does Soulful Sunday consist of?… besides a special table-service brunch?
Anyone know?

Just trying to figure out how brunch is a celebration of MJ. Was he, like, REALLY into brunch?

“Dude, Michael liked a buffet of eggs so much, you can’t even understand.”

Mike Oz says:

DJ 4 A.M. from S.F. (and an ex-Fresnan) will be spinning.

Spurs O'Fire says:

Bootie Quake used to kill it at Jax House back in the day. Can they still bring it?

Cristobal says:

Sweet! Thanks for the plug!

bradley says:

Soulful Sundays is a celebration of food and themed music on a Sunday morning/afternoon at Veni Vidi Vici and hosted by the lovely Miss Devoya Mayo (with a bit of assistance by me, Bradley).

I have no idea if MJ had an affinity for brunch, but I am quite certain he was not prone to using “dude” very often.

Devoya says:

Thanks Bradley.

Bradley and I host themed brunches because there are soo many things to be thankful for and what better way to celebrate than w/good music, good food and atmosphere.

In the past we have highlighted/ celebrated the life of Bill Withers, and the City of New Orleans. As I recall egg’s were involved.

Devoya says:

That Music and Arts Festival ( Spanspek) flyer is amazing.

Michael says:

Gloved Man, if your tyring too hard, then, maybe you shouldn’t–I’m just saying.

dinobyte says:

the highway show is cancelled, sorry, ya’ll. the bass fiendz crew will be taking their place.

everyone should come to meatball magic! it’s gon be a PARTY. uppercase. party.

I also celebrated the life of bill withers with eggs one time. It was worth doing again, I’d say.

Israel says:

Thank you Mike for including Spanspek even if its not quite in the city of Fresno.

And thank you Devoya for the flyer love. We try to make a better one every year.