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Responses to "WTF Moment of the Day"

Heather says:

Wait, isn’t polygamy illegal? Are they breaking the law or lying about being “wives”?

Mike Oz says:

I’m wondering the same.

Natali says:

Is this real? They are really doing this show?

ed says:

it’s only legal if you have actual legal marriages to multiple spouses. the first wife is legal, the sister wives are only “spiritual” marriages – which is quite problematic since they have very of few legal rights that marriage affords.

Kristin C. says:

When I worked in Utah it was commonplace to see groups of Sister-Wives all over the place. The legality of that situation was that they were only married in the church, but unrecognized by the state, thus qualifying for state benefits as single mothers. The outdoor theatre company that I worked for leased all of their livestock for the productions from one family, and indicated that it was common practice for movie crews to lease livestock from them as well. They’ve got some real legal issues up there, from what I could gather the women would live in half finished home so that they didn’t have to pay taxes and lots of other things that they did to skirt the law.

Jason Millar says:

First off, I’m Mormon. I don’t go to church anymore, but I always like to stick up for them. Hope everyone knows that these people are NOT Mormon. They use to be, like 150 years ago. Now they have their own, wholly separate religion AND CULTURE. If you’re a real Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and you have 1+ wives.. you get excommunicated. I lived in Utah and Idaho for like 3 years. It was weird to see these 2 cultures living side by side. My boss was a polygamist. He was quiet about it, but after he explained it to me, I guess I stopped thinking it was the weirdest thing in the world.

I gotta tell you though, from a married dudes’ point of view. THESE POLYGAMIST HUSBANDS ARE INSANE.

MsJoey says:

I’m taking applications for “Brother Husbands” right now.
I need someone to occupy my Thursdays.

Stephen says:


By “occupy,” she means:

peel grapes
rub feet
massage knees
dance, mf, DANCE
and do NOT speak unless spoken to

I applied last year for Tuesday. I was 198th in line (I waited overnight). I didn’t get past the 3rd set of judging, never got to actually meet MsJoey.

James says:

Looks like the Prop H8ers were right all along…

traci says:

So like, this is his foray into brunettes, then.