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Fres-Know: Blackstone hotels hate us too

WATCH THIS: The naked guy from “Borat” loves him some Fresno. [Khanversations]

NEWS: Family says Visalia church shooter was mentally ill. [The Bee]

GOOD READ: After shooting, Visalia Times Delta scolds online commenters. [VTD]

NEWS: Sounds like Fresno State athletics needs $5 mil. Kickstarter anyone? [The Bee]

YUM: The newer, bigger Charlotte’s Bakery opens today in the Tower [Facebook]

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LOOK AT THIS: Slideshow of the Rainbow Ballroom — and its hidden pool. [The Bee]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR O’ THE DAY: Devin Nunes rules, Fresno Bee drools. [The Bee]

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Responses to "Fres-Know: Blackstone hotels hate us too"

Sonsavage says:

Yeah! We got Raisins! Cheers!

Jasmine says:

wow, who knew the Rainbow had such a cool back story! Those pictures were awesome. It made me want to go excavate all the other old buildings downtown. I love seeing what Fresno used to look like.

Too bad I soured it by also reading the comments on the Devin Nunes letter. I have to remind myself to just say no when it comes to the Bee’s online comments.