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WTF or FTW? Kanye West + Justin Bieber + Wu-Tang Clan


I love Kanye West. I love Wu-Tang Clan. And I hate Justin Bieber.

So I don’t know what to think about this remix of The Bieb’s “Runaway Love” that leaked today.

It includes a sample of “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta F’ Wit,” and verses from Kanye West and the Wu’s Raekwon.

Here’s the stream/download, via Kanye’s blog.

I mean, I should hate it on principle, but I can’t lie — Raekwon’s and Kanye’s verses were cool. And I’m never gonna hate that beat. If you can get past Justin Bieber’s vocals (no, that’s a not little girl), I guess it’s not that bad. What do you think?

Voting Key:
WTF = What the [Fudgesicle], a.k.a. “What are you thinking?”
FTW = For the Win, a.k.a. “That idea is a victory for people everywhere.”

Responses to "WTF or FTW? Kanye West + Justin Bieber + Wu-Tang Clan"

Stop The Hate says:

I hate the fact we you such string words to criticize someone we don’t like. That’s what is more prevalent in our society than anything and its the word hate. You hate a 16 old kid because you don’t like his music? You love a guy who makes racially divisive comments like Kanye West because you like his music. Something is wrong with that scenario that you described about Justin Bieber.

Mike Oz says:

I hate that you don’t make sense.

Donald Munro says:

And Mike wins the Best Comeback of August award.

Stop The Hate says:

I just saying why do you hate a kid because you don’t care for his music? I like Kanye West but he makes some of the racially divisive statements I have ever heard and I’m African American but I believe anyone can be racist in the language they use. I’m not saying you have to like Bieber’s music, but how do his parents feel knowing someone hates their child because they don’t like his music. I understand the whole free speech thing but don’t we owe each other some form of respect? I’m not trying to attack you I’m just trying to make a point about giving some people a pass because of their artistic talent, and insulting others who doing positiver things because they are not “Gangsta” enough. Just Sayin!

Mike Oz says:

I know what you’re trying to say. But please know that I don’t actually hate Justin Bieber. (Can you let his mom know for me?) Nor do I actually love Kanye West. The love/hate is in the context of talking about their music, which the above post is about.

What did you think of the song?

adam says:

My two cents on what Mike means:

When he says that he loves Kanye or hates Justin, he’s not speaking about the person. He’s speaking about the skill, or lack thereof, that they have in their respective genres/art.

By example, using the reverse, lots of people hate Roman Polanski for raping a 13 year-old girl but at the same time, love his skill as a filmmaker.

Liking what an artist does is not an implicit defense for the rest of their life. I think Frank Lloyd Wright was an architectural genius but he was a total prick to his lovers and all the people around him. So, if I were to say, “I love Frank Lloyd Wright,” in the context of his architecture, it’s no endorsement of the messed up things he did to people in his personal life.

Stop The Hate says:

Not bad I love Wu Tang so its a nice fusion of the two styles of music. I like your sense of humor Mike I read your article every week I just happened to click on this blog for the first time. Keep up the good work and I’m calling Bieber’s Mom right now to put her mind at ease! LOL

brodiemash says:

Wu-Tang Clan did it better.

Mike Oz says:

Well, thanks for that. I guess one thing to know if you’re new around here, is that not everything is so serious. Or for that matter, literal.

grendel20 says:

I actually dig Justin Beiber, and threw him on my ipod a few weeks ago. It’s catchy. It’s good. I like running to it, and it puts me in a good mood.

bored of this convo says:

who cares

MistahClyde says:

The fact of the matter is, Bieber has NO business anywhere NEAR a Wu-Tang beat, Raekwon should be ashamed for even being a part of it. the first 45 seconds are awesome, but then comes bieber. {sigh}