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Weekend Rewind: Fashawn, NoTown says FresYES and Patrick Contreras Day

Happy Monday to you all. I hope everybody had as fun of a weekend as I did. It was packed with local stuff. Here’s my rundown. Add your own adventures in the comments.

Went to Greek Fest. It was yummy. But we don’t need another post about that.

Then I darted over to Star Palace for Fashawn’s big show. Nearly 700 people showed up to see the young rapper’s first local show of the year, many of them crowding up close to the stage and rapping along. If there was a show where you looked at Fash and said, “This kid is a star in Fresno,” it was this show.

Here are some videos of Fashawn and co-headliner Curren$y. (NSFW language)

Started off the night at NoTown Roller Derby’s FresYES fest — where the ladies of NoTown split into three Fresno-centric teams (The Shaw Shankers, The Fulton Maulers and The Huntington Blvd. Harlots) and played a tournament amongst themselves. Here’s a look:

After the NoTown action, I headed over to the Tower for Patrick Contreras’ Block Party. I got there just in time to see Mayor Ashley Swearengin proclaim that it was officially Patrick Contreras Day in Fresno. Take that, Taylor Swift!. Here’s a video of her introducing Patrick (and the proclamation). Then one of him performing (look out for the violin head-bangers).

For more on the event, head over to Fresno Famous.

Not all related to local entertainment, but I went to Reedley Beach for the first time (thanks for the recommendations, Twitter friends). I was happy to find a water-front spot with some sand to take my dog. It’s not exactly going to Pismo, but it was a fun, closer alternative.


I gotta say it’s very cool that the Fashawn show, the Contreras show and roller derby all drew well. Contreras’ show drew 800 or so, while roller derby was probably about the same. Add to that Fashawn’s nearly 700, and that’s a big weekend of people supporting homegrown entertainment. So props to you, Fresno!

What did you do? Where did you go? What did you love? Go!

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Fashawn, NoTown says FresYES and Patrick Contreras Day"

Cherry3.142 says:

Awesome video of the games Mike. Thanks for coming out and supporting NOtown = )

Kathy Mahan says:

I saw “13,” which lived up to all the positive reviews. It was a great show.

bigj7489 says:

Went to see Kevin Harris Explains Himself on Saturday at Broken Leg. Very good show, hope he does it again somewhere.

Blimprov opened, and I was really disappointed – their whole performance was with the lights off, intentionally, and they weren’t funny at all. Dreadfully bad. Hoping it was just an off night, they seem like nice enough kids.

So cool that Fresno has all these great women doing the derby action. Makes me proud of Fresno!

karma says:

i’m so happy that bauer is done with the cone of shame

Mike Oz says:

He is too. Going to the water was his post-cone of shame celebration adventure.

Donald Munro says:

Like Kathy, I also went to “13″ — for the second time, on closing night. I was anxious to see the other cast perform. I wasn’t disappointed. (And, yes, I promise this will be my last gushing moment about “13″ on the Beehive.) I’m so glad I got to see Kalina Venugopal as Patrice, Hannah Huyck as Lucy, Taylor Mosher as Kendra and Andrew Wettstead as Archie. The show had just as much spirit as when I saw it opening night, and after seven performances many of the minor issues I had in my initial review (including the all-important second-act opening number) had been smoothed out. This is one of those shows that turned out to be golden. I think people will be remembering it around CMT for years to come.

Raquel says:

man o man i wanna get back out there. Just watching the video makes my heart skip a beat :) Oh sweet butterflies :) Miis all you girls.

Dita Von Thrasher, 10:15

Narsty says:

The NoTown Magazine Release Party was crackin @ Crossroads on Aug27th. Over 300 people supporting all local artists and local magazine.

Shawndel says:

Roller Derby…? Where does this happen at? Would love to watch and participate…Wow Cool.

Mike Oz says:

There are two roller derby organizations in Fresno: NoTown Roller Derby (in the video above) and Central California Area Derby.

NoTown’s next home bout is Oct. 30 at the Fresno Fairgrounds. CCAD’s is Sept. 11 at The Skate Asylum, which is at 630 H St.