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Fresno Derby Rumble: Meet one of the Huntington Blvd. Harlots

In preparation for Saturday’s NoTown Roller Derby FresYES Fest, we’re introducing you a member of each Fresno-inspired team — The Shaw Shankers, The Fulton Maulers and The Huntington Blvd. Harlots.


They’ll battle tournament-style for ultimate NoTown bragging rights. So we wanna know about their Fresno-inspired monikers and their local pride.

We started with Kim Burly of The Shaw Shankers, then Cherry 3.142 of The Fulton Maulers and now we finish up with Sgt. BombHer of The Huntington Blvd. Harlots.

How did your team come up with its name? Our artistically creative Fresno fans came up with our team name Huntington blvd Harlots. It’s spastastically amazing!

How is your team gonna show its Fresno pride this weekend? We’ll be showing our Fresno pride with our SUNSHINE’N SMILES & POSITIVE ATTITUDES!! WOOT!!

Why are you guys gonna rule the other Fresno derby teams? I know we have an amazing team. I don’t think we’ll rule the other two teams. Each team has amazing talent, amazing skills, teamwork, communication and it’s anyone’s game!! I’m excited to see what’s going to happen.


What’s your first Fresno-centric memory? My first Fresno-centric memory would have to be when a couple of my hockey buddies took me to Fashion Style Lounge in the Tower District; it made me feel like I was back home in So Cal. I had an amazing time that night!!

One word to describe Fresno? AMAZABALLS

What’s one place you’re always sure to take your out-of-town guests? Samba.

What’s one thing Fresno doesn’t have that you wish it did? I wish Fresno had a Lucky Eddie’s Skate Shop!! Let’s make this happen!

What’s your favorite Fresno sports team, other than roller derby? Fresno Monsters

What’s your favorite Fresno-y place to eat? Edo Ya!! YUM-O

Who’s your favorite Fresnan ever? Tara Ruggiero Noble

Who is your favorite Fresno band? I don’t have a favorite band; however, if Kim Burly was a band….she would be my #1 Fav!!

What’s your favorite Fresno street? Huntington Blvd; of course.

[photo by: David C. Photography]

Responses to "Fresno Derby Rumble: Meet one of the Huntington Blvd. Harlots"

Meg B says:

When I heard about the naming contest, I was really fired up & submitted a ridiculous amount of Fresno-centric names thinking that something had to win, including the Huntington Blvd Heartbreakers & Haig’s Harlots (as a tribute to Sid Haig).
To my sheer delight, they combined the 2 to make the Huntington Blvd Harlots & now I’m going to see my first roller derby bout! Go Harlots! :)

Ivory Gretts says:

We loved so many of the names you submitted (she’s not kidding, there were MANY) and we really wanted to show our appreciation for your efforts. It will be great to meet you tonight so don’t sneak away without introducing yourself!