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Fresno Derby Rumble: Meet one of the Fulton Maulers


In preparation for Saturday’s NoTown Roller Derby FresYES Fest, we’re introducing you a member of each Fresno-inspired team — The Shaw Shankers, The Fulton Maulers and The Huntington Blvd. Harlots.

They’ll battle tournament-style for ultimate NoTown bragging rights. So we wanna know about their Fresno-inspired monikers and their local pride.

We started with Kim Burly of The Shaw Shankers and today we’re meeting Cherry 3.142 of The Fulton Maulers, a recent Fresno transplant from England.

How did your team come up with its name? I’m now a proud member of the Fulton Maulers (insert growl here). I believe our very own Lucky Eddie came up with our name.

How is your team gonna show its Fresno pride this weekend? I don’t want to give too much away, you’ll have to come see us play to find out! But, we are wearing all aspects of the nature of Fresno, on our sleeves so to speak.

Why are you guys gonna rule the other Fresno derby teams? Athleticism, and blinding them… with our awesomeness!


What’s your first Fresno-centric memory? My first Fresno-centric memory is probably of the first time I visited from England. My husband picked me up from the SF airport and we drove in via the orchards and vineyards. I had never in my life seen fruit growing on trees other than apples. The huge orange globes and the clusters of grapes on the vines was mind boggling. I loved it, I wanted to reach out and taste Fresno.

One word to describe Fresno? Eclectic.

What’s one place you’re always sure to take your out-of-town guests? You know, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to take guests when visiting Fresno. I’m still exploring myself, I don’t know, suggest some place to me!

What’s one thing Fresno doesn’t have that you wish it did? I wish Fresno had a decent English pub! Not an Irish pub, an English pub. With decent hand pulled beers, pork scratching, roasted peanuts and a good Sunday lunch! Oh, and better public transport for non drivers like me.

What’s your favorite Fresno sports team, other than roller derby? Fresno County FC “Red Stars”

What’s your favorite Fresno-y place to eat? We don’t eat out a lot, so this too is a new adventure for me, especially for a self proclaimed food porn addict. The last place that was truly Fresno-y that I ate was The Chicken Pie Shop in Tower, the biscuits are amazing!

Who’s your favorite Fresnan ever? It would be cheesy to say my husband, but truly he is my favorite Fresnan.

Who is your favorite Fresno band? I haven’t seen a lot of live music in Fresno, but I really like Flailing Down and Fierce Creatures.

What’s your favorite Fresno street? North Blackstone, because it’s within walking distance from me and everything I practically need is available on it.

[photo: Into the Void Photography]

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karma says:

i can hear her cute little accent =)

blake says:

Ijust had to say: What a GREAT name for their team.