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Fres-Know: We’re already sweating

WATCH THIS: Awesome 8-bit promo for Dumb Drum’s Gettogether #6 [Dumb Drum]

NEWS: Just go back to sleep. It’s going to be at least 108 today [The Bee]

NEWS: City unveils a new website to follow local crime [The Bee]

GOOD READ: Get to know Fresno-based yarn company Anzula [Fresno Famous]

BLOGGINGS: Bill McEwen asks Fresnans to help clean up; they get angry. [News Blog]

LISTEN TO THIS: New “View Looks Good …” podcast w/ Fierce Creatures [TVLGFHF]

BLOGGINGS: Buy a “Save the Fulton Mall” shirt … or just argue about it. [The Fresnan]

WATCH THIS: “Frebby Faces” vid series debuts. First up: Hundred10. [Paprika Studios]

MADNESS: The man, the myth, the legend — Populus [Fresno Famous]

WANTED: Horse-hitching posts in Fresno. Yes, for real. [Archop]

Responses to "Fres-Know: We’re already sweating"

hahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhaha love it

mdub420 says:

an 8 bit penis is still larger than what i have.

MsJoey says:

Love the shifty eyes!

brodiemash says:

Glad you guys liked it! And thanks for the postage, Mr. Oz!

grendel20 says:

Poor Scott Pilgrim. Fantastic movie that is getting creamed at the box office.

ed says:

i am so offended by that video. now go listen to my podcast where i say worse things.

just kidding. thanks for the link, and man, those dumb drum guys are doing some of the best/funniest stuff on the fresnets.

Bryan Harley says:

All the more reason to come check it out with us on Thursday!

Bryan Harley says:

Thanks for the kind words, folks!

kiel says:

What a great edition of Fres-Know

FYI, the link to archop is wrong.

Mike Oz says:

Sorry ’bout that. Should be fixed now.