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Weekend Rewind: Rib eatin’ & soul searchin’

I think I had one of the best weekends of the summer, and it was mostly in downtown Fresno. The Central California Invitational Rib Cook-off was a big success in numbers — drawing 10,000. I had a good time out there grubbin’. Sure, the food was a little pricey and the waits were a little long. But I suppose that beats the alternative of nobody being there. I hope it comes back next year bigger and better.

Here’s a video I put together from my rib journey on Saturday. Anybody try anything that was really yummy and care to share? Also: Anybody heard who won?

Also, the Mayer Hawthorne show at Frank’s Place on Saturday night was just wonderful. There was a big crowd, Hawthorne’s band (The County) was really good and he was charming the heck out of the people of Fresno. Here are a couple videos I snagged from the show:

If you wanna see some really great pics from the show, head over to Nick Gennock’s blog.

YOUR TURN: What did you do this weekend? Tell us all about it. Including all the Fresno-centric details.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Rib eatin’ & soul searchin’"

mdub420 says:

went to the rib cook off Friday evening after work. I didn’t get to grub on everything. I stuffed myself at the first place I ate at. Then we chilled and watched a litte bit of GI Joe. It was a very nice evening. Bounce houses for the kids, grubbing, great music (can’t go wrong with Michael Jackson), and the people were cool too.

Mike Oz says:

Sidenote: This was my 2,500th Beehive post. That kinda blows my mind.

Cheen_Gao says:

I went to the Rib Cookoff yesterday….Great grub, but the festival layout was a little weird.

I suggest the organizers visit a few festivals in the Bay Area to see how things should be formatted.

The Best of the West Rib Cookoff in Reno would be one they’d want to look at if they plan on making this one any bigger.

Marc M. says:

This weekend was all about the Mayer Hawthorne show for me! Ren Rock and I got a lot of positive feedback from the music that we played throughout the night, 40 Watt Hype was dope (that was my first time seeing them live), and Mayer Hawthorne and The County was AMAZING! He was gracious enough to sign my J. Dilla vinyl after the show:

chukknob says:

I thought the event was pretty cool. It wasn’t really a contest in the true sense of a BBQ contest as clearly these were all vendors, but who cares.

The food I had from the porky-n-beans vendor was respectable bbq. I didn’t really find it over priced though. The sandwich I ordered, in addition to a huge dinosaur bone beef rib, had nearly a pound or more meat for just $9.00. Not bad. The flavors were not the best but far from dissapointing.

For everyone that complains about nothing to do in Fresno I would recommend at least checking it out next year should it come back.

nite grooves says:

Friday night at Vini Vidi Vici’s in the Tower District was copasetic, as special guest deejay Joshua Heath popped up from LA to play at the free monthly dance party event known as Frisky.

There is an expression that “not everyone understands House musicâ€� and it’s true to the extent that not everyone may appreciate all genres of House music. But if you like your dance music with a bit o’ funk, then you were sure to get this guest artist who is known for delivering those infectious beats which lift your spirits and makes you wanna move.

It had been 2 years since Joshua Heath returned to his hometown to deejay and Fresno fans were excited to have him back. This particular night you could spot all the usual suspects crowding around the deejay station and with each new arrival came a new round of smiles and hugs. It was definitely a “feel good” scene with joyful expressions of bodies bouncing and hands waving in the air which lasted until closing time.

It was fun times on a Fresno Friday night!