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You helped Fresno Urban Sound Experience, now here’s your bounty

Last week, I challenged people to donate to Fresno Urban Sound Experience’s Kickstarter fundraiser. Thus far, I’m thrilled with the outpouring of support from local people who are willing to toss down some cash to help local music.

As a whole, people have donated $1,725, a good chunk of the festival’s $2,500 goal. Personally, I’ve got 13 donors who applied for my incentive program, totaling $700. You guys all rock! (Reminder: You gotta send me your donation confirmation to get your gift).

Here’s the first wave of rewards for donors. I haven’t gotten to everybody yet, but please be patient. More are coming soon. And if you want to donate, you can get something fun too!

For the people who donated $20+ — Brodiemash, Jason Farris and Craig Kohlruss.

A $10 donation gets you a haiku. Here’s one for Kristy Page, who introduced me to “Fresno Firsts” and has a knack for winning on The Beehive.

To Ms. Fresno Firsts
Always, you win our contests
Thanks for giving back


Responses to "You helped Fresno Urban Sound Experience, now here’s your bounty"

Kristy says:

Mike Oz,

You rock!!!! Love it love it love it and the Beehive!

Craig Kohlruss says:

haha! Well done. Thanks Mike

brodiemash says:

That was worth every penny :) Gracias!

Leo says:


benji wray says:

mike oz for the people!!!!!!

Mike Oz says:

Forward the confirmation to me, and I’ll make sure you get your bounty.